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I think people forget that World of Warcraft, for a lot of people, is a really hard game to get into. I've run across so many helpful players in my different character's lifetimes. It's really heart warming to meet players like these.

Thank you so much for posting this thread! Just a reminder to all the forum surfers to /wave to the next low level they see and offer help.
Huh... I wonder where I was when they introduced that...
WoW should do that again ^.^
I know how this guy feels. I am also rather terrible (don't let me play hunter or healer. Trust me.) But I just tried different classes until I found one I'm comfortable in. I feel like Druid fits me because there is room for me to try different things, but still have something to fall back on.
I hope this guy had some tolerance after this. I admit, I yell at some players when they blow a dungeon, but just let the party know you are new to something and I'm all for helping and not yelling. If you go running in guns blazing, I will likely overreact. 'Cause that's how we are programmed almost now to react.
BUT, I'm also the dungeon clown, so I only yell if you really !@#$ up. Otherwise I crack jokes after I die. Cause its A BLOODY GAME! Enjoy it!
Having played Warriors as DPS through many changes over the past 8 years, I have come to hate what Blizzard did to them since prior to patch 2.3 when my 1st warrior kicked butt so much even though I had no clue as to what rotation I should have been using- but still managed to be top dps all the way to level 70 and top kills in all PVP BG's...
Then 2.3 happened and something went wrong and I swear Blizzard "broke" my warrior!
Since Cata hit I made all my Warriors into Tanks and am doing great, with more dps numbers than my actual DPS specs! Now I do know for a FACT that my 1st mage is "broken" as far as dps since 2.3 because I have made other mages on other realms with the same spec, same roatations and gone as far as making my wife's mage the same spec and using the same rotation and doing 5k+ more dps at level 80 (during Wrath) on all but my original 1st mage, with the same identical gear down to the trinkets! Hit capped the same, crit the same etc...
But I think this might be a software issue that Blizzard needs to remedy on their end since everything is the same as far as numbers on my end (least it was until I leveled and geared differently since Wrath) and they need to do a clean wipe on my affected toons and anyone else's that might be experiencing the same issue. After all, I used to get tanks & healers yelling at me to dial back my dps on my mage because the tanks could not keep agro under ANY circumstance before 2.3 hit and my crit was at over 60% back then- so with Fire talent's one spell I could have over 110% crit rating (not sure how they did that math there) for 3 hits. No matter if I let the tank get agro the 1st 30 secs, I'd still pull boss until I died lol!
Back to now, my 1st mage stays at level 80 because his dps is well below the normal and I'd still like to know if Blizzard will EVER fix him! This problem along with someone who is slow to learn would make for a horrible player in others' eyes, like the 85 hunter who only did 8k in a raid I was in, his pet should have been doing that dps solo, but no clue what the problem was... it's not always the player and Blizzard needs to have someone look over the coding on complaints like this, especially if the same person makes another copy class on a different realm and has no problems with low dps.
Sempre nesta orbe a uniao faza força
waaah that is one though PLAYER go forth and become awesome
02/07/2013 06:56 PMPosted by Coreanshammy
I know you do not want to see me around, so I just hide myself around mountains or corners of big cities...

I lost it here and started to cry.

To the Outcast Warrior: Good luck in your futrue endeavors, you're a fine human being

To the Raid Leader that helped the Outcast Warrior: Thank you, you're aslo a fine human being.
This was a fantastic read.

I try to help newbies. But I realized, just now, reading this, that I also blow them off a lot. I remember when I first started in 06. A druid helped me. He was level 40 or so, and actually took me aside, a mere level 20, I remember asking him what instances were, and other very obvious questions. And in 2007... He quit. And I didn't have my mentor anymore. I had only just hit 60. I was so lost. I got mocked a lot during 60 raids. And then... TBC came out. And I got no better.

And at 70, I got into a raiding guild. They were midway through Karazhan as far as progression. And needed more players. So I volunteered my mediocre services. They had a hunter - Realest. He helped me. Told me what stats to focus on, rotations, combos, gems, everything. And I finally learned. It took a long time. But I did. And by the end of TBC I was one of our best DPS.

A little help goes SUCH a long way for newbies. If they aren't doing so hot - don't bash them. Pull them aside. If they get angry and insult you for asking if they're new - they obviously either don't need or want your help. But if they listen? You've just done them a huge service.
Why this game needs to end. Elitists are unwilling to share information that might, just might, help a bad player improve. WoW players are like pack of wolves, preying on the weakest member.

That mentality is not just wow, its everywhere, every gaming community, its because its online, weather its on console or PC. youll always have the asshats and elitists talking trash and berating other players.

one piece of advice for new players is tho, be up front when your new to a guild tell them your new to the game that u want to learn to play for raiding or pvp. Also I suggest joining a pvp guild as well if you like it because, raid mechanics will come later, but getting even half decent at pvp teaches your to stay out of stuff.

I played over 6 months before I met some decent players to help me when I started. Helped a lot of others as well along the way, I may not know their class or role, but can tell 'em who to talk to for help and what sites to read up on.

p.s. thanks for the read, OP
I Request we try and keep this thread at the top, we need as many players as possible to read this, imo.
True noobs exist, but it's been a LONG time since I've met one. The ones I did meet didn't stick around because trade/general chat was so bad.

I've seen both sides of the coin. Now I turn chat off, so even if there is a "true"noob, I won't be seeing them. We're not "allowed" to help people anymore. People defend their badness so much so that they don't help them get better, they just carry them.
Wow, i so remember how it felt and not knowing anything, hell i still do not know it all and am learning constantly....

I agree the community has lost it's touch with our newer base and we should help them. Just takes one ripple to make waves...
Too much has changed in the wow community.

From ms>os, griefing, botting etc. There are just too many db who will do anything just for the lulz.

Can we change this cesspit community? I doubt so. not unless Blizzard is prepared to lose subs.
This is the longest post I have ever read.

This is my first online game and know exactly how the outcast player has felt.
I help people when asked. I ran a low lev to the forge in Blackrock so he could do some enchanting.

And I have been running PoS and the others farming the hilt. I can't believe how many tailoring/enchanting mats I get out of those. Made 7 frostweave bags after an hour and found some new poeple in the game on low lev toons and gave them some bags.

The game and community is what you make of it, we have all been the "outcast" at some point.
I like to be helpful, but I try to limit it to people who ask for help; I've tried helping people who didn't ask for it and they just got offended.
02/26/2013 05:08 AMPosted by Decìsive
I know you do not want to see me around, so I just hide myself around mountains or corners of big cities...

I lost it here and started to cry.

To the Outcast Warrior: Good luck in your futrue endeavors, you're a fine human being

To the Raid Leader that helped the Outcast Warrior: Thank you, you're aslo a fine human being.

Same here. I just burst after that very sentence. Even though hes an old player, that is just too much :(

Wish he the best of luck for his upcoming raids and all.
He was at least doing 30k dps. Imagine how many people on US servers cannot reach that.

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