Renewing Mist

They took away one of its charges. *sad face

I'm okay with that, I guess.....but there is one issue that should be checked on and fixed.

Renewing Mist is the dumbest "smart heal" I know.


Tank 60% health

Healer 100% health

DPS 1 80% health DPS 2 100% (ranged!) DPS 3 100% (lucky melee)

Nobody has Renewing Mist right now (healer got stunned for the past 15 seconds!)
Healer decides to cast it on the Tank because he needs heals the most....Renewing Mist shoots over to the tank. 2 charges left. It shoots over to the DPS with 80% health. 1 charge left. Who knows where it goes next!?


I KNOW! It goes back to the tank. Next, big aoe spike and everyone is below 60% health but the Healer can only Uplift to heal 2 people until Renewing Mist comes off cd.

My point is, Renewing Mist WASTES its charges easily depending on health situations. This smart heal should NOT return to the same target it has already affected this particular cast.

The only way to avoid such stupid healing is to cast Renewing Mist on someone with 100% health and let it travel to the person with less than 100% health and the third charge will hit just about anyone without it.

Even though there is a way around it, it would still be nice if this so called "smart heal" would be as smart as it claims to be considering this heal is our basis for our only spread out aoe healing.

Also, Monks are awesome because they can heal out of range targets in 2 ways! Thank You Uplift and Soothing Mist for allowing us to "burst" healing someone far away:D
I've never had RnM attempt to stack twice on a target. It always ends up on 3 people for me.
I hate this so much too, in my first sha the other day, the highest number I got up to was 5. Just kept re applying to the tank.
I never have trouble getting my count up to 6 with Renewing Mist. The only time that I get 5 is when I make a mistake and cast it on myself when I already have ReM. I don't understand why you're seeing this.
I have also never had that happen.
I hate this so much too, in my first sha the other day, the highest number I got up to was 5. Just kept re applying to the tank.

This is why. You kept putting the initial cast on the tank, and it simply overrides the remaining duration of the previous ReM. When it jumps, it goes to a priority system, which is as follows:

1st Priority - Damaged raid members without ReM
2nd Priority - Undamaged raid members without ReM
3rd Priority - Damaged raid members with ReM
Last Priority - Undamaged raid members with ReM

It will always follow this priority, based on whether or not you glyphed it. IE, if you have it glyped, it will jump to the farthest damaged raid member without ReM, then it'll jump again from that target to the farthest damaged raid member without ReM. If there aren't any damage raid members without ReM, it'll jump to the farthest raid member without ReM.

What you should take from this is that you control the initial cast. After that, it'll follow the priority system outlined above.
I have never had that happen, but I get it all the time that if you are casting it because you know there is damage coming and dont care where it goes but just want it on 3 targets then it sucks. It will go on the target you cast it too, but if everyone else is at 100%, it wont transfer and just loses its stack.

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