Top 5 Gothic Metal Bands

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Now I am conjuring up a top 5 list of the top 5 Goth Metal bands and I thought I'd show you some and wonder. Is there any you can reccomend to me?
I am trying to check out more Gothic Metal becuase I thought you know expand beyond these five
5. Type O Negative
4. Atrocity
3. Therion
2. Theater of Tragedy
1. Moonspell

Now that you've seen my top 5 I wonder if you guys can recommend any Gothic Metal bands to me from what You have seen of my top 5
or just post your top 5 on this thread. I'll check them out.
Well Xandria, Nightwish both old and new, Leaves"eyes, Lacona Coil, Within Temptation. Just to name a few i have lots more but don't feel like digging up my play list.
Hm, not totally Gothic but Katatonia are my favorite band, tied with Opeth. Dark stuff. They started out as death/doom metal (and put out, among others, Brave Murder Day, my favorite album), changed to dark alternative rock/metal, and since around 2003's Viva Emptiness have gone somewhat heavier while staying mostly dark. Besides the death/doom material, my favorite albums by them are The Great Cold Distance and Last Fair Deal Gone Down.

Other somewhat-Gothic favorites of mine are My Dying Bride, Tiamat, and Paradise Lost. I've heard good things about earlier work by The Gathering but haven't tried them. Moonspell are great too!
Goth metal, Is that Black Metal?
Rammstien isn't Goth Metal, it sounds more like Symphonic Metal
02/14/2013 08:12 PMPosted by Badreligun
Goth metal, Is that Black Metal?

Not really, but there can be some crossover. Gothic metal could be considered as growing out of goth/deathrock, but the styles are not that similar to me.

Anyway, definitely second the recommendations for My Dying Bride (particularly the albums The Angel and the Dark River and The Dreadful Hours) and The Gathering (Mandylion and Nighttime Birds, but be aware that they went in a very different direction after these.)
I never really felt that Type O weas very metal. I mean they had some heavy guitar riffs, but it was def more goth than metal. Then again, I don't think I've listened to Type O since 1998. I am out of touch with music I guess, as I don't recognize any of the other names on your list
Hi, here is my Gothic Metal band, hope you like it :)
Don't listen to goth metal, but Type O Negative is one of my favorite bands.

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