LF a new guild 10/16 normal looking for 25m

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Dk tank/dps 490 or similar hunter happy with either, looking for a progression focused 25m guild. I am currently in a 10m and have been a raid leader during Cata with HM downed prior to significant nerfs. I have mainly raided as hunter but due to our tank leaving have been tanking and enjoying it.

I am only available Monday, Wednesday and either one of Friday or Sunday 8pm-2am Australian eastern standard time as I work and have kids. I am prompt, know all the fights ahead of time and have appropriate enchants/ reforges.

I am happy to faction and realm transfer for the right guild. I enjoy a casual, fun raid atmosphere but one that can focus and get the job done on a restricted schedule including doing heroics.

I run various add-ons dependent on toon (I have 3 90's and various other toons) so I have a lot installed. If I require others I will download as necessary.


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