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I currently have a top of the line dell XPS with duel n-vidia video chips and water cooling. The computer runs Vista and is almost 4 years old. It still runs well but I notice it's not as good as it used to be. In any case I'm looking for a new computer. I'm not being arrogant but price is no object. I'll spend 10K no problem. Also,I don't want to "build my own" so don't suggest that either. I live in Canada so some companies don't distribute or service up here. I either want a top of the line alienware or Mac pro desktops. Between those 2 which will give me better gaming performance? I'm only a little familiar with Macs. Any advice or tips with these high end set-ups would help. Thanks in advance.
Go Mac, you'll notice a performance increase just by changing OS. You wont regret it, and Macs are easier to used based on some tests performed by pcmagazine. Also, os x has amongst the best memory management systems, meaning no hogging ram (aka vista in particular)
Well, vista is your problem, windows 7 would be MUCH better for gaming. at least 15-20% performance boost.

as for OS X, it has it's short comings with gaming, trust me. but current vs 4 years old should still be better even on an inferior gaming OS. It's not TOO inferior to windows 7-8, only slightly, so any modern hardware should do you justice. Just don't cheap out on it. do NOT get an intel 4000 chipset unless you want it to run as bad as that alienware.
It sounds like both are good. BUT, top of the line alienware or Mac Pro? Which is the best?
02/09/2013 12:19 PMPosted by Bacura
It sounds like both are good. BUT, top of the line alienware or Mac Pro? Which is the best?

well right now i'd stay away from mac pro. paying a premium for 2010 hardware is out of question. wait for the promised update tim cook said is coming later this year for that. if you need something now, get a 2012 imac with a nvidia 680 in it (Built to order only).
Have you used a mac before? Do you like Mac OS X? If you do, get a decked out 27" iMac w/ GTX 680 GTX MX and 768gig SSD. Sizzling hot. Current Mac Pros are WAY out of date they havn't been refreshed since Aug 2010. That means, old processors, no thunderbolt, no USB 3.0, slower memory. Rumor is though, Mac Pro will be refreshed in March.

If you want to spend $10k on a Windows PC, though -- then google Falcon Northwest computers for yourself. It will be ridiculously overpriced, but will blow the pants off of anything Alienware wants to sell you. They're called Mach 5 systems for a reason.

They'll build the PC for you, latest greatest everything, overclock it, water-cool it, give it an automotive quality paint job, 3 year warrantee, USB recovery flash drive of it, and (after it's built, of course) ship it next day.

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