indestructible ★ 12/12n ★ 3 nights

Guild Recruitment
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<indestructible> is a 25-man, 3 night per week alliance raiding guild on us-kel'thuzad (pvp). we have been active for over four years and are looking for people who are serious about raiding, while not forgetting to have fun. we are consistently one of the top 20 guilds in the world that raid 3 nights a week.

t15 progress:
12/12n - working on heroics

t14 progress:
16/16h - prepatch

raid schedule:
mon 7:00 - 11:00
tues 7:00 - 11:00
wed 7:00 - 11:00
*MST - server time

recruitment: 3/8/13

for additional information -
contact: darksavior, nerfasap, clyopandra, footsz, asmongold, nerdsláyer, or afflictid.
exceptional apps of all classes apply within:
snow storm inc!
This guy Jack used to be Jack, then we recruited Jacksheepson.

He's a good guy too. Yet people call him Jack too.

So now when someone says nice job Jack we don't know who they're talking about, Jack or Jack.

Two Jacks is like having two Jacks in a box.

How do they fit into one box you ask?

I really don't know.
This forum is dead, where ma trolls @?
Trolls? This ain't no Horde forum.
I turned one into a sheep and we both fit.
Holy smokes on a bonfire
BTW Jack I think the first post should have more info, like our history. Can you do that <3
i'm so pretty
I'm so witty.
we need some impressive DPS to finish up this tier & prepare for 5.2
Paladins are so pretty
Bump a rump a dump dump
3 heroic bosses left this tier. Working on H-Protectors tonight. App now.
Cui's helm scares me....
I'm so pretty..

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