Which debate is more common?

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I hear many kind of debates as I walk through the halls of my school and these are the two I hear most often

"Who was the best Doctor"
"Tarja or Annette"

My answers were to debate one David Tennant
and debate two Tarja Turunen

But I wonder what debate do you hear more often?
Obviously the debate between the Doctors
You got to hear geeky stuff at your school? All I got stuck hearing were people going "IS being gay really a choice?"

I had a crappy school.

*sorry had to edit for a word*
All I hear about in my school is who has the fakest beats or jordans, and who the best basketball player is or something else stupid. I personally prefer david tennant however, but matt smith is also excellent.
Wait, are we talking about debates we hear most common from school or just anywhere in general?
At high school it was usually sports, something I don't know or care about.
Was a redneck hangout to so there was a lot to do with dip, trucks, and guns.

Now anywhere in general, well I'm mostly at home or on campus. Rarely hear debates, but someone brought up the ol' "do video games cause aggressive violence in today's youth?" in my English class.
The Professor was even getting in on the debate to, forgetting about the lesson...
Did nothing that hour but sat back and watched YouTube on the phone. May have been a wasted class period, but there was no homework at least for that day.

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