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i would love for someone to take me on a current raid, i left for all of pandaria, came back a month ago and have no clue any of the fights. Mentor raids would be awesome!

I love this story, gonna go find someone to help
Well. This hurt me in the feels. I'm gonna go to my corner and cry a little.

I must say, that was an amazing read. It especially hurt my feelings to know that I know how he feels. I guess I take more sympathy, since I am Korean myself, and I can understand how his life could be stressful in his normal life. Whether it be job, or home, it sucks overall. But to try and escape that life into a game, where he's treated awfully... downright wrong. I don't know how to play a warrior, but I would spend my time, read up on DPS Warriors, and try to tutor him.

Everyone's got potential and talent, they just need encouraging and guidance. It's just sad that the entirety of the WoW community, has gotten to a point where if you don't know everything, you're considered stupid. People judge you on gear, or dps, even achievements. Where was the good times where people judged you on your attitude, or your kindness? Long gone. My old guild was filled with people who didn't care about dps, or gear. Sure we raided casually, but we all enjoyed each others company and still killed bosses. The fact that guilds like that only exist in small numbers, deeply saddens me. I know from time to time, I'm impatient with people new to the game. But, this has literally changed that. I will take my time to help out people with questions, or even small things like gold.

I think what truly bugs me the most is the attitude towards people in this game. I have seen countless times where one person insults another, to extreme degrees. "You're a baddie, you suck, go uninstall." I look at that and go, is this how humanity acts now? And then to see stories, like on WoW Insider, of people passing away that played the game, and how touched people are when they realize... That's another people in this world that passed away.

Call me a girl for having these feelings, but I'm sure everyone is, somehow to the slightest, feelin' something here.
Thankyou OP, may we all take the time to slow down a bit and remember, we are not merely playing with a pixelated cartoon character but in fact, we are playing with living, breathing, feeling human beings and contrary to popular belief, words can and do hurt especially when uttered time and time again with disdain and contempt.

Sometimes, a player that may appear to not care may in fact care very much but honestly is uncertain as to the next move, varying sites can be very contradictory and confusing for those who are new to wow or new to gaming, sometimes these players have been bashed, insulted and demeaned to the point they simply turn a deaf ear and try to block out the negative and still have a bit of fun.

this. all of this.
Those feels, i have hope for other gamers to keep doing what that raid leader did.
I remember back when the Illidan server would crash and go down we too would start up "mentor RAIDS" as well.

Usually we would go and raid Aerie Peak with pink haired raids on Hogger and on the RP Inn's. I had my fair share of more than one lusty Gnomer maiden. Dark times back then man, dark times....
You did something amazing.I would like to say that you sort of changed that persons life,i know it seems exagerated but it isnt. I have some of the same problems in my life and Wow used to be a place to forget about it.Since Cata i have been known not by the hole server but by many people because of having low dps.A few weeks ago a Paladin changed everything he invited me to a 10 man core and helped me in everything reforging ,gems,etc even took me to learn every fight.
I have been helping every person that needs help like him and i used to need because i want this game to be in a different enviroment.if somebody need any sort of help in boss strategies,gear or anything i am a warrior in ragnaros just get in the server send a message and i will do anything i can
thanks for reading
Well first of all, please take all of my feels.

I came from a relatively small server and that server is one of the least progressed server. Reading this thread reminded me of how much fun I'd have when I didn't know better. When I didn't know what raids were, when my goal in wow was just getting to the highest level, or when I just wanted to do a dungeon and call it a day. I had so much fun and I've had the fortune of meeting so many kind people throughout my time in this game. I feel ashamed to say that after I got a taste of raiding, I have changed for the worse. I was a huge elitist and was really an unpleasant person to be playing with for a long time. After I stopped playing the game for a year, I really realized how I'd been treating people.

I'm glad that there are people out there that's willing to be kind and help others with this game. I myself is trying to do the same. Whenever I see people asking questions on public chat, I make an effort to try and answer their question to the best of my ability. It may not amount to anything, but this is something I'd like to work on. I would like to become a better player. I hope that this thread will gain even more popularity and perhaps make a big change in not only wow, but the whole mmo community as well.
Thank you for posting that, OP. I don't think things on US servers are nearly that bad (at least not on my server), but it is great ton know a community CAN be turned around.
I gotta say I saw this and skimmed the OP and was going to just move on, then I read some of the early responses and went back and re-read the whole thing.

Thanks to OP for sharing, and thanks for those of you on the first page with the comments that made me go back and read the whole thing.

I hope to find such a great gaming community in the future.
Rush...rush...rush...raids cleared on release by people in greens...dailies...dailies...dailies...LFR...LFR...LFR...16 raid bosses to clear...ooooh, !@#$e, 5.2 in 2 weeks...rush...rush...rush

Noobs? Helping? Nah...rush...rush...rush

Seriously, when did it get like this? A lot of the fun has been sucked out of WoW.
I know this is just a game, but the community can be such a strong influence, especially when a lot of people do use this as a means of escape. I know that a few of my best friends on the game helped me out in a personal situation where I had injured my spine and couldn't work and I was literally starving. They sent me money and/or food and kept me going, kept my spirits up so I didn't give up and helped me through one of the toughest times of my life. I happen to live with one of them now and am going to marry him one day. <3 I never, ever thought that when I started playing an online game it would affect me as a person so much, but I can honestly say it has enriched my life, it has made me more patient and exposed me to so many different types of people...So even if you think "it's just a game." your conduct DOES matter here. You never know what your words will do to the person sitting on the other end of that screen, good or bad.
I remember when i 1st started playing wow, i was a Priest starting up in the BC xpac right when Black Temple was released. I remember not knowing what a raid even was! I was like... "What! there are more things to do after you hit max level! really! awesome!" and boy did i royally screw that up. When someone inspected me, they asked me why i didn't have any epics, i called them purples so i had no freaking clue what he was talking about. Then i was banned on my 1st account with a 25 man raid who was using hacks and i didn't know they were. it was one of my 1st times in a raid so i thought it was normal to get gear off every boss kill. so i quit wow until lich when i bought a new account. this time i did it right, started a druid, switched to my dk when i hit 55 and made sure i knew what my stuff was. I ended up being Co-GM to Raid Warning. Which was the best horde guild on the Nazgrel server. we raided constantly and i became a jerk elitist. When i read this, it really got to me. I trans'd to Silvermoon after which the server progression has sucked and all i do is get mad as hell anymore. i dont enjoy the game bc i think everyone sucks on silvermoon. but really they just dont know and i ignored their plea for help and would kick them. I love WoW and so should the new players, i will start mentor raids on Silvermoon. this actually sounds enjoyable to help players. i might start enjoying raids again. Thanks for this post, i think it just changed my outlook.
I'm really glad that this story is actually getting all of this attention!
Usually this kind of thing is just ignored, but I think that we as players have noticed the gradual decline in community that you find in game.
I've been playing WoW since either 2005 or 2006, I can't quite remember. My original account is long lost but that's totally fine by me because I've been a long afflicted victim of alt-itis and I was playing for many months before my first character hit level 30 (yeah it was pretty bad even considering how much harder it was to level back then).
Anyway, I remember those days. I would meet people in-game in the most mundane ways, and it was actually pretty great. In fact, the game felt more real that way.
To do a dungeon we had to seek people out. We had to actually communicate. Even then there were people that had short tempers about bad players (I was obviously one of those bad players quite often). But it was always "that guy".
Now it feels like everyone is super crunched for time or that they are trying to be competitive somehow (even when they are still level 34 on a high population server). People hardly stop to talk to each other anymore. Roleplaying servers are almost an exception to this due to their nature, but then again they have Goldshire and Silvermoon erotic writing festivals.

I feel like I'm complaining (and I can totally see someone quoting only this from my post), but the thing is this: when I read the OP's post, I think I totally get the situation going on over there. Even in the NA servers WoW's community has changed. Maybe not as hard as in South Korea, but we have still changed. I don't know exactly how or why, but I know I don't like it. And reading the responses to this post give me hope honestly. If even half of the people who responded actually do get something from this, then I say we've got a good chance to steer this ship the way it needs to go. Honestly, we need to go back to the days when we first logged in and were filled with wonder viewing this great world Blizzard has made for us (okay, maybe I'm one of the few that felt that way, but I think that we all felt SOMETHING our first time). We gotta stop !@#$%ing at Blizzard, who is quickly becoming (or has already become) the scapegoat for all of WoW's problems. It has to be us that changes for the better. And I don't just mean giving people a break or simply helping someone who asks. I think what we all need to do is more than that. I think that we need to actually reach out and communicate with each other outside of Trade Chat. (Remember when that used to be Barrens Chat?) I dunno, it's getting to the point where I'm just rambling. I just kinda feel like the community is calling out for help and the only way to save us is to actually try to have fun socializing or something.
That hit me right in the feels.

^ totally agree

Things like this really make you open your eyes and realize how most of us at one point or another have been completely terrible to someone for being a "noob".

I remember my very first toon was an enhance shammy with a bunch of mp5 cloth gear and a str weapon. I was so bad at the game, but I ended up meeting some amazing people on my server at the time and they helped me learn the game better. One of their best healers ended up helping me out on the healing side of things and from then on I did nothing but focus on getting better until i ended up in the top raiding guild on my server.

If it werent for people like the OP then I (and definitely quite a few of you) probably wouldnt still be playing today. so... major points to everyone who takes time to help others get better and make the game more enjoyable instead of just putting them down.
where the hell did all these onions come from.
Glad to see Korea finally starting to take a time and step back to see what the beyond hardcore culture of gaming is doing to them.

Hopefully we all take lessons from this, as the NA servers arent that far behind this mentality.
Sticky requested!
That hit me right in the feels.

It reminds me of that one random dungeon I was in where I was healing and there was someone playing a feral who needed some guidance... they were extremely appreciative of the advice I had given them.

It was a long time ago that someone (one of my first raid leaders, and good friend to this day) had once said to me, back in Wrath actually, that as a higher end player (and maybe not even that much so, I wasn't that great at this game then) you are seen as one of the "gods of WoW", someone who is looked up to. We had simply been talking about the game in general and somehow it came up. I don't think very many understand that they are role models to the newer players who come into the game, even if you're new yourself.

It's all really quite sobering.
My goodness, reading this literally made me emotional. I must confess, even I sometimes forget the human factor of WoW, getting so caught up in the DPS/damage numbers. Just yesterday, actually, there was a brethren hunter in LFR asking me about the survival spec (in which I'm rolling; topping the meters). I did my best to answer that person's questions, considering we were in the midst of fighting trash, but I could've been more forthright. OP your post is certainly food for thought, thank you. I hope we all can learn something from this, including myself.
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