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After reading this thread, I'm not getting a warm fuzzy feeling on farming for the Baron's mount.
I've been doing a bunch of mount dungeon/raid runs for a while now, and not one dropped.

Except the other day, I hadn't been doing the Raven Lord dungeon really, so I was bored and decided to runitlol.

Dropped, it was only my 5th or so run. :D

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After reading this thread, I'm not getting a warm fuzzy feeling on farming for the Baron's mount.
The one from Stratholme? That one is horrible, you can run it over and over- 5 times an hour- and it *still* won't drop.

I've done it way over 100 times now and no go.
Got the Azure Drake on my second kill (Blue Drake took about 20)

Took roughly 3 months (app. 90 attempts) to get my Raven Lord. Ditto for Blue Proto-Drake.
around 6k for Thundering ruby cloud serpent of alani.
The only mount I have continually farmed excluding breaks from the game is Raven Lord. When it was only druids that could summon Anzu I would do it every day on my druid; when that changed I did it everyday on three characters. I still run it everyday on three characters. How many kills so far? I have no idea.
Raven Lord - Once. My boyfriend at the time had farmed it for nearly a year. I decided to be a smart alec, and said I'd get it on the first try..

Ashes of Al'ar - 11

Onyxian Drake - 17

Blue Proto - I ran that dungeon about 43 times in Wrath through dungeon finder. I ran it a million more times until it dropped for my boyfriend at the time. I never went back, until my friend wanted to run it for an achievement. It dropped for my Warrior alt that I don't touch anymore. Thank you, shared mounts.

Green Proto - I got it on my third egg
Lets see...

Rivendare's Charger: Many many runs before WotLK, 14 runs after (increased drop rate).

Time-Lost Proto-Drake: Found a month after WotLK launched, was just going up to do my daily quests and found him (this was before people were camping him).

Zulian Tiger: No idea. A lot.

Onyxian Drake: At least 50.

Ashes of Al'ar: 3. I wasn't even trying for it. I was actually looking for the two handed sword from Kael'thas for transmog, getting Ashes (which I thought was never gonna happen so wasn't even thinking about it) was a huge bonus.

Love Rocket: Got it last year on an alt. Ran it every day with 10 characters. So, a good amount of attempts?

Flametalon of Alysrazor: Got it while tanking on my Warrior while it was still current content. Only saw it once, won the roll. Very happy. :)

Aure Drake: A good amount, not sure.
I was extremely lucky with my White Hawkstrider. Got it on my first run.

Took 40+ runs for the Ravenlord.

Three eggs for the Green Proto-drake.

Still working on the Blue Proto-drake. Think I'm at about 30+ runs now.

Don't have the Headless Horseman's mount, despite three years of trying every day on two different characters.
Baron Mount = about 100 kills, but this was back in the day when we could reset Stratholme as many times as we wanted.

ZG Raptor Mount = 2 KILLS ON MY WARRIOR! LIKE OMG! 1st week I start soloing ZG on my warrior, nothing. 2nd week... raptor mount.... I couldn't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MGT white chocobo mount = About 2 months, so I guess maybe 50 to 60 times cause I would do it every day?

Vampire Horse from 1st boss in Kara = I dunno how many times, but all I know is that back in Cata, when I got enough gear to solo that boss, I did him every single week non-stop for a whole year.............. so since I could only do it once a week, I guess that means it took over 50 attempts?

Blue Proto-Drake in UP = I would say maybe 100 attempts. If not more.
Kara - 2
White Hawkstrider - 1
Everything is has yet to drop D:
I run TK twice a week (two 90's) and have forever..

With only a 2.5% drop rate on Al'ar :(

About 100 and going for blue proto

Got my blue drake from mally on my 1st run
Flametalon: 7 runs for first, seen two since
12-B: 25(ish) runs

Alysrazor just loves me.

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