Blizzard, Sha and Galleon mounts (Part 4)

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EDIT: It seems the issue has been fixed, since the restarts on EU and US there have been multiple people starting to obtain the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent. I would like to thank everyone that kept the threads active and especially those there were here from thread 1, wouldn't have gotten as much exposure without you all. As much as an official reply would be nice, the thread solved what it was intended for. Thank you all <3

3 threads at post cap, previous threads can be found below: - Original Thread - Part 2 - Part 3

I encourage you to read through some of the other threads before posting :)!
So apparently nobody has obtained a Sha or Galleon mount, ever. There is 0 proof this is on the loot tables at all. There are a few screenshots but mostly the people are in t3 etc which leads me to believe they are using a certain morphing program I won't name.

Now I always thought it was strange I have never seen either mount on a server with easily 2k+ sha loots a week seeing as it dies every 15 minutes almost the entire week. But Guildox comes to the rescue!

In case you are not aware guildox scans the armory and gets EVERYONES armory details using blizzards official API. This includes hk's, mounts, achievements etc. It scans US, EU and Asian realms. Literally nobody in wow has seen this mount, Blizzard.

I believe something is definitely not right here, whether it be the mount is unobtainable and only there to encourage geared people to actually kill sha for a chance at it; or something got messed up with the coding and it is actually not possible to drop. (Similar to some heroic 10 man feng loot actually being impossible to drop until it got hotfixed)

Out of the multiple wowhead comments of people claiming they or their guildies got either mount, none of them have ever posted an armory link as proof even when asked multiple times. And well, Guildox solidifies this even more.

I really hope blizzard gives us some information on this soon.
WTB answers! Just posting here early to be able to track the cap of this thread in a few hours too! Blizzard, explain yourselves!
Three threads full in under 48 hours. Definitely need some info from Blizzard soon! I know we got the tweet yesterday, but it was clearly intentionally vague.
Come on, let's twist again. Like we did last topic.

Also, in before thread #5.
The fact this is even an "issue" baffles me.

We just need a simple double-check. See if anybody even has the thing.
The jesus quote was missed in here :(
Been following since thread 1 post 1 from blade storm, have read every single post in addition to the nearly 25 pages on mmo champion and still as of now, not 1 person has been able to post an Armory or any other type of irrefutable proof that either mount exists. Also, Blizzard still has not confirmed nor denied their existence as of this time, 1500 posts later.
The fact this is even an "issue" baffles me.

We just need a simple double-check. See if anybody even has the thing.
Not sure if my cogshanks is broken but....
Start of a 4th thread and only a tweet, yolo.
Before someone says they saw someone on it, we are not questioning your honesty. We're questioning your memory. Here's a fun experiment (I posted this somewhere back in the first thread). Have 4 guildies take a 5th, preferably a new player, and run him through AQ40. Use whatever bug mounts you want. Then, wait a day or two. Then ask the 5th guildy if he thought the priest looked nice on her white bug mount. He'll probably answer that she did. He'll have a vivid picture of a white bug mount in his mind. Even though it is completely fabricated.

It's the same with these. A group will kill the Sha, and someone will link the mount and say "Woot! I got it!" He may then mount up on his regular Shado-Pan Onyx mount. Most people won't know the difference. They'll just go on thinking everything is fine. However, in 3 threads over 3 days, we haven't had a single armory posted of a player with either mount.
02/08/2013 12:45 PMPosted by Hushkawnek
yolo? I don't think you're using that term correctly...
02/07/2013 03:29 PMPosted by Mebetrollin
I saw the cloud serpent once before. After killing the Sha of Anger, one guy in our group got it. When he mounted up on it, he rose into the heavens higher than any player had flown before. Then we all saw a flash and he was gone. All trace of him had been wiped from this world. His armory disappeared and even our memories of his name had been wiped. I can say with all the factual accuracy of a true believer that this mount really is obtainable in game.

i believe now
Would like to know what's going on with this before I throw more coins at the Sha. I haven't seen Galleon in months so I can't throw any coins at him. :l
02/08/2013 12:48 PMPosted by Fordragôn
i believe now

Hard not to believe in jesus riding off on his mount when there's such compelling evidence there.
i want answers!

or a mount, a mount would be nice too
Part 4 already? Geez...

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