Long winded help post inc..beware!

Greetings everyone, though I don't post I usually peruse these forums when time allows and I thought I'd come here with some concerns I have about playing my rogue.

A few thoughts I had off the top of my head was my burst, my survivability and enemy healers, specifically mistweavers.

Note: I got a very very late start PVPing in mists and fell way behind, leveled an alt to 90 aaaaand I had to stop playing for a few weeks due to IRL stuff, so with that out of the way lets continue.

My burst, even though i have 2/2 malev weapons I feel that outside of perhaps a priest without bubble or a mage without barrier my burst is very lacking from my openers to my dances.

Is this merely a gear problem and I'm facing full malev teams or is sub just generally lacking vs plate, and hard to maintain uptime on targets or am I doing things wrong?

Premed > SnD > Cheap shot(depending on class, or Garrote) into Ambush Ambush and from there it can go to a evisc or kidney. I feel like my targets aren't as wounded as they should be and I'm wondering if using a macro for shadow blades+dance is the right way to go or keep blades for additional pressure on healers. I know for a fact I need to re-macro my on use trinket to Dance since i was fooling around with it on other uses and it turned out fairly lackluster so that may be part of my problem.

In keeping with the burst theme to engineers find the glove agi use tinker more useful then the rocket? I've had my rocket deflected to me by hunters waaaaay to many times to remember even just today and it's infuriating!

So with the burst and lack of dead targets leading me into surviving.

Vanish failing..ugh or... randomly de-stealthing. I noticed it a lot last week as i was grinding conquest and found it frustrating trying to decide my next move while stealthed and then HI GUYS I'M RIGHT HERE COME PWN ME > Dead.
I heard it was a bug with the talent that was causing the destealth it but am not sure, anyways that leads into burning more cooldowns such as cloak, S.step and evasion to stay on target or attempt escape and leaves me behind in the cooldown race and usually running away to lick(recoup) my wounds or waiting for a spirit rez. I know 5.2 will make prep baseline but in all the off and on years of playing this toon I don't remember problems with surviving that I do at this time.

Smoke Bombing mages while frozen, or hunters while trapped/snared etc is pretty basic but I find that usually just leads to a few more seconds of frustrated life before I die.
My problems are good hunters are near impossible to defeat even LOSing the huntard means his pets are kill commanding me for 50K+(on the low end) and i'm still dying.

Warriors..well thats self explanatory.

The rest of the classes i'm confident in a tight spot i can escape from

Now on to enemy healers

Paladin. Do they even cast anymore? Interrupting is obviously very rare occurrence and the fact they can have BoP, a stun and AOE blind makes them ridiculous to kill for me. Any advice on these guys would be very helpful. Otherwise it's basically CC them to burst the kill target and pray it's enough since they never OOM.

Druid. Displacer beast needs to go! on top of cyclone spam, roots and AOE disorients not to mention travel form these guys are also very frustrating to take down what is the best way to deal with these things?

Shaman. Don't see too many of them more of a stun into burst then CC interrupt and rely on outside sources of DPS for the kill. Also getting frost shock kited is just so BS without a dedicated dispeller.

Monks. Their abilities of which i understand very little is partially the problem (i'm leveling a mistweaver right now to try to puzzle them out) The 2 or is it 3? seconds of phasing out after a stun really really hurts dance burst. their CC and good mobility makes it seem like they're trolling me while i flail about trying to stay on them and tickle them with my daggers.
How do you all deal with mistweavers? (whom I hear are getting buffed in 5.2)

Priests are still fairly straight forward and while i find their CC to be very obnoxious at least I have an idea of what I need to do to handle them. one note(getting Halo'd out of stealth has to be one of the most frustrating things in this game)

I guess such a long winded post will end up in some L2P comments and other such trolling but after playing this toon for so long I've never felt this useless in PVP.

I don't expect replies to each point of concern but maybe some general tips and advice about what to fix gear wise or spec wise or just how you deal with certain classes would be lovely!
I don't usually cheapshot as to save my DR, but with dirty tricks I will usually use a Gouge in my set up to pool some energy and see if I can fake a kidney and get them to trinket it works a lot!

Then I nail them with the kidney and dance with them to the GY.

EDIT: I have glyph of gouge so I can do it from behind which usually tricks them.
Some quick pointers for your long post.

A very good pvp guide is here:


There is some outdated info, but most of it holds up. Especially look at what glyphs and talents they recommend.

Regem for resilience: Lucent in red slots, Mystic in yellow, and Vivid in blue.
+200 resil enchant on chest. That should help with your squishiness.

I would use the engineering glove tinker. It does NOT stack with the on-use trinket anymore. The on-use trinket is now on a 1 minute cooldown, which aligns perfectly with shadowdance. I macroed my trinket with my shadowdance & shadow blades, and the gloves with my offensive finishers — this seems to give me a more sustained burst.

More pvp info in these threads:



Double stunning a mistweaver can work well. I believe the fade lasts 2 seconds, but is on a 12 second cool down. When you stun them, pool your energy instead of attacking, then let loose when they fade back in.
I don't usually cheapshot as to save my DR, but with dirty tricks I will usually use a Gouge in my set up to pool some energy and see if I can fake a kidney and get them to trinket it works a lot!

Then I nail them with the kidney and dance with them to the GY.

EDIT: I have glyph of gouge so I can do it from behind which usually tricks them.

i usually use garrote cheap shot is infrequent due to DR. Gouge to force a trinket is a really good point, i'll have to look into that glyph as it's something I did not consider, thanks for the tip!!

Darwin thank you for the reply and the links. I didn't spend enough time researching things, I can see that now. Once i get some more time to test things in game I'll look into some of those suggestions and regemming resill..feels so anti-rogue it's not even funny (even though I do have a bit of gemmed resil, and socket resil bonuses).

I very much appreciate the comments :)

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