Ruinous's Open Challenge to Any Guild

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02/09/2013 03:42 PMPosted by Moojerk
they are actually. Look at priestjerkz. That's a totally separate new account I just made but under my bnet, but it has all my achieves.

We're aware... But Amax here thinks I don't have 3 accounts cause he thinks all my achievs are the same, I have 3 DIFFERENT BNet accounts... 1 was for RAF with my brother, the other was my old account Vanilla and the 3rd was WOTLK for my DK on another server.
02/09/2013 03:56 PMPosted by Sôlus
stay small while #Team Ruinous GY farms you

You sir are clearly retarded and don't know who I am... Lmao

I haven't been on WoW in over a week and a half...

The fact that you said that obviously means you have no connection on KJ aside from the fact you are on Arks E-Peen

you are a crop

stop talking

crops don't talk
I wish Cytox would actually post on his real account.
Anybody willing to challenge us yet? #TeamRuinous
"whats your skype" is now the Tich branch of Ruinous.
Friends of Ruinous would like to challenge any guild on the server to 10v10, RBG-style wargames. This is to make Ruinous look good in every sphere of PvP that exists.

If there are any Horde guilds that believe that they can beat high rated win-trading Tichondrius players (composed of players from Australia, Norway, Phillipines, Taiwan, China, New Zealand, Sweden, Canada and the United States) in a 10v10 guild RBG wargame, then please post here so we can arrange a date to face off, preferrably by tomorrow night.


- Once a challenging team emerges, the team will post their team roster. So we can pug Tichondrius players into roster, and say they're from Ruinous.
- Each team must have 3 Bebbits, 1 Catdad, and 6 wizards.
- Players may be swapped in-between games if we are getting beat, and need to recruit better players from Tichondrius.
- Best 2 out of 3 series with all 3 games played anyways.
- Map choice is pre-determined as it will be Iraq -> India -> Narnia/Pandora (losing team of game 2 chooses last map.)
- All players on the opposing team must be in the guild they are representing. (P.S.: Does not apply to us).

Deadline for accepting Ruinous' Friends from Tichondrius challenge: 10:59 PM PST, February 7, 2013



Good joke. <3
02/09/2013 04:06 PMPosted by Darthvaderz
"whats your skype" is now the Tich branch of Ruinous.

Pretty sure it doesn't work that way since all branches of Ruinous have a form of RUIN in it... Get real
I think 2 Bebbits will be enough. He can be a bit much all alone so I wouldn't envy anybody having 2 Bebbits on them. So 2 Bebbits, 1 Kat, 1 Catdad, and 6 wizards.
Everyone is queue dodging us.

No one dares meet us on the battlefield.

Everyone is queue dodging us.

No one dares meet us on the battlefield.

lol... This kid
02/09/2013 04:06 PMPosted by Darthvaderz
whats your skype" is now the Tich branch of Ruinous.

So a horde branch of Tich... is now a branch of an alliance guild of KJ..? That's what you're telling me? Interesting.
If this is true, then what is ruinous vent info so I can access
whats your skype" is now the Tich branch of Ruinous.
"Eminent Elitist" and "Dont Care" are the Illidan branches of Ruinous.
"We Tamed You" is the Sargeras branch of Ruinous.

It's okay, just shows their lack of skill... lol

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