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To get that rare mount you farmed??

I desperately want the Raven Lord, but it has eluded me for many years. Same with the Oracles proto-drake, and the UP proto-drake. Rivendare lol's at me every time I kill him. I used to run ZG when it was lvl 60 on a 3 day reset faithfully.

I know of extremely lucky people who got rare mounts on a first kill, or when they didn't even know that boss dropped a mount, or found the TLPD randomly while questing or flying somewhere. I knew someone who got the Oracles drake on the first AND third egg! I've only seen the UP drake drop once, and I lost the roll with an horrifyingly low roll (think single digit).

If I could give up every rare mount forever just to have the Raven Lord, I'd do it in a heartbeat, it's my favorite by far.
Took me about 200 kills for Rivendare's Deathcharger.

I haven't really kept track of my progress on the Raven Lord mount, but across all my characters I'm probably at around 150 kills with no drop.

Ony and TK attempts are too few to be a reasonable sample size for me. I'm probably around 0/10 on each.
I would check 2-3 times a week for Time Lost Proto Drake.

I think I got it on week 3.

Took less than 10 runs for White Hawkstrider.

Baron Rivendare's probably took 12ish runs.

I think 5 runs and no blue protodrake (I like TLPD's colors better so I'm not too heavily on this, maybe I should try again today.)

About maybe 8 runs on Raven Lord, no luck, maybe I should try that again.

3 attempts on that bucktooth horse in Kara with no luck.
I have yet to actually have a rare mount drop from farming, just got lucky rolls while leveling/doing dungeons in that expac. Still farming the raven lord and kara for those mounts and occasionally strat

Got the white hawkstrider from my first goodie bag for tanking a heroic when that was introduced.
187 for Raven Lord :(

6 Rivendare

about 9 for the Razzashi Raptor

around 13 for the White Hawkstrider

3 eggs for the Green Proto

8 farm runs for the Fiery Warhorse

1 solo run for Ashes of Al'ar (after patch 5.0, so after the drop buff)

4 casts in a Northrend pool for the Sea Turtle (after mistakenly not fishing in a pool for it for... 6 hours...)

about 10 weeks for the polar bear (on this toon. My druid got it in 4 dailies -_-)

Currently working on Azure Drake (the best drake). No luck yet -_-
It only took my rogue about 2 or 3 weeks of attempts to get Raven Lord to drop, then amazingly I got it again on my hunter about 2 weeks after that (this was before the account bound mounts).
It took about 4 weeks on my rogue to get the blue Proto Drake.
It took around a month or less to get the Kara horse on my rogue.
My rogue also got the Crystal of Insanity the first time I ever saw the rare, without even knowing what he dropped. I've been trying over and over to get it on my warrior to no avail.

Conclusion: My rogue is lucky.
Well, my Armory has 66 Talon King Ikiss kills so give or take a few before I got the Raven Lord mount.

Before account-wide mounts/achievements one of my Horde characters got it on her second or third kill :P

White Chicken mount about 54 kills.

Deathcharger I got lucky - about 24 kills.

Also got lucky with the Blue drake from Oculus - got it the second time I ran the dungeon so thankfully I never had to run it again.

Green Proto-Drake from the Oracles egg - I think it was about 7 or 8 months back when it was 7 days for each egg instead of 3.

White Polar Bear - yeah, about 2 years of throwing Snowballs at Gretta before I got it.

Only ever seen the TLPD once - when it was dead. I don't even bother looking for it anymore.

Side note: over 2 years to get the Tol'vir Crawling Claw pet so now I'm counting the months (years?) until I see the Blue Bug mount.
I have lost track on how long it's taken me to get the kara mount, but I know I have tried on random characters since wrath, so I guess what 3 years?
Raven lord took me a handful of tries.

Got Raven Lord on my 10th attempt

Tried for the oracle proto for 20 weeks... Ended up getting it from a stachel

Got the Blazing drake on my second DW kill

Got the Ultramarine Battle tank on my 40th Tol'Vir solve.
Currently Farming

Onyxian Drake - About 12
North Wind - 60
Blue Drake
-Eregos bag 65 kills
-Malgoys 10, about 12
I'm pretty sure Raven Lord was under 30 kills, maybe even under 20. I've run Rivendare about 50 times but haven't seen him (not that I'm complaining, it IS a rare mount after all, 50 would be a pretty sweet deal tbh)

Just started Ashes so I'm at like 3 lol.

I got the blue proto just doing the random heroic, but it was near the end of Wrath.

Stopped farming for green when I decided to spend the last half of 3.3 having fun with Thunderbrew's Hard Ale.

Headless Horseman's mount I've won twice, only ever did him a few times.

I got the TLPD early on while questing :D!

Overall I think I've gotten pretty lucky, but my favorite mount no matter what is my Swift Zhevra.

Edit: And I won both the Brewfest Ram and kodo within like 1 run of eachother.
horseman's mount dropped third time.
Third time.
I stopped hunting for the Deathcharger at 300ish.

Everyone else I knew was getting it at around 40 and so I just up and quit trying.
56 kills on Kael'thas, at least as recorded by the achievement system. There were, of course, kills before that when he was relevant, but I don't recall how many.

Idk this question gets harder because I got to the point of running alts through content for extra chances.
Wow, some of you guys are really lucky! I've gotta admit, I'm more than a lil jealous. :P
I think RNG just likes to mess around with my head. A lot. My luck is just as bad when it comes to armor and weapon drops that I'm looking for.
Only mount i truly want is the Lich King's Invincible but i have never killed him lol so its not going to happen. I cant seem to ever get motivated enough to do ICC.

!!! I just checked wowhead on this and it says Invincible can be found in the BMAH can anyone else confirm this?
I got Raven Lord twice before shared mounts.. First one was three runs, the second was about twenty..

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