Your Top 3 TV Series

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Game of Thrones
Lost Girl
Falling Skies

Ive started to watch the new mini series Vikings that just started. Travis Fimmel is in it :D
1. The Simpsons created in the 90's.
2. The 90's Simpsons.
3. Simpsons Seasons 1-10.
1) The Walking Dead
2) American Horror Story
3) Grimm

Walking Dead
Criminal Minds
The Following

If I had HBO I'd be all over Game Of Thrones.

Very much looking forward to Defiance, hoping the SyFy can finally put out a real sci-fi show.

Also, while I haven't seen it in a while & missed all of season 2, American Horror Story is amazing.
Law and order: SVU
Who would've guessed somebody would put The Walking Dead? :D
Well, the Walking dead of course but it looks like it's on every bodies lists of shows watched. (almost)

So umm,,,,
1. That 70s Show
2. Batman The animated series
3. Vikings

Honorable mentions:
Dexters Lab, dr.who, powerpuff girls, game of thrones, Mythbusters, rugrats, AHH real monsters, are you scared of the dark, pete and pete, ed,edd and eddy, 2 stupid dogs, Cow and chicken, Looney toons, Old Disney cartoons, Tom and Jerry, Freakazoid, Power Rangers, Transformers, time squad, Angry Beavers, Dragon ball, Dragon Ball z, Full metal Alchemist, Spongebob, Futurama, How it's made, seconds to disaster, NCIS, Courage the cowardly dog, Invader Zim, Drake and josh, Robot Chicken,

Making a list of 3 was hard enough
All time best 3

- Game of Thrones
- Firefly
- Rome

(Arrested Development a close 4th :) )
Ugh annoying to list cause i can't pick a top 3.

Vampire Diaries
True Blood
Criminal Minds
Teen Mom 2
Switched At Birth
The Carrie Diaries
World of Jenks
Army Wives
The Client List
- The Walking Dead
- Justified

All Time:
- Dragonball Z
- Law and Order SVU

Shows I really don't like:
- Breaking Bad
- Sons of Anarchy
- Mad Men

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