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Raven lord - 2
White hawk - 3
Green proto drake ( a higher drop chance then the 2 above ) - 65 eggs >.> I have 4 eggs going on 4 different characters for months.
Spread out across all my toons...

Somewhere between 150 and 225 kills for Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake.

Somewhere between 120 and 180 for Reins of the Raven Lord.

1 for Reins of the Azure Drake.

And currently sitting at an estimated 300+ for Fiery Warhorse's Reins, and still no sign of it.
~60 for Rivendare

10 For Ony during Wrath. Went one day during a time i had nothing to do in Pandaria, had it drop, and outrolled 5 people.

100+ and counting for Green Proto. Meanwhile my friend has gotten it three times across 2 characters...

100+ and counting for Blue proto Drake

15+ for white hawkstrider

1 for Drake of the North wind. I just hit 85. I did my first heroic. It was the first time doing a heroic with my guild. It dropped for the first time for them. I won with a 100 roll.

25+ and counting for Ravenlord.

1 for Grand Black War mammoth. I was lucky because i got it during the week where the drop rate was bugged and was extremely high.

50+ for white polar bear.

I dont even want to talk about TLPD.

Or Poseidus...
Invincible's Reins - 9 kills.

Onyxian Drake - 427 kills.
I have been playing WoW since vanilla, on two accounts, had max level of every class on both horde and alliance at 60, 70, and 75 before I quit playing.

I have run for the Baron mount I don't know how many thousands of times and have never seen him drop the mount, and have only seen his sword once.

I ran Kara every time it was up from the first week I was 70 till I stopped playing towards the end of lich king atleast twice a refresh during burning crusade and upto 7 times solo running it at the end of lich king and have never seen it drop.

I've run raven lord atleast 100 times and have never seen the item drop.

I have killed Baron Gheddon I don't know how many hundreds of times since vanilla and have never seen his half of the binding, though I have gotten the other half 3 times (on three different characters)

On a side note, during vanilla MC days my guild never once got lawbringer shoulders to drop and we were one of the first guilds to clear MC on Tichondrius and we cleared it twice a week religiously until BC came out between our mains run and our alts run.

I think I may have the worst luck for drop in all of WoW.
I'm at about 30 attempts on Raven Lord. Would be more, but I'm lazy/stupid and keep forgetting or procrastinating it.
Raven Lord: 1 kill.
Green proto drake, I got on like 3 characters before mounts merged.

Death charger, got on my pally after probably 130+ runs. My brother got in under 10, and my nephew in 3 lol.

About 20 or so for white hawkstrider mount

Lost count on raven lord... Usually do it at least twice a day on Druid and warrior. If I could be bothered could do it more with 5+ alts.

Kharazan mount, do it every week with druid and war. Sometimes other 85 alts. Hasnt dropped.

No blue proto drake from H Upguard Pinacle yet. Only this xpac started farming it each day usually.

Cant remember other farm mounts. Oh did get red protodrake recently, guess that counts (farming heroic achievements for it and title)
The Green Proto-drake was such a pain the @#$ for me. Took my hunter 23 months of opening eggs and only a month of that was 3 day eggs. Even when I took breaks from the game, I would still log on every week to check my egg. Ugh.

Raven Lord only took 30ish runs to get.

Got the White Hawkstrider and Polar Bear mount from a tanking bag.

Midnight I got on my first run in Kara 2007. I just joined a new guild and did a Kara run with them... best 98 I ever rolled >:D

Haven't really tried for the Baron's mount, Blue Proto-Drake, or any Cata mounts yet. Wanted to get all my alts to 90 first.
My other paladin got the Deathcharger his first and only time in Strathome. Was farming righteous obs Scarlet side and figured since I was there I might as well finish the whole thing.

Took my hunter 9 tries for the White Hawkstrider. About 85 runs for the Raven Lord spread across four alts running it daily over the summer.

The TLPD I stumbled upon twice while questing on 2 different characters. Polar Bear was about 5 bags.

Got both Brewfest mounts from the same bag one year.

Haven't really tried for any of the others, have always been more interested in the pets than the mounts.
Unfortunately, I've lost track of the actual numbers on most of these and Armory only records kills for Talon King Ikiss and King Ymiron for their respective dungeons. So, these numbers are to the best of my sometimes questionable memory.

I got the White Hawkstrider on my hunter after like a dozen kills, same for my pally. By the time I got back to this toon, we had account wide mounts so I didn't bother.

I think it took 150 kills (give or take) to get the Raven Lord. I was extremely overjoyed to see it as I had been doing off and on since late in Cata on both my dk and hunter.

Armory records 51 kills for King Ymiron, but that doesn't seem right too me. It's too many for just farming the Blue Proto-drake and too few to include the amount of times that I ran that place back in Wrath.

I was lucky and got the Blue Drake from the bag at the end of an Occulus run. And got the White Polar Bear after about like 4 months of dailies, the funny part is that I got it on this character and on my hunter on the same day.

I'm still working on the Barron's Deathcharger. I have a feeling it's going to be a while. I've never spend much time trying for the TLPD of the one in Deepholm, or Ashes for that matter... I get around to them at some point.

Keep the faith OP, someday that silly bird will give the reins for you!
Good thing you posed this on a level one alt; It is so controversial.
2 kills for my ZG tiger.
I farmed MGT and Sethekk on and off for a few years before both mounts finally dropped. Not even going to bother guessing how many kills it took.
Raven Lord - 265 On several characters

Swift Hawkstrider + Pet - 6 runs

Rivendare - 300+ on my rogue and while levelling this character with a friend it drops and my friend wins the roll and she kindly gave it to me.
First TLPD: 4 days
Second TLPD for my girlfriend: 3 hours
Raven Lord: 17 kills?
White Hawkstrider: Less than 10, not sure.
Blazing Drake: 1 kill on my priest
Brewfest Ram: 5 bags. First one after I faction xferred.
Invincible's Reins: Seen one drop. Lost the roll, didn't ninja because I'm a good person.

Teebu's Blazing Longsword: First time I tried clearing all the trash in MC. Dropped off the last pack.

Garr's Bindings of the Windseeker: I see one every 3 weeks or so.
Baron Geddon's Bindings of the Windseeker: 45 kills and counting.
Eye of Sulfuras: See above.
Over many alts and 2 accounts, so my best guesses.

Raven lord around 80.

Hawkstrider around 30.

Fiery warhorse around 50.

Deathcharger around 400.

Blue proto around 100

Green proto around 20 eggs.

Just recently got ony after about a year of farming. Just need ashes now.

Wanted to throw in that I got the new zg raptor on my other account when it was current. Probably 50 runs or so. Was farming it at the end of cata, saw it drop lost the roll.
480 runs for my precious deathcharger
About 20 kills for both the white hawkstrider and raven lord, and less then that for the blue proto drake.
Took about 14 runs to get my Raven Lord back in Wrath I believe. Only one run for my Razzashi Raptor.

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