<Predestined> Recruiting all roles!

<Predestined> (16/16N) is recruiting all roles for progression in heroics. We need all roles since we broke up, and now I'm reforming to try to get back on our feet.

Classes we need:
1 Healer (Non-Druid)
2 Tanks (Any Class)
2 Melee DPS (Any classes)
4 Range DPS (Any classes)
-- Will update when more members join --

Apply at website:

Reason why we broke up:
I was tired of either recruiting bads or recruiting people that didn't even show up to the first raid day. I decided to take a week's break and re-try it again, hopefully with more success than last time.

1) You MUST have vent
2) Have atleast 10/16N modes downed
3) Pull 60k+ DPS (only a DPS requirement)

If you're interested, go to our website to apply!
Hey if you need a 490 arcane mage lemme know. I can pull some pretty decent deeps (75k on imperial zorlok last week and 130+k on elegon.) However im only 8/16N, because my guild is rather lame. We wipe too much, and I end up pulling almost 5% more dps than the dps who is second place on recount, we are all well geared too, it's just people fail.

Anyways if you want to contact me whisper me in game, if you want to bring me on a trial run or something. I know all the fights beforehand, and I'm fully gemmed/reforeged etc. I also do all dailies so I have a ton of coins to use on boss rolls.

Anyways I appreciate it,
What are your raid times?

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