Apprehensive about tanking at max level

I'm finding that I really enjoy the Prot spec in all aspects. It's a breeze to plow through leveling dungeons and you can grab a entire quest's worth of mobs at once at in the world. I feel I have a pretty good grasp of tanking with a Paladin at this level, and feel comfortable doing so til after Northrend.

But I also feel that the 1-80 dungeon experience does not AT ALL prepare you for what you face in Cata dungeons, Pandaria Heroics, and (eventually) LFR (this is pretty much the height of my ambition). I'd like to stick with Prot for the long haul, but am worried that the more complicated mechanics of max level fights will prove to be my downfall. Any suggestions??
If you do randoms the entire time while leveling up and read about the bosses in Pandaria Heroics you will be fine. Sure at first when you don't have the gear it will be slightly tough in some heroics, but nothing too bad. Just read up on what stats you need at 90. Gem/Enchant/Reforge accordingly. You'll be fine

All I really tank is heroics and LFR. As for LFR it's a breeze. I was apprehensive of LFR at first. When you get to 90, and have the gear for LFR, I HIGHLY suggest you search "salts dude" on youtube. He does great overviews of the fights and explains them well. Heroics really don't have any tricky mechanics. And LFR honestly it's bad either. There is some tank swapping but other than that it's pretty simple. You'll be fine.
MoP heroics aren't any harder than dungeons. Same thing different name. LFR just look over the mechanics and chances are you'll be fine. LFR you have another tank with you as well, there's nothing wrong with actually whispering and talking to them if unsure about something.

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