Question about optimal crit for fire

So, I know no one is playing it right now, and I'm probably a fool for wanting to do it, but my guild isn't really caring about progression right now (just farming normal modes when people actually sign on) and Fire has always been my favorite spec.

At the moment I don't feel like "relearning" Arcane in 5.2 and Frost works, but I've just always been drawn to Fire.

After searching for near two days on google/WoW websites, I can't find an answer to this one question I have - What is an "optimal' (suggested) crit rate to start raiding as Fire? I'd assume around 30% buffed, but wanted someone who might have found an answer to let me know.
Im right at 28% before modified, and I do fine.
Alright, thanks for the info. I believe on my PTR test I was around 31% or so, so I guess I'll just give it a try this weekend in my guild's raid.
Everyone's version of "fine" differs a bit. However, since your guild is very casual, 28%-30% will at least keep you off the bottom of the charts, if you play well. If you do get into a guild that cares about progression, you will want a bare minimum around 34%-36% crit... which is very difficult to get if you havent already been raiding as Fire for a while. Even then, you will fall to the bottom on some encounters.

Keep strong brother. I too refuse to go Arcane. Which is a first for me. For the last few years I have usually gone with whichever spec is the best for the end-game raiding mages... but I find Rune of Power to be an absolutely detestable talent, and its a near-necessity for Arcane right now.

My raid team understands that I have always been a very well-played min/maxxer, and under normal circumstances would switch to the spec which was optimal each expansion. So by me refusing to go Arcane this round... they don't give me any slack about it. I have had to work twice as hard to push my gear/skill/etc... to the maximum output level to stay raiding as fire in a guild that is progressing through hard modes now, but I see a light at the end of the tunnel. My crit is at about 34.5% raid buffed fight now (497 ilvl)... and with the scaling in 5.2, I am very optimistic that Fire will be keep closing the gap on Arcane.

Ghostcrawler has already blatantly stated that he thinks Arcane is too high in DPS right now. Hence the nerfs to Arcane listed for 5.2. We all know Blizzard changes specs every 3 months in order to create game-longevity, so I dont doubt that more Arcane nerfs will be on the way. That being said, I think Fire will begin to reach the scaling point where it takes over. Then you will see all of those Arcane mages switching, yet again.

Sigh... one can hope.
^ this.

I've absolutely refused to go Arcane just because it feels so bandwagon-y and cheap. I leveled as Frost for the massive survival options but when it came time for heroics and raiding went Fire and have yet to look back. Self-buffed I also hover around 35% Crit (495 ilvl) and push 40% when Windsong procs (yes, I prefer it over Jade Spirit for Fire) and always prioritize Crit above everything else (and remember that 2 Crit > 1 Int). I claim anything with Crit on it, and have been known to rock Spirit gear that sports Crit (like my current cloak and until recently my head piece as well) unless one of our awesome healers needs it to upgrade.

I stay very competitive with my raid group (currently we're 12th on our server with 3/6H 6/6 4/4) and generally stay in the top 3 dps. Am I absolutely the top dps player in our group? No, but I'm perfectly happy with where I am - and I'm thrilled that for awhile I was the top Fire Mage on my server (I peaked a couple weeks ago at 7th overall and the only Fire Mage in a sea of Arcane for the top 20 - currently I'm 10th and one of two Fire in the top 10). That alone feels like more of an accomplishment than the extra few thousand dps I could probably eek out if I gave in and went Arcane and nudged up a couple spots.

Instead, I know my spec very well, and I know how to react most oshi- circumstances that pop up here and there. Few things are more satisfying to me at the moment than beating an Arcane player on the meters, and really - what else matters but whether or not you're having fun and like the spec you've chosen to play? Boss dies, collect loot, gee gee.

tl;dr-> Play what you're good at slash like and your performance and enjoyment of the game will speak for itself.

Edit: I just checked wowprogress and apparently I lied - I'm currently the 6th ranked Mage on my server (1 of 2 Fire still) and 80th across all classes.
Thanks for your input guys! I am looking forward to trying Fire tonight.

The past few weeks, I have been the top DPS as Arcane, which kind of worries me because my guild is one of those that has issues with enrage timers (don't ask) and if I'm 10k behind what I usually am, I feel like we're going to suffer. But hey, trial and error, right?

I was looking at things like valor gear and drops in 5.2 and I feel very promising for Fire in the next patch. I should probably start dailies now to try and get a few more valor pieces from the current factions. Anyways, thanks again people!

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