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Top shows currently competing for my attention on Netflix:

1.) Breaking Bad
2.) It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
3.) Sons of Anarchy

Others: Arrested Development, Star Trek: TNG, Futurama, Supernatural, The Walking Dead
1) Game of Thrones
2) Always Sunny
3) How I Met Your Mother

I like to be well rounded lol
American Dad
Robot Chicken

I also like Family Guy and South Park, but those two have been less funny, and in my opinion declining badly anymore. South Park ever since Chef was killed off, and Family Guy with the last two seasons.
Currently they would be.

1. The Walking Dead
2. Dexter
3. The Following...although American Horror Story would take its place if the season hadn't ended.

For always:
1. X-files (obviously)
2. ER
3. The Walking Dead

Totally off-topic, but Walking Dead has to take places in both partly because I'm doing a female interpretation of Daryl Dixon for mega con and dragon con this year, partly because I write for it, and partly because it is an amazing show with great direction. I have no idea why I'm sharing this. Guess I take pride in being an obnoxious fan /shrug.
My top shows "currently airing"

1) The Walking Dead
2) Game of Thrones
3) Breaking Bad

Runners up...
Sons of Anarchy
and its new... but... The Following

best of all time include Sopranos and Lost
Was always more of a movie person, but when it comes to favorite tv shows of all time, I guess it'd consist of these:

1. Dragon Ball (Childhood)
2. Typically cartoons and anime from the 90's era as a teenager (The "Toonami" era) (Never got into serious live-action shows growing up, and don't watch them today, with the exception of The Walking Dead)
3. Walking Dead (Used to be, but still makes top 3)
1. Once Upon a Time
2. 666 Park Place (so mad that it got nixed)
3. American Horror Story
4. Lost

(Yes, I know Lost is no longer on the air, but it was still a good series).
3.american dad
Burn notice

(Nikita is so under rated)
1. Downton abbey
2. Game of thrones
3. Bering sea gold
Doctor Who triumphs all in my book.

To add more? Hmm...

2. The Big Band Theory
3. Tie between The Walking Dead and Supernatural

I miss Jericho...
1. Suburgatory
2. Last Man Standing
3. Happily Divorced

On a side note, has anyone seen Malibu Country? This show is so getting axed. Holy smokes I've seen only one episode and I was like, no way... I don't mind Reba McEntire but wow the casting for all the other characters was just, ugh.
3.) Sons of Anarchy

I'm going to try watching this purely for Katey Sagal. It's on Wednesday nights right?
Damn, I see people doing lists for All-Time favorite tv shows. I have to modify -

1. Golden Girls
2. Married With Children
3. 3rd Rock from the Sun
And I don't even know if Futurama classifies as current or not. >_>

Why wouldn't it? The last season I followed of it aired like, shoot, what was it, a year ago or so? I don't know if it aired another season since I last watched it, but that show is still pretty relevant/current.
1. Downton Abbey
2. Game of Thrones
3. The Walking Dead

1. X-Files
2. Battlestar Galactica
3. Stargate SG-1
1- Sherlock

2- the walking dead

3- the news
In no particular order:
House of Cards
The Following
Game of Thrones

That was a tough list to make.
The Walking Dead
My Little Pony
American Horror Story
The Following

Im hearing a lot of good things about that show, but only saw the 1st 2 episodes and kinda forgot about it. Might be because I have too many shows to watch as it is.

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