Facta non Verba - lf Tank with dps os for 10m

Facta non Verba is currently looking for a tank to join our 10m raiding team.

Ideally we would like a Prot Warrior with a dps os who has knowledge of the fights.

Currently we are 6/6 MV and 1/6 Hof. Our progression is always filled with fun and respect and while we might wipe on bosses as we learn, our raid team members never scream or become tense. After all we don’t think there’s any point in playing if you’re not enjoying your environment or your raid mates.

We consider ourselves friends as well as raid and guild mates and our team is very tight knit and most of us have been raiding through Cata and now into Mop together. We are a predominately guild based group though 2 of our raiders, who have been with us from the start of this tier, are from other guilds. Ultimately we are aiming for a guild based team and would ask that you do move your toon to our guild for raiding purposes.

We raid 2 nights a week. Friday and Saturday from 8.30 to 11.30 st. We expect our raiders to turn up for the majority of the nights, expect gear to be enchanted/reforged and to have knowledge of the fights and their class. We are more than happy if you are raiding with us on an alt.

We only run a roster of 10 so we do need someone who is willing to commit to turn up regularly, though we do understand that people cannot make all nights due to real life commitments. In order to maintain consistency, we try to recruit fill-ins from people we have previously run with. This helps give a consistent friendly feel to our raids as all people tend to know each other.

We use vent for communication. Please be comfortable communicating over that means. We have a Facebook group so we can keep in touch outside of the game too.

We’re also looking to add like minded players to our guild, so if you would like to add a toon to our guild and play in a friendly atmosphere that feels like a second home, come and join us. We run old content for fun and transmog, usually always have someone online who is willing to stop for a chat or run content and as a number of us are altoholics we have toons of every class and level and willing to run with you as you level for some fun and guild achievements.

If you’re interested in hearing more, feel free to contact me in game on Zira#1286.

Currently looking for :

Tank with dps os - pref warrior
Raid nights - Fri/Sat 8.30 to 11.30st
Still looking

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