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I remember being a noob back during vanilla. I had just come to this game from playing Final Fantasy XI so I was thrilled by how incredibly easy it was to kill things solo. I had this idea for my warrior where I was specced out just for axes (a mix of talents from arms/fury with no final talents) and I made sure to get lots of agi gear for crit. I thought my idea was super cool, but as you can guess I was quite awful... especially because I tanked like that (yes without a shield). Looking back it makes sense that I died pretty much every time against Drakkisath in BRS.

The idea that things were better in the good old days is just wrong. My obvious lack of skill kept me from being able to join any of the raiding guilds. They would also tell me I needed fire resist gear, but the only kind with good stats was crafted from materials that dropped in the raid zone or that dropped off raid bosses. I eventually gave up on my warrior because I couldn't do what I wanted to do, and back then there was no LFR to fall back on.

Now there are easy to access resources for new players, and when I witness somebody playing extremely poorly I provide links to helpful sites or direct them to the dungeon journal. Players are also able to run LFR successfully even if they are not very good at the game, and even if your whole server blacklists you, you can always queue up for content with people you've never met. The game is far more friendly to new/poor players today than it ever was in vanilla.
I remember my first raid, how horrible I was, how many wipes I caused. Between my gear and skill, I wasn't good enough, but they gave me a chance. And from that, I started to get a little bit better. And I've done what I can to help other players, teach them what I've learned, not judge them by just their dps.
In my first raid, the RL was going over Moroes and I hit something and my key stuck. Yes, the forward key.
i did read the whole poste and the 16 page.

i can be that kind of guy. i did play a bit, then left when it start... playing other game. becauming realy good.

but some people keep bragging me about wow. so i try to let him a second change.

the result = look for the only poste i have made. a real carnage.

then (because that situation was ackward) i did get back in Tera, Rift, Aion (and a few other) and deside that in 1 day each. i made a noob AND act a noob...

in Aion it troll.... i have never but once get a good answer at the qestion (simple question as base rotation or did X skill is better that Y.) like any question i get ask on my max toon and i answer.

in Tera, since it just becauming F2P and i have the fonder status, people was trolling me whit it BUt they answer every question now and then i have. a bit annoyed that everyone was swaying i was a **fonder** and should know that.... but a lot of stuff change since i last log on so after i put aht clear. everyone help me.

Rift was my last. and as i expect the community was gold. i found a lot of people (sooo much i decline a few that want me to team to show me) and before i know it i had a party-guild (whit even frenchy like me o.O) and EVEN if old content is there they explain a lot more that what i did ask. witch make me like 10 time easier.

Don't get me wrong. i like WoW. i mean im still logging and and a freash noob (i haven't install any addon yet) but the community was realy nasty at first. if i would bring a NEW NOOB who never tuch that game i sure would have lost him in the first few hours of gameplay.

i am comming here because on Rift whit SL, untill they add new content i have nothing else that help people get better. We are a bunch on my guild that just log and go in our dimention cheering togeter... duelling, or even trying a better rotation. it like a big family. the best part is that i had to leave a few Godly guild because my brother and friend wasen't enought hight for them. but once in a while they toss me a invite and we still hang togeter !!!

in Aion that is lost. i have a guild (No Quater or something like that) but it entire pure pvp. so i lost interest... beside a lot have change and even if i read all im still lost`... it not for me anymore.

in Tera the fun is there, we have no more guild (frenchy have change 2-3 time server and then quit) but the few dungeon i have made alway have some kind of respect between player. ONCE i have get shout as a healer to heal someone that still keep is !@# in AoE and bad stuff on ground. it not even me that get him back but the DPS and TANK saying HE shoud die and i was doing my job (and i was) that was.... nice !!!

in WoW. i ignore completely other. as far as i know pug have been a pain in the $%^ for me :S my guildy just told me to disable general chat and ask them question. because no one will bother answer. That you are a fast learner like me who nearly spend the same amount IG that on forum/website to educate themself.... or a pure noob that have probleme understanding the pure basic (like a girl and his sister in my family) you need to have someone that can help you a bit... because i have never the feeling that the community could help.

again it a opinion. it don't reflect everything... but as a **new starter** i find it very hard
Also, I helped out this mage like this a few weeks ago. He came into our MV PUG and did maybe 35k dps. I was wasted and basically hijacked the raid and told this guy how to play his class while raiding, even though he had been removed from the group. But it was my vent, so who cares.

Anyway, I had him install all kinds of addons lol. Elv's UI, Mage Mana bar, clique maybe, and quartz. But I had zero idea how to tell him to play a mage. Anyway, I spent some time with him at the training dummies and some other mage was there and helped him out. Guy whispered me the next week thanking him and told me his dps came up by like 10k and hopefully he'll be able to stay in his next raid and not get kicked.
Okay, so I'm balling my eyes out. *typical female move* This just goes to show that online bullying is not cool no matter what community you are part of. A community is a gathering of people as a whole - we are suppose to support one another - not to bring another one down just for fun or to be that troll. And just remember: if you are that troll, you were that newbie once. Be forgiving of others and help teach one another. Isn't that what we're suppose to do?
I remember being that guy, was in vanilla... doing molten core, as fire.... yea.... fire... got to ragnaros, wiped a couple times, finally someone called me out in g-chat asking why i was fire on a fire immune boss, that took about 20 minutes (i didnt know) finally i was like dude if its that big of a deal, either kick me from the raid, or gimme gold to respec they gave me respec money went to org, and respec'd.

TL:DR no matter how "hardcore" people think they are, they all started off as that "Outcast"
I have read many of these responses and strongly agree that this story effected me. To play this game for any length of time you either see, experience or inflict this situation. I can personally attest I was lucky and when first starting fell into a grp that was willing to explain......everything. Due to proper mentorship I quickly progressed to become an able, competent player. In my 5 years playing wow however I have swung through different attitudes towards this. At first I was willing to help anyone to pass on the torch that was given to me. Those that helped me had merely expressed "pass it on" as adequate thanks and I lived with that philosophy for a time. I have spent many, many hours helping the lost ones in whatever way I could. Then came a time that I would not talk, nor help the "truly" hopeless. I had been worn down, I knew that to engage with this person would mean hours of frustrating explanations to possibly little result. Ignoring the hopeless to save my energies for the players I can take from "good" to "great".
Now I am the "bully" who won't bring the outcast to my raids. Feeling they are wasting my time. Feeling they do not deserve to raid with me if they have not put in the commitment or effort I have. On many occasions if I am in a foul mood from irl issues I will troll or demean other players either in random dungeons or dungeon finder. Find it pleasurable to get a rise out of them, pick apart their gear/gems/reforges. Essentially do what I would have done if mentoring them except coaching it in terms meant to infuriate and demean. It's not easy for me to type this or admit it. I have been the perpetrator of "cyber bullying" on many occasions and I think this hit so close to many because they have as well. Why do we do it? Personally I think my internal reasons are a mix of personal issues or insecurity and as I mentioned before I am simply worn out by the "bads". I am/was a nice guy and tried REALLY tried to make a difference.
After reading this post I will re-assess my behavior in game it's not right for me to lord my "skills" over anyone when I myself was them a few short years ago.

The problem and question I pose to the community is this: If we are all becoming elitist is there a reason? Over time like what I experienced do we begin to harden ourselves against this? Do we stop helping simply because we cannot anymore, we become disdainful of others.
That touched me in my heart guts!!! I remember being that guy and i remember being in the noobie guilds. The guild that you joined that had Guild Leaders who helped you learn about the game. They would hop on their level 60's and run you through dungeons. The memories. I really feel for the guy and it is really sad to see where our community, as well as other gaming communities, have gone too.
What that Warrior lacks in DPS he more than makes up for in heart. I salute his humble willingness to learn. I hope that my brother Warriors in Korea will assist this worthy player in becoming better.

To echo what the Korean OP says, I don't care if you're the #1 player in the #1 ranked guild, everybody was a newbie at some point and were likely helped by other players. Us veterans should never forget this. I certainly don't, and I always say, "Today's noob is tomorrow's veteran".
man.. I can relate to the "low dps warrior"

Sometimes the almight push to go-go-go..

obscures the simple humanity we all need too show.

-- sigh --
So when are they going to nuke us like their president said he would?
If you cant improve on your own do you deserve your hand held?

You do realize that North Korea =/= South Korea, correct?

No one improves on their own in this game. Think about that.
So when are they going to nuke us like their president said he would?
If you cant improve on your own do you deserve your hand held?

seriously? first of all, you're an idiot for saying both of those things. (south and north Korea are very different things)

As far as improving on your own, people learn in different ways, it's players like you that ruin the wow community by having an elitist mindset. i'm sure at SOME point in your wow history you had someone help you learn something, saying you did'nt is udderly impossible.

and apropos to the original post, feels ): i always try to help out players when i see there is improvement, i feel like the worst of it is in leveling new characters, where new players are kicked from LFG groups for either not having heirlooms(even though their dps is fine) or other reasons that make new players not want to play. (one reason i heard was "go learn how to play the game before you lfg, quest and get better", how does that make them better at team play? wows community really sucks sometimes)
i logged in just so i could thumbs up the OP... today, everyone should /hug a few playersbefore they log
Yep, I'm crying. Man that was a very touching post. I wish I could read Korean so that I could read all the other post.

Sometimes we really do forget that we all were noobs once. Thank you for posting this and bringing it to our attention. I'm very grateful.
Wow... i really feel bad for him...
This reminds me when i started myself playing wow. I was not only a total noob, i didnt even speak english. This was back in WotLK. Up to now i have no idea how i made it to lvl 80, all i remember, is someday i was in a random guild, and someone from that guild whispered me about raids. No idea what it was, i said yes.
In fact, the GM of that guild asked me if i wanted to OT for the core group. You can see how far i came from. He took me to the trainer, made me get my offspec, pick up every talent needed and ran dungeons with me to gear me up. Then we went to Ulduar, where i needed to OT Ignis. We wiped over 20 times because i had no idea i had to taunt adds, well, to be honest, Taunt meant nothing for me, as much as 95% of what they we're saying to me...
Today, years later, my english improved, thanks to wow, i'm the current GM of that same guild, and the main tank of our core group.
That GM, who was also the main tank of that raid group, left the game back in Cata, sadly. If I could see him only one more time, i would say thank you. Not only for letting me stay after those countless wipes i caused, not only because i could not understand and was afraid to tell them i did not speak English, but he kept pushing me into learning both, and giving that only chance probably no one would have ever game me...Thank you Crimsorn, I will never forget that, and as long as I'm here, I'll keep helping the ones i can, as much as I had someone who accepted to help me.
I only hope we can find again that kindness we all needed when we started, maybe push back that elitist pressure we feel sometimes, to recall the fun we had the first time we felt we were doing something right. No matter what, we're all brothers in arms in this game, no matter what level we choose to play, causual, hardcore, we're in a game in an attempt to have fun together, let's get it back:)
i am and probably always will be that outcast. i'm always too afraid to ask others for help. i don't even run random heroics on my hunter because i'm afraid to get yelled at for being sucky. it's happened before and i really hate it when people yell at me. after all, it's just a game. i'd like to get better at it and do raids, but i'm just too afraid i'll be a burden and hold everyone back.

eh, guess i should move to korea. :P
It's nice to see people take the time to help others. Most times we are fast to dismiss someone for playing bad. Reading all of these posts and the story behind it all put a smile on my face.
Bliz should do the same thing they did to help noobs out with guilds. Have a mentor guild or two on each server/each faction. Probably would help out.

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