490 blood/488 frost or 488 hunter a challenge

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
I am looking for a change after being RL through hm Cata pre 15%nerf. Current guild has slowed to a crawl with problems getting a set roster so I am looking for a new guild. I am primarily a hunter though with tanks or heals leaving for rl issues I have been tanking/ dpsing. Logs are still up at present.

I am looking for a progression focused guild for Monday, Wednesday and either Friday or Sunday; 8pm-2am Australian eastern standard time. I come prepared and know fights although progression has been limited due to guild issues.

I aim for hm progression and am willing to learn, respec or change toon to get the job done. Toons at present irrevocable and Dysturbia and just hit 90 with a ret pally Gnaradein. All on Caelestrasz at present but i am willing to realm and faction transfer. I am also keen for pvp when available.

I have all reasonable enchants, reforges and addons and I am willing to use whatever else is required. I am still an sc and I know that but I look forward to becoming an even bigger sc (lol).

Guild must have a good sense of humour, have fun but be focused when necessary.

Jubei'Thos 10man Alliance

Currently only 7/16HM progression.

We raid wednesdays,thursdays and mondays 6ST - 9ST

Recruiting a tank, Times may be a bit early for you, But worth a shot.

Visit www.prosperity-guild.wowstead.com or pst me ingame if you are interested and would like to find out more.
<Vicious Cycle> is a guild based in Frostmourne, we have done 4/6 HM MV, 6/6 HoF 4/4 ToES so far with a slugish start to raiding this xpac. We ere formed on the 25th of September 2011, and have from then so far downed 6/7HM FL b4 DS came out, and downed 8/8HM DS in June thanks to D3 and various roster issues. At the present we are looking for:

Disc Priest
Hunter or Rogue

Our raiding times are as follows, keep in mind we RARELY raid on Mondays that is basically if we are close to a new heroic kill and need to get it down we go Monday, otherwise we raid only Weds/Thurs/ Sunday from 12:30 am svt to 3:30am Frostmourne svt time (AEST).

. Whisper Tundra/Morteen in game for a chat. You can add me on real id: rooshilkalra@hotmail.com
Hi there, GCR are looking for a DPS DK with Tank OS for it's Wed/Sun/Mon 8PM - 11PM raid group.

We're currently 3/16Heroic, looking for dedicated raiders who are keen to progress and can commit to the raid schedule.

Recently lost our Ret pally so it would be a full time spot based on passing the trial.

Feel free to hit me up in game, or I can be contacted on GWW#6223.


Hi there.

Tribo of Nagrand are looking for a DK to fill a DPS role.

Tribo's first and foremost focus is 25man raiding 4 hours per night 3 nights a week on Wed, Thurs, and Sun from 11pm-3am Oceanic Server Time (10pm to 2am when DST is NOT active)

Check out our recruit post here:-


Current progression is 4/16H, and are looking for dedicated raiders who want to help us push thru heroics and into 5.2.
Our times in +8 GMT is 10 30 PM - 1 30 AM

Why Tempt Fate, of Cho'gal is recruiting!

Over the last few years, we have been striving to build on our raiding roster to complete end game content with-in a respectable time frame. With each and every tier, we have managed to become more focused and a little bit better than the most recent tiers. With-in Mists of Panderia, we have built up a little more on competitive raiders, and would like to continue pushing through the Mists a little more competitively, to round off our raiding roster.

Guild Name: Why Tempt Fate
Guild Website: www.whytemptfate.com
Realm: US-Cho'gall (PvE)
Datacenter: Chicago
Format: 25-man competitive raiding.
Faction: Horde
Timezone: Central Standard Time (CST)

Mogu'Shan Vaults: 4/6 Heroic

Heart of Fear: 2/6 Heroic

Terrace of Endless Spring: 4/4 Normal w/ Elite Protectors.

*Recruitment is open for anyone with excellent raid awareness, min/maxing your characters potential, attendance and execution. As a trial of WTF, you write your own ticket, excel and be rewarded!*

Recruitment Needs:
Tanks:*Being very specific*
● Protection Warrior
● Blood Death Knight
*World of Logs are mandatory to view CD usage and healing output in any situation*

● High need on an AMAZING Holy Paladin.
● High need on an AMAZING Disc Priest.
● High need on a Resto Shaman.
*World of Logs are mandatory to view CD usage and healing output in any situation*

● Elemental Shaman
● Shadow Priest
● Hunter ( either spec w/ competitive output )
*World of Logs are mandatory to view CD usage and damage output in any situation*

No specific classes were mentioned as "needs" as we feel if the individual, playing a respective class is more effective at maintaining high up-time on the boss and raid awareness in multiple situations, will out perform given any item level.

Basic Expectations of You:
● Be geared well enough to step into the content we are progressing on and clearing. We aren't interested in gearing alts or catching you up after you decided to take a break from the game.
● Be able to provide logs to justify your performance.
● Maintain almost 100% life-time raid attendance.
● Give 110% each raid day.
● If you make a mistake in the raid, admit to it and do not make the same mistake again.

What to expect from WTF:
● Efficient raiding environment.
● Strong and experienced guild leadership.
● A fair and effective loot system for loot distribution. >EPGP<
● Free flasks, feasts, and repairs.
● Honest evaluation of your performance and blunt criticism.

Raiding Schedule:
All times are CST, which is also the Cho'gall server time.
● Monday: 8:30am - 11:30am
● Wednesday: 8:30am - 11:30am
● Thursday: 8:30am - 11:30am
● Friday: 8:30am - 11:30am
*****May raid until noon, if a kill is imminent*****
*We drop to a lighter schedule after progression*

For more information or to apply, please visit www.whytemptfate.com, log on to Cho'gall and search for either Scoreboard, Garwin, Box, Sinextro or Professorq for any other questions, or add me through RealID @ Papichulo#1562!
Focused @ Frostmourne,

6/6 HM MSV
2/6 HM HoF
0/4 HM ToES

Looking for a frost dk,

add maizoku#1321, or alternatively hit us with an app and we will get back to u ASAP @ www.focused.enjin.com
<Prestigious> is an Australian-based 10 player raiding guild located on Frostmourne, Alliance. We aim to provide a friendly, approachable atmosphere for all of our members while working towards defeating the Thunder King in patch 5.2 and beyond.

Formerly known as <Absent Minded>, we have new goals, leadership and guild structure. The new leadership team consists of Krimson, Sixthly and Slydoggydog.



We are recruiting the following classes for immediate core positions:

2x Tanks (Any class)
1x Ranged (Mage/Priest/Shaman)
1x Melee (Druid/Monk/Rogue/Warrior)


Raiding Schedule

Wednesday, 8:00-11:00 PM
Thursday, 8:00-11:00 PM
Sunday, 8:00-11:00 PM

Do not apply if you're unable to adjust to different raid times (7:00-10:30 PM) when daylight savings is over.

Do not apply if you're unable to extend (30 minutes) or attend additional days (Monday) during progression.

Do not apply if you're unable to attend close to 100% of the scheduled days, you experience connection issues (disconnections, high latency, congestion) , or are not in control of your own Internet connection.



5/6 Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults
6/6 Normal Heart of Fear
4/4 Normal Terrace of the Endless Spring


Additional Information

Communication: TeamSpeak 3 is used for voice collaboration.
Loot: Loot is distributed using EPGP. Tier tokens are distributed using Loot Council. Loot Council has the final say on all matters.
Resources: The guild provides banquets, flasks, potions and repairs.
Social: All guild ranks can invite players to the guild. The only requirement is that you know the player that you're inviting.


Apply by visiting http://prestigious-guild.com and clicking on the "Apply" button. No registration is required. All applications are only visible to current raiding members.

Alternatively contact Krimson, Sixthly or Slydoggydog in-game or by adding Sixthly to BattleTag:
Hi Irrevocable!

<The Cabal> is a 25man Alliance Raiding Guild on Frostmourne.

Our current progression is:
5/6 HM MSV (Will getting close but we are missing a DK for the kill)
3/6 HM HoF
4/4 Normal TES

Our Raid times are Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon, 8pm-12am ST

If you are interested, please apply on:

Also, feel free to add Jerry#1917 for a further chat!

add me for a chat. we raid late night but we are going for serious heroic progression in 5.2. After only starting 5 weeks ago we are 4/16 hm probably look at about 8 or 9 by patch. I was overseas for the release of MoP so just consolidating now.

Would be very interested in your hunter.

11pm - 2am might be too late to raid tho.

Hit me up for a chat if you want.



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