Ret/prot pally Looking for raid guild

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Ret/prot pally looking for a raid guild prot is only dungeon lvl but ret is raid ready. Willing to Changer servers and factions. Hit me up in game or here and yes I have raided be for.
in game iamawesome#1439 for detail

Equinox is a guild formed by a group of exceptional individuals focused on progression while keeping the atmosphere fun and friendly.

Server: U.S. - Misha

Mists of Pandaria
-Tier 14(25): 16/16N 4/16 Heroic
MV: 6/6 HoF:6/6 TeS:4/4
-Tier 13: 8/8 Heroic: 8/8
-Tier 12: 7/7 Heroic: 2/7
-Tier 11: 12/12 Heroic: 5/13
-Tier 10(25): 12/12 Heroic: 9/12



Applications from exceptional players of any class/role are always welcome.

Raiding Schedule:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday
5:00pm - 8:30pm PST (Also Server Time)

Applicant Requirements:

Solid Attendance: If you are going to miss 20% or more of raids, you need not apply.

· Good Attitude: Positive and respectful attitude with a focus on building up people and the guild.

· Accept Criticism: We are focused on raiding, accepting criticism is important for progression.

· Knowledgeable: Applicants should know and play their class well and be up to date on class mechanics.

· Well Geared: Evidence you have done all you can to properly gear yourself, if you are missing enchants, gems, or most rep rewards do not bother to apply.

· Hardware/Software: Internet connection and computer that consistently perform well in 25 man raids. Standard raid add-ons: Mumble, DBM, and add-ons appropriate for your class.

Raider Benefits:

· EPGP loot system rewards effort, trial rank and above raiders earn EP:

· Leadership: Official guild raids are lead by knowledgeable people that know all aspects for raids.

· Raid Environment: No screaming, name calling, or insults. Just solid, straight forward call outs when people need to make changes or improve.

· Guild Environment: light social, PG-13 general guild chat

· Repairs: most raider repairs are covered by a healthy guild bank.
I'm more then willing to come to your server and give the guild a shot.

We would love to speak with you and see if we are a good fit for one another at Realid:

*We are 4/6H Msv, 1/6H Hof, 4/4 Terrace

<Livid>(lv25) was formed by 6 members and officers of a US 367 guild late in the cataclysm expansion. We founded <Livid> because we felt as though our old guild was becoming too casual and we were looking to maintain and expand upon our hardcore raiding beliefs. We are proud to have obtained 3 Server-Firsts during MoP Launch and wish to continue pushing raiding progression throughout this expansion.
Weekly Guild Activities: Each week we have an Alt raid on Saturdays at normal raid time. We also have a Rated Battleground group that runs earlier in the day on Saturday. We have several inter-guild 2s, 3s, and 5s teams as well that go at various times. If you are a talented PVPer or enjoy raiding on an alt, we have activities for you! We also do challenge modes on Friday evenings when there is enough interest by guildees.
About us:

We offer a mature raiding environment, with officers that have plenty of real life and in game leadership experience. We believe in pushing players to be the best they possibly can be without demoralizing them or putting them down. Min/Maxing is not an option for <Livid> players, but rather a norm. Attendance to raids is mandatory and non-negotiable. We use mumble exclusively because of the small benefit it provides in real world speech lag (it’s faster than Ventrilo).

Raid Schedule: Tue/Wed/Thur. Raid Times are: 9:00 Server – 12:00 Server. With invites going out at 8:45 Server (server is on Eastern Time).
Our Raid Times in Other Time Zones:
7-10pm MST
8-11pm CST
6-9 PST

Our Server: Thrall is a High population PVE server. The economy is strong and AH prices are quite reasonable. Thrall is in the New York Datacenter.
Loot System: Loot Council with each raider getting a vote on who gets loot. The GMs make final decisions should there be a tie vote.This system has been a drama free loot system thus far.
Expectations of All Raiders: Must have an exceptional understanding of your class and spec. Flawless raid attendance; raiding must be a top priority for you. We expect correct gemming, glyphing, speccing and reforging as well as the proper addons to manage your DPS/HPS/Uptimes, etc. We also require that your main raiding toon have leveled professions that are non- gathering professions. Pre-potting is expected on any boss encounter. Lastly, we require you have a stable internet connection and a computer capable of easily running World of Warcraft. We are an 18+ guild, prefer 25+. We do not allow trolling in trade chat or on the realm forums of any kind.
What we Provide to Raiders:Feasts are Free (You MUST level cooking in your main area pre-5.1 patch drop) Guild Repairs are provided and we provide potions and flasks when we can. We also provide all Enchants and have ALL MOP Enchants unlocked. Extra guild bank funds are used to purchase BOE weapons for raiders. Anything we can do with guild bank funds to improve our raid team is done.
How To Apply:

If you would like to ask any questions or want any more information, please do not hesitate to contact our lead recruitment officer and co-GM, Paticakes, in Game- Real Id: [i] or MoP Beta/Diablo Battletag: Paticakes#1823
Please visit our website and click on “Raid Application” at the top to fill out an application.

Guild Website (for info and to Apply!):
Malice is

Semi laid back 25m raiding guild looking to fill a few roles, leadership here in Malice is all veterans of this game, we have been playing together and raiding since Vanilla and have stayed competative in all content and would like that to continue,Mature 18+ atmosphere.


Raid days
Tues, Weds,Thurs - 7pm - 10pm Server CST

We will supply



-Ret paladin
(possibly Monk)

-Ele Shaman

*any one of these classes will work great*

Only the people who perform will hold raid spots we are not interested in having to carry suck pumps, all we ask is you show up and give 100% Contact me in game or any officer for more info.

Would like to speak to you more! Please contact me asap!

<Of Hells Design> 14/16N LFM for CORE raiding spots during the week! We are in need of dedicated and goal oriented players. With the drive to push content and be the best that they can be. Many of us come from HC raiding backgrounds and have taken a step back for a more relaxed style of play. That being said we are not casual by any means. We expect the same things that all serious raiding guilds do. But OHD is a HOME for our players where we can laugh together and enjoy our time in WoW.

Raid times:
Tuesday: 7/7:30pm CST to about 11pm
Wednesday: 7/7:30pm CST to about 11pm
Thursday: 7/7:30pm CST to about 11pm
Monday: 8pm to about 11pm (Occasional last push days)

If you would like to speak to someone in guild management, they are listed below.

Guild Website:
Guild Email:
GM: Ysosrslawl (real id:
If you are willing to MS Prot check us out :)

No Reprieve (2007) [H]10m is in immediate need of a Paladin Healer and DK Tank for two competitive core raider spots. We are looking for quick fills from two strong APPLICANTS with logs (a must have). A quick turn-around on applications can be expected.

(US-Magtheridon [PvP], Alliance EST)
We raid: T/W/Th, 7:30-11:00p.
Progression: 4/6[H]MSV, 6/6HOF, 4/4TES

Apply @
Whisper recruiting officer "Madwick" for inquiries.
Interested in adding a Ret to our 25M Heroic Progression roster. Guild spam below =)

<Riot> is recruiting for Mists of Pandaria 25-man raiding.

About us:
<Riot> has existed since the launch of vanilla WoW. Originally hailing from the Warsong server, we made our move to Gorefiend in the middle of The Burning Crusade, eventually becoming one of the longest standing 25-man raiding guilds on Gorefiend. Our primary goal is to clear the most current content as it becomes available on both normal and heroic 25-man difficulties.

<Riot> is a hard-casual guild. We have a focused, but fun and friendly raiding environment. We also have a very dedicated leadership and we do our best to maintain a good reputation on our server.

MoP Progression:

Mogu'shan Vaults 4/6 (Heroic 25), 6/6 (25 norm)
Terrace of Endless Springs 4/4 (25 norm)
Heart of Fear 1/6 (Heroic 25), 6/6 (25 norm)
Dragon Soul: 8/8 Heroic 25. Savior of Azeroth. Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider (25). (Many dragons)
Firelands: 7/7 Heroic 25. Firelord.
Other 25 Heroic: Sinestra, Nefarian, Al'Akir.

Recruitment Needs:
We will consider exceptional applicants but are currently focused on recruiting the following classes:
1 Warlock
1 Mage
1 Melee (feral, ret, or WW monk)
1 Elemental Shaman

Evening Raiding Times (Eastern US):
Wednesday 8 - 12
Thursday 8 - 12
Sunday 8 - 12

The guild's focus is 25-man endgame content. We do not care about 10-man content when a 25-man version exists.
Must be able to meet the above raid times. 100% attendance is not required, but you must have a compatible schedule. That includes all raiding days. We need dependable raiders.
Must be a team player. We recruit enough to ensure that we can keep raiding even if someone has to miss a night, so candidates must be okay with the possibility of sitting out on occasion.
Mains only. No second raid lockout for your alt. And please don't ask to bring your alts to farm content on primary raiding nights.
No drama queens. Can't emphasize this enough. We like Gorefiend and we don't want drama with other guilds. Don't bring it here.
We are not a hardcore guild. Yes, we're committed to 3 nights of 25-man heroic content, and we are serious when raiding. We do what we can in that time. We do not add extra days to push content. We do well enough, but we do not stress about server firsts. If this is a problem for you, do not apply.
Decent 25-person endgame raiding experience required. This includes pre-Mists of Pandaria.
Decent internet connection required. If you're affected by the recent Time Warner/BrightHouse latency/connection issues, please let us know in your application, as there are ways to circumvent this.
We use EPGP for loot. ( )
We use Mumble rather then Ventrilo for raid communication. ( ) Please install prior to any tryout.

If you're interested, please register and complete an application at: Any questions can be directed via website or in-game PM to Zpriten, Blindeye, Lannistur, Mogster, Shibumi, Grindewald, Miasma, or Warmlettuce.

We are a tue-thur 730-1030pm EST 10/25m Horde raiding guild (6/6MSV, 6/6HOF 3/4ToES(Elite Protectors)), we have open spots available and would love to speak to you, if you are interested please read on!

Guild Spam inc...

<Ring of Destiny> is a successful, stable, adult-oriented raiding guild on Velen server. We have been a guild in one MMO or another for over 10 years now, including Everquest, Everquest 2, Vanguard and of course World of Warcraft. Many of our members have played together for years, and some since the launch of Everquest.

It is our constant goal to advance the guild forward in a manner that exposes new content, upgrades for our members, and challenges our wits. This guild was created for the player who cares about progression, not just loot.

Learning new encounters and doing it with a group of players that have the same interests and want to have fun doing it together.We raid 730-1030pm EST Tues/Wed/Thurs, and we expect our members to raid all three days, sans occasional real-life events. Worried about the hassles you have seen in other guilds? It absolutely does not go on here. We do not allow drama. Those who require constant hand-holding, or just don't fit with the crew, aren't around for very long. Be responsible for your own character/gameplay, and things will be fine.

That being said, we recruit mature people that play well with others. We aren't always looking for classes or specs. We are sincerely looking for friends to join the group and expect those that "mesh" to be long term members.

What we are like: Most every member is an adult, we have a number of couples as well. We do not expect people to eat and breathe the game ( though some of our members do! ). We have our share of PvP addicts along with Heroic Instance running freaks. Honestly, I can't imagine another group of people that I would want to spend my online time with.

For more information, feel free to add the following members to your RealID, e-mail us or Tweet!. We will get back to you as soon as possible and schedule an interview over Ventrillo if you are interested.

Email -
Twitter - @RoDVelen

Ring of Destiny's Contact Members:
Crichton - RealID -
Toth - Battletag - Toth#1389
Ameliorate – Dragonblight (Alliance)

Ameliorate is currently recruiting for T14 content which includes Mogu’shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, and Terrace of Endless Springs.


Ameliorate was created in March of 2010 on the Alliance side of Dragonblight. Originally, the guild was founded in mid-2009 after a very successful pug raid on the Horde side and included most of the members of that raid and friends. Our Horde guild was Chaotic Semblance. When some of the top end guilds on the Horde side disbanded, we decided to switch to Alliance in order to have access to a bigger population.

Our Motto and Philosophy

Our motto has always been to keep improving and growing. We believe that in order to be successful as a guild, everyone must work together and be open to learning new things. We highly emphasize communication between all members of the guild whether it is about strategies, class information, or other areas of improvement. At the same time, we do not tolerate drama. We understand that conflicts and misunderstandings will arise from time to time, and the Council are open to evaluating those concerns and possibly adjusting so long as it will be a benefit to the guild as a while and it maintains the integrity of the guild.

Our raiders must be willing to be patient while also giving 100% effort into completing both mundane and extremely hard goals. We expect people to know and research their class and raid fights as well as always be open to adjusting. While the guild is here to help any member in any way we can, we also expect people to be self-reliant and seek out the help they need.

Raid History (Ranking by WoWProgress; Realm)
• Tier 8 Content (Ulduar) – #63
• Tier 9 Content (Trial of the Crusader / Grand Crusader) - #45
• Tier 10 Content (ICC) - #66
• RS Content (Halion) - #26
• Tier 11 Content (Bastion of Twilight, Blackwing Decent, Temple of Four Winds) - #62
• Tier 12 Content (Firelands) - #60
• Tier 13 Content (Dragon Soul) – Skipped
• Tier 14 Content (MV, HoF, ToES) - #54 (4/6 MV)


Ameliorate is a guild that runs on Friday and Saturday from 6PM to 10PM Server (Pacific Time Zone). We will extend this by an hour if we are doing a progression level run.


• Must be over 18 years of age.
• Must have Ventrilo.
• Previous raid experience


If you’re interested in the guild to be a raider please contact us via RealID.

• Guild Name – Ameliorate
• Website – (Application is not required)
• Raid Style – Semi-Hardcore
• Guild Style - Adult Oriented
• Established – 2009
• Guild Master – Trinnette
• Officers – Evildark, Melonberry, Belphegor (BattleTag: Moonsorrow#1414)
• Weekend Group (10) - Friday and Saturday Nights from 6-10 PM Server
• Server – Dragonblight – Pacific Time Zone
• Loot Style – Suicide Kings

Belphegor -- Lead Officer and Guild Recruitment Officer
BattleTag: Moonsorrow#1414
Catatonic (H-Bronzebeard US) wants you! Yes, you! And you want to be one of us! Take a moment to learn about our guild and you’ll see that I’m spot on with that.

Who are we: Catatonic is a Horde side guild on Bronzebeard US, focused on having fun first and foremost. We’re a relatively casual guild although we are focused on progression raiding and as such have two teams on the go, and are always looking for more people, both for core spots, tohang out on the bench, ready to hop in and lend a hand or just to come and enjoy the atmosphere of this awesome guild. Our raids are currently 5/16 in this tier of raiding, as we’ve had a long break while our leadership has shuffled but we’re looking to get back in gear and go back to kicking some boss butt!

What we do: As above, we have two raid teams raiding two days a week each, Sunday/Monday and Tuesday/Thursday. We also run guild dungeons and scenarios, as well as old raids for transmog, achieves, and just for the hell of it. The guild also hosts a weekly Sha of Anger kill followed by an LFR run to make it less painful than groups of random pugs. Random events like cliff diving also take place fairly often. We’re also looking to start brawling with the Alliance in RBGS. Chances are that in Catatonic you can find a decent group of people who love to do the same things you do.

What we’re about: We’re a mostly mature guild of people who just want to be able to play a game we love and have fun doing it. As strong supporters of Gamers Against Bigotry, we don’t allow hate speech to be used in guild. Being able to relax and kick back in Azeroth is something we see as essential to the game, so Catatonic tries to be as welcoming as possible to everyone from all walks of life.

To get into contact with us, feel free to /who Catatonic in game and whisper anyone who’s on, and be sure to check out our website at for our current raiding recruitment needs as well as more information about the guild.

If you'd like to know more about the guild from a 1 on 1 conversation, feel free to catch me online on butterbuns#1622

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