T11 Prot set for Ret AND More!

So I was goofing around cleaning out my bank and what not and noticed my old T11 prot set and read the 4pc Increases the duration of your Guardian of Ancient Kings by 50%. Obviously DPSing in 4pc T11 prot gear on raid bosses would be a huge damage loss even with your GoAK lasting 15 seconds longer with each round. So I've decided to make a macro make a practical way to take advantage of your extra 15 seconds of GoAK. Note: you can only do this at the start of combat before you actually get into combat (like at the same time you would pre-pot). You also need to make a set with your current ret gear on it and name it something like uhhh "Ret" or w/e just keep in mind the last line of the macro needs to be w/e your set is named, mine is "Ret" so I use /equipset Ret.

/use Potion of Mogu Power
/use Guardian of Ancient Kings
/equipset Ret

With this actually working, I was looking at our current tier bonus and I believe that it can be incorporated in the same way that the T11 prot set. Obviously it will do nothing more for ret in this tier because you are probably using the tier anyways. The next tier however we will not be using the current tiers 4pc with the benefits/stats of next tiers gear outweighing this current tier. BUT assuming we are using wings at the start (a very likely scenario) the first set of wings will have a 65 seconds reduced CD if we apply the same logic to the way T11 prot set works with GoAK. I have tested it and it does work, I think this might put SW ahead or at least closer to HA next tier. With your first wings having roughly a 2 minute CD and your second wings having a 3 minute CD it will also line up your 3rd set of wings almost right on with your second GoAK. I haven't conceived a macro(s) to combine both of the T11 prot bonus with the T14 Ret 4pc and re-equipping your regular Ret set, though it should be relatively simple.

I'm not really sure if this is exploiting or not. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas and suggestion involving the matter or what not. Also I wouldn't worry about a hot fix I posted this in class forums Blizzard doesn't read these forums ^_^. (I don't think any of these findings will make ret paladin lolgodmode dps but I think it will certainly give us an edge if you can incorporate these when possible, I'm pretty sure I'm not the first one to think about the Prot T11 Goak trick either... Pretty sure someone told me about it and I never thought to try it until now oh well, it works.)
This has been used for quite awhile now by top tier rets.
It's not an exploit, but I wouldn't get too used to using it. Blizzard has said that they don't like it and they'll break it as soon as they figure out how.

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