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02/07/2013 07:09 PMPosted by Ntaki
That hit me right in the feels.

Same here, very good post OP, loved it to the end. :)
Very good post and I would like to add to that by saying... we are getting there slowly.

Look at LFR if you're a tank or a healer in there you will get eaten up in no time. It is kinda sad the number of peeps that wants to kick me after doing an LFR with them. But heck I've been laying for 8 years so I just brush it up and just requeue.

But some people are not strong as others and they just need a little help. Why are you an elitist in the first place wouldn't you like people to play with you... wouldn't you like people to tank for you or heal for you or dps for you if you're not doing that role.

I think most people needs to step down and say it's just a game hey this guy has difficulty I'll help him get better and hey you might make a new friend. People have their own learning rates and this is ok you just have to adapt.

But that story I like when the orginal author said that what did WoW become? It's easy yes but if you never played an MMO before it can get very very impressive and very difficult to comprehend.

Good post and I hope it will make others think of how they treat their fellow players.
Know this is dumb but...
Can someone tell me the Tl;DR of this post?
wow that was... a touching read to say the least.
I read the whole thing, OP, and I thank you for this story which for me was inspiring.
This has been the answer to what has been bugging me for a while now, i've noticed i have been having significantly less fun playing games, and i cant play games casually because im not pushing any rating or getting anything done, i can't play games just for fun anymore. It really sucks.. like i just started playing league and im already bored with it. I feel like i just need to take a break like a really long break so when i come back i can appreciate the game more.
Know this is dumb but...
Can someone tell me the Tl;DR of this post?
bad who wanted to get better actually found someone willing to work with him instead of stripping him naked and duct taping him to a telephone pole just because they could.
Know this is dumb but...
Can someone tell me the Tl;DR of this post?
bad who wanted to get better actually found someone willing to work with him instead of stripping him naked and duct taping him to a telephone pole just because they could.

A... 'bad'... You see this^ is the problem with the WoW Community these days...
I think, in part, that was one of the "undocumented features" that the Guild Mentoring Program was intended for - a safe haven for new players (or other players who may not be quite as proficient in playing their classes as others) where folks can learn the ins and outs of the game, establish some strong online friendships, and help each other out whenever necessary/able.

I've been playing WoW since October 2006. I'm older than most of the folks in my guild (I'm not only the guild mommy, but I'm also a RL grandmother). I don't consider myself a great player by any stretch. WoW was also my first MMO. I was extremely lucky to get into a guild that was extraordinarily helpful, answering all my newbie questions (and I had a LOT of them) and passing on so many helpful tidbits of information that helped me learn the game better.... where to go... where not to go (like not knowing that walking near or into Crossroads as an Alliance player would get you killed very quickly), what kind of gear/gems/enchants I should be equipping/using, etc..

I use to optimize my toons, and that site has proven to be quite helpful. Any lack of DPS isn't my gear/enchants/gems' fault. It's my own. It doesn't stop me from trying to better myself, or from helping others try and get better.

I've tried to pay it forward ever since I was actually able to put my professions to valid use for others in my guild (and outside of it), and share what tidbits that could prove useful to others, and that's all we ask of folks in our guild that we've helped in some manner or another along the way.
Nice story. We can all always use a good reminder on being kind to each other.

Don't see what it has to do with WOW subs.

People really try hard to tie their pet issues to sub numbers.

For me being kind to others is an important message in and of itself. I don't need this message of being a good person tied to the implication "or else WOW will die".
Very nice story. If we all just took the time to be nice at least to a few people it might make a huge impact.
I've tried helping people out, but most of the time you get an attitude like that of a screaming child when you try to help them better their self, they think you're coming across as sarcastic in text (how I don't know)

I really wish there was a mentoring program like there was back in the old UO days, don't add rewards to it, just people who genuinely want to help those with no sort of concept for the game, I still try to help people but most of the time your patience wears thin when people are just incapable of accepting help and get mad at you for it.

Blizzard implemented the Guild Mentoring Program on 15 of their servers for the pilot run of the program. It ran from early September through mid-December. I believe they will be running the program again in the future.
To all who reply, You were there once. You know what it feels like, that is all.
If folks are truly interested in offering their assistance to new players, I suggest you get your name added to the list in this thread:
You know, I had a thought the other day: What if there was a sort of "experimenting grounds" where you could play as any race, any class, at any level as you choose, and could fight virtually any enemy. There would be no loot gained from it, not experience gained from it, no achievements related to it (except maybe one for the first time you try it, maybe), it would just be there for people to practice with things they're not familiar with. Maybe they could even include "fake player" NPCs for practicing tanking and healing. It would also give players an opportunity to see what their class will be like at level 90 if they're only level 30 or something, and aren't sure where to put which moves in their hot-keys yet.
Them feels man.

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