491 warlock 16/16nm 4/16 hm lf raid team

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
currently looking for new raiding team to call home!!

im cool with raiding any day of the week from 7pm onward.
my preference is 25 man raiding but i am totally happy to hear from 10 man teams.

have a very high understanding of my class and can perform in any spec at the highest level,
(my personal spec preference in order is affliction/demo/destro)

looking to push over as many heroics as i can before 5.2 content comes out.

please feel free to contact me in game or on here, battletag is agoney#1213

hey mate, nek minit is a 10m horde raiding guild on jubei'thos, we are australian based guild and raid 7-10pm ST which is AEST based 3 times a week being thursday sunday and monday.

Currently 16/16n with 5/16hm and elite protectors all on farm i have added you to real id looking forward to a chat
Hi Agoney

Luminosity is currently looking for a skilled Warlock for our core group.
We are a Horde Guild located on Oceanic server Barthilas focused on heroic progression raiding through content, with a goal of becoming one of the servers top raiding guilds in 5.2.

Our current progression is 4/6 Heroic MsV, 2/6 Heroic HoF, 4/4 ToES.

Our raid times are Wed/Thurs/Mon 8:00-11:30pm SvT (+10GMT)With the progression night set on the occasional Sunday 8-11:30pm

Please visit http://luminosity-barthilas.com to apply.

If you have any further questions please contact one of our officers via Battletag:

Hows it going mate. If interested please feel free to drop a formal app on our forums.

< Catalyst > is an established World of Warcraft endgame raiding guild that focuses on hardmode and progression content. We are an Aus / Nz Horde guild based on the Oceanic US-Frostmourne server.
We are currently looking directly for one of the following skilled and experienced players in order of preference:

Mage Dps
or Warlock Dps
or Spriest / Boomkin Dps with Heals offspec ~


Current Progression:

5/6H MsV
2/6H HoF
16/16 Normal

Our raiding roster is as follows:
Wed / Thurs / Sun 8:30pm - 11:30pm server time - AEST GMT+10 during DLST.
Preference: Mature english speaking Aus / Nz locale players


If interested please feel free to contact me at:

or feel free to lodge a formal application on our forums at:
Hi Agoney,

If weekends are a possibility at all, <E X A L T E D> on Aman'thul are looking for a skilled warlock with solid raid awareness for our core 10 man raid team. Our guild has been around since BC and most of our core team have been raiding together for a number of years. We also have a large, friendly contingent of casual guildies. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild, so our goal is to clear progression content on a casual schedule and in a relaxed environment. We're currently trying to build as strong a team as possible to go into next tier with.

Progression: 16/16N, 7/16H
Raid Times: 12pm-5pm AEST Sat/Sun

You can visit our website: www.exalted.net.au for more information and to apply.
You can also add me on Laynie#1997 and contact me in game if you have any questions.

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