Ablutos MSV+TOES GDKP (Sunday)

Hello Blackrock,

I will be hosting a weekly 25m T14 GDKP run every Sunday at 7:45pm Server Time (starting from the 16th of Feb 2013). Invites go out at 7:30pm server time, group is set at 7:40pm, Raid commences at 7:45pm and goes on till 12:00am. We will start by doing MSV (with a few heroics) as well as TOES and eventually branch out into HOF. As always, the total gold pot will be split by all 25 members that comprise the raid group who are present at the end.

Sunday Heroic MSV and TOES GDKP Rules & Regulations in a nutshell.

1. Flasks must be used by all 25 raiders who must BYO & Food sponsored by <Ordeal>.
2. All gold from every item sold collected into a Pot.
3. The Pot will be split evenly among ALL 25 raiders Present at the time the raid is called.
4. If someone leaves or sits out midway, the incoming player is given the share. No player outside the raid when it is called is entitled to any share of the total pot.
5. I have the power to remove anyone from the raid who will receive no share in the pot if they are racist, cause drama, afk for extended lengths of time, constantly d/c or cause any issues - this will be rare and you have nothing to worry about unless you plan to come into the run and ninja pull etc
6. All bids must be paid immediately when winner is traded the item.
7. No spots are guaranteed.

Loot Pricing: Minimum Bids
These numbers are subject to change.
489 Non-Tier: 2,000
489 Weapons and Trinkets: 4,000
496 Non-Tier: 4,000
496 Weapons and Trinkets: 8,000
496 Tier: 10,000
502 Non-Tier: 6,000
502 Weapons and Trinkets: 12,000
503 (elite) Non Tier - 5,000g
503 (elite) Weapons - 12,000g

All Auctions and Bids will be in public raid chat of 1k gold increments. No Loot is reserved. Highest Bid wins, there is no OS or MS, so for example if a fury warrior wants a prot OS peice if he has the highest bid he will receive the item.

Who is eligible to attend?
I am looking for two types of people for this run: people who have gear and want gold, and people who have a lot gold and want gear. Both types of people will have to be evaluated by a gear and experience check. In you fall within the first category, you must have the experience (6/6 MSV with 3/6H and 4/4 TOES) and equivalent gear (at least 490ilvl) to perform in the raid. If you fall into the second category, you must have at least 50kg available to spend and minimum 460ilvl. The number of players from the second category will be limited each week.

Ablutos why are you doing Terrace and MSV and not HOF?
Terrace has next to no trash and is a pretty quick clear it also drops sha touched weapons as well as tier and trinkets so it has the best gold:time ratio, I chose MSV over HOF as i believe the heroics in MSV will be easier than the heroics in HOF, in a couple of weeks i do plan to add HOF in as well, however, as this is new i've left it out for the time being so i can work out the time needed and how many capable carriers i can get as most mains will be locked to their guilds and will be using geared alts as carriers.

What if a buyer comes in with coins and doesnt bid on gear?
Unfortunately i can't track that however if a buyer comes in and has a 463 neck and a 502 neck drops and they make no bid and didn't receive the item with their coins they won't get a share of the pot at the end of the raid and it will be divided by /24. I'm not to concerned with this as the chance of receiving a item with the coins is 15% (obviously if its only one item they don't bid on this wont happen but if its a regular occurrence and they arn't bidding on items they won't get a share in the pot)

How do I know the pot won't be stolen by the leader?
There will be typed agreement at the beginning of the raid. If the pot would be stolen by anyone, a GM can intervene and split the gold among the players who were there. Add to the fact the GDKP leader is:
- The GM of <Ordeal>
- Ran numerous successful GDKPs in Wrath such as TOGC/ICC
- Been on Blackrock since BC
So you are in safe hands!

How do I sign up?
Send me mail or post here on the forum.
In the mail include:
1. Name of toon your bringing:
2. Main Spec / Ilvl:
3. Off Spec / Ilvl:
4. Experience Normal + Heroic:
5 Buyer/Carrier:
6. Gold (Willing to spend)


on the forum:
1. Character name:
2. Armory link:
3. Main spec / ilvl:
4. Off spec / ilvl:
5. Experience Normal + Heroic:
6. Buyer/Carrier:
7. Gold (willing to spend):

1. Character name: Ablutos
2. Armory link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/Blackrock/Ablutos/simple
3. Main spec / ilvl: Balance - 497ilvl
4. Off spec / ilvl: Resto - 495ilvl
5. Experience Normal + Heroic: 16/16 Normal and 8/16 Heroic
6. Buyer/Carrier: Carrier
7. Gold (willing to spend): Insert Amount Here.

Obviously there will need to be enough interest for me to start this, if so it will kick off in 9 days.
Fantastic idea I think. I miss the days when blackrock had a lot of GDKPs going. They were a lot of fun. Best of luck to your groups :)
TLDR; pay for gear? lulz
02/08/2013 12:15 PMPosted by Inverloch
TLDR; pay for gear? lulz

I got 4 people interested via mail last night and 5-6 guildies who will come which brings the total to around 10, still need another 15-20 people if this is to get off the ground.
I am interested but work on Saturday night. If it could happen Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday I will bid on every upgrade that drops.
I had a few people request Sunday so im not opposed to switching the days, however it will be Sat or Sun firm, certainly not throughout the week due to guild time clashes. Either way i need more interest than im getting currently.
I can work Sunday around your schedule so count me in. I will keep bumping the thread, hopefully we can get a full group by next Sunday.
If you need a tank I dont mind...usually end up pugging anyway lol
If it happens on Sundays, hit me up. Nola#1580. I can xfer stuff back to Blackrock that won't interfere with current raiding. Healed 2/6 heroic MSV on raid release on my monk. Can confidently carry and would certainly bid on upgrades as well.
I should be able to come as a carrier on my DK if you need a tank, can also DPS on my DK (It's 491 iLvl as DPS 501 as tank, or somewhere around there), got all the exp you want. As I said, I should be fine with the times, but I won't be able to come anymore once 5.2 drops as I have other plans for Saturdays.

Name is Oxyra on Blackrock by the way. If you didn't already know.

Contact me ingame if you're interested. Mail is fine.
Seems Sunday suits more people so the day will most likely be Sunday (Ill go over my Uni Schedule as Sunday=Monday for me, but i should be ok), right now i only have 15 people, with 11 confirmed so i will need another 15 for this to kick off.. Feel free to post here/mail me.
Ill get out info for immortal/Nola/Oxyra/Thunder tomorrow.
@Ablutos. Sunday = Monday for me as well, I could make Mondays no worries, but I'd prefer Sunday (ie. Saturday server) as it was originally stated on the thing, but yeah, I'll wait for your contact and/or catch you online anyway.

You can add me at Oxyra#1473 also.
At this stage i only had 14 people who could make Sat and 18 who could make Sunday i wanted at least 25 people (could pick 1-3 up from trade assuming 1-3 people didn't show) I will try for next week.. but with 5.2 right around the corner im not sure how much interest there is going to be. I had next to no ranged DPS either. Ill be throwing up a a calender tomorrow (day will be Sunday) for all the guys who wanted to go this week, and try to find another 9-10 people for next week. Really need Ranged DPS + Healers for this upcoming week (Healers must be geared/carriers, ranged can be either)

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