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So here are all my stats: Strength 336, Agility 157, Stam. 447, Int. 106, Mastery 14.80%, DPS 148.1, Att Pwr 881, Speed 3.50, Haste 0, Hit +1.86%, Crit 10.97, Expertise 1.0. I have no glyphs/enchants as of right now. I need all the help I can get to become better at this. Thanks for your time
We can see all of your character stats by clicking your name and looking at your Armory page, by the way. No need to list them off.

Other than your second ring and your belt (intellect does nothing for you), your gear is fine. Just keep leveling like you have been. Are you having issues with something specific?
Go to the paladin forum and read about retribution paladins dps priorities and adjust to match what abilities you have and then add in new ones as you go.

Gear, focus on gear that is plate with STR/STAM and secondary stats HIT/Expertise/CRIT/MASTERY/HASTE. The paladin forum will tell you what will give you the best bang for your buck. HOwever, at your level you are better off learning your "rotation" because your gear will be ever changing that it isn't worth spending money on gems/enchants. Glyphs however, can help but most aren't gamebreakers that will see a huge spike in your damage output.

Believe the general ret paly "rotation" is build up your holy power and use templar strike to dump it. Keep up your buff that gives you +30% holy damage (fanatism maybe). Use Exorcism when proc.

Pretty much every other attack will be crusader strike to build up holy power unless you have a proc to use.

Also helps to keep up judgement so you don't OOM.
I do not know a lot about the forum and its features, first time user.
You've still got quite a few lowish level items... and it looks like you've been completely questing zones before moving on.

At 67, head straight to Shadowmoon Valley.

The quest rewards will be much more appropriate for your level.

As soon as you hit 68, head off to Northrend.

[edit] - (If you're able to find someone in the zone willing to help you, it may be worth doing the Ring of Blood quest chain in Nagrand now, so you can get Honed Voidaxe )
As fas as gear goes, I solo/quest 95+% most of the time. So I take whatever gear/items the quest gives/drops.If the items are better than what I have I replace them with the new ones. If I do go into instances with groups, I'm usually the last one to get to the fight. I'm really slow when it comes to running(do I need more stam?). So I wait until the instance turns green and try to solo the instance myself.
stamina has nothing to do with how quickly you move, it affects how much total health your character has.

In fact, with the talent of "Pursuit of Justice", you should be moving faster than everyone else in the group.
Unless you're adverse to running with groups, you're missing out on a big part of WoW by not running dungeons. A great way to learn is to run with a guild. I see that your guild is very very small, no help there really. If you can find a friendly leveling guild (and judging by your guild name, a Christian led one would make you happiest) they would probably teach you how. There is a high learning curve, but worth the effort.

As to being last to the fight.....several factors there. You don't know the fights, and probably everyone else does. Also, they are probably leaving the last fight more quickly than you are; you can run while looking over the loot to see if you want to roll on it. And don't pallies have a gap closing skill, to take you to the fight almost instantly? If the group is starting a fight quickly, hardly waiting for the tank, and it's not creating a problem, you probably can too.

Lastly, when you enter a dungeon, tell people that you're new and open to suggestions. Sometimes another player will take time to explain something they feel you could learn. And they are less likely to be mean if you've said upfront that you're new. If people give you information, even if it sounds abrupt, take note of it and see if it will help you. Remember, yes they might be mean but they might also be typing a quick couple words while fighting or running.
02/09/2013 07:52 AMPosted by Nebliina
And don't pallies have a gap closing skill, to take you to the fight almost instantly?

I haven't even looked at Ret during MoP, but there used to be a talent that gave a speed boost with Judgement. That may still exist in some form.

02/09/2013 05:20 AMPosted by Paulray
So I wait until the instance turns green and try to solo the instance myself.

At some point you may want to speak with a paladin trainer and get Dual Talent Specialization, so you can use Protection spec for that. As the tanking spec, it's a lot more sturdy than Ret but won't do as much damage, but it's still great for soloing instances a little earlier than 10+ levels higher than the bosses. Both the Paladin and the Tank forums will have lots of information about playing that spec, and you can find condensed info on both specs at Icy-Veins.com. For example, offhand I don't think there are any "must have NOW" glyph for Ret spec, but a couple can be useful for questing (and with questing, Northrend storylines are particularly interesting for human paladins).

Are you having any particular issues, or are you just wanted helpful tips in general?
There is a talent that gives a speed boost. Pursuit of Justice (one of the first three talents you can spend talent points on) gives a 15% boost to movement, and then an extra 5% for each holy power you have stored. It's very helpful to have in fast moving dungeons where keeping up with the tank (and maybe the rest of the group, too) is mandatory. A lot of classes have boosts to speed. Priests have the feather they throw down, monks have the roll ability, things of the like. Paladins are actually quite fast if you have the right talents.

At your level, glyphs aren't too important. It helps to know what to get when you reach a high level, though. I used noxxic for my glyph set up. I always do, only tweaking it here and there to fit my personal needs. I find Glyph of Double Judgement and Glyph of Divine Storm to be really useful and would likely never replace them. At low levels Glyph of Harsh Words was somewhat helpful to me. But at higher levels, using Templar's Verdict was much more effective and so I replaced that glyph with Glyph of Templar's Verdict. It's, also, pretty hard to heal yourself with Word of Glory while soloing if you don't remember to target yourself between attacks.

I highly recommend trying more dungeons for gear. It will help you get the hang of running them in a group. Unless you simply like questing more, in which case I wouldn't worry too much about gear unless you're dying so much half of your game time is spent corpse running. For Paladins, I've found haste to be very helpful. I can't help but notice you have none of it. Even in low level dungeons, if my haste wasn't decent, it would drop. Once had someone sacrifice a pair of boots they won to me (I had lost the roll) because they noticed my haste was dropping. Crit and hit have always been helpful to me, too. Expertise is good to have, as well. At your level, though, worry most about strength.

Enchants will be important at higher levels. But at low levels, don't bother unless the enchant is really cheap (I'm talking copper and silver) on the AH or free from a guildie or another friend. You'll want to go for strength, crit, haste, hit, and the other ret pally stats. Rotation is pretty simple. You might want to make yourself familiar with it, though. Keep inquisition up. Spend holy power on Templar's Verdict. Build holy power with Exorcism, Judgement, and Crusader's strike. When Art of War resets the cool down on Exorcism, use it. And of course, use Hammer of Wrath when the target is below 20%. In dungeons, AoE's may be used. When in doubt, ask the tank (as he knows what he can hold aggro through better than DPS does). I always use Seal of Truth for censure (a damage over time effect).

I can't be of more help than that as I'm not as seasoned a player as some Paladins may be. Some of that comes from guides I read before rolling a pally, other things are just things I had to learn on my own through trial and error.

ETA: I noticed you have Pursuit of Justice, so maybe it's your system (lag) causing you to be behind? Or some other outside force?
There's another post called, "So my wife and I.." that was above this one a bit. I put a little bit of Pally Ret pre-101 in that post. It's a little bit below your level but it may still benefit you if you want to take a look.

Oh, for gear stats you want Strength, Hit and Expertise. Everything has Stamina on it so I wouldn't worry about that very much unless you are going to be tanking.

As for being the last one to the next fight, the other guys probably already know what is going to drop and ignore it unless they are specifically looking for something. You might be actually comparing stats before you pass/greed/need. There's nothing wrong with that if you ask me but others think you should already know what you are looking for before you even go into the dungeon and just pass/greed everything else automatically.
Something else that just occurred to me: when you're looting, do you select everything individually? Because under Esc>Interface>Controls there's a box to check to auto-loot everything, and that can cut down on a lot of travel time too.

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