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02/07/2013 06:56 PMPosted by Coreanshammy
I deserve to be bullied

And this

I know you all hate me, but when I log on and see any of you, I really feel like all of you are my friends... In fact, I see you more often than my friends in real life... I know many of you hate me and blocked me, but please forgive me once.

I know you don't even want to see my face, but I just like being in a community. I know you do not want to see me around, so I just hide myself around mountains or corners of big cities...

just broke my heart. My god :(. i want to run a mentor raid, that sounds like a really good thing to do. i think i will make a post on Malganis forums and maybe do one on my disc priest so i can kind of control the pace of things a little bit and help some people out.
critted right in the feels. :'(
Wow i really know how that kid feels. Not really from my own exp i dont really get called out on mistakes so much but i know how wow has become. No one tolerates mistakes, if you do screw up they never let u live it down or vote kick you. I am also guilty of doing this. Usually however only if they are unwilling to listen or are being a jerk on purpose.

My bf plays rift with me and that is his first mmo. I put him on rift rather than wow because of the player basis. Rift was harder for him tp learn than wow would ahve been. Mixing classes, knowing what stats you need. Skills are bigger in rift than they were in wow.

I find raiding to be too hard for him. we took him to a few raids right before storm legion when we were fighting Maelforge. In general the fights in RIFT are both hard and easy. Hard because its a steap learning curve to most of the fights, however easy because once u get it down its pretty rare you wipe. My guild is 4/4 FT, 4/4 TDQ and 3/5 in EE currently. My bf is just now catching up and ive decided i will bring him to wow to learn to raid.. cuz ya im sorry raiding in both games, wow is very kind to idiots when it comes to mechanics.. for the most part.

I love my bf to death but i try to shield him from the comments and BS from wow vets. We sit side by side and i baby him and literally dress his character for him. He gets butt hurt about it sometimes but then i let him do his own thing and he remembers why then. :) lol it sucks being new and learning. i wish so much when i was new to mmos that i had someone who did this.

Anyways so ya... if you guys see Aixelsyd on Hyjal Server thats him! so be nice~!
I've tried a few times to come up with an analogy to help explain why I don't enjoy LFD (I've never had the guts to try LFR so I have no comment there). What I've come up with is a game of golf. If I go out to the course for 9 or 18 holes with a group of friends, then we have fun, we congratulate each other on our great shots, laugh at the horrible hooks, slices, and whiffs. We bend the rules if needed to keep things fun. We're not in any hurry because we're there to have fun. And just because we've played the course before doesn't mean we feel the need to play it faster this time.

LFD feels to me like joining a random group of people on the course who are in a hurry, whacking their balls as hard and as quickly as possible, not celebrating anything, criticizing everything, and not seeming to have much fun at all. Some people keep pulling their card at the end of each hole to show that they've still got the best score. They get to the end of the game, grab their clubs and balls and run away.

I used to have a great group of WoW friends, but they've all quit the game to focus on RL stuff. I'd love to find another group like that; able to celebrate the massive screw ups as much as the victories, able to learn, and share, and help.
If a blue reads this... can this please get a sticky/blue post??

This is one of very few threads on these forums that make you take a step back and look at yourself, as both a person and a WoW player.

If possible, everyone please refer your guildies/friends to this thread, tell them to read it!

I think it is safe to say I will be acting differently after reading this.

Thank you, OP, for posting.
This is the board for the North American servers, or at least certainly not the Korean ones.
I'm a few weeks late to the party, but I want to say something anyway.

02/07/2013 06:56 PMPosted by Coreanshammy
And I deserve to be bullied.

No one ever, ever, EVER deserves to be bullied. The poor guy has been the victim so much he believes he deserved the abuse and that makes me sad. :(
That's heart warming, but also very sad. If I heard about him I would take him, idc what others think, I would actually try to help him.
So what if its a game?
You can't get someone super exicted about a good raid and say..
"Uhmmm no. You Suck."
You Say..
" Okay but if you need help tell me A.S.A.P"
People need to stick up for others I mean what if he was only 12?
Imagine how he would feel if 20 year old men were being rude to him.
Yea he's older so its harder for him to understand newer things, because he never had stuff like this at his age.
So I'm saying this straight up to people who do this...
Have A Heart, And Help Out.
Remove 10-Man and LFR , LFG, the good times return, people playing with people, not with machines, want back the feeling
If a blue reads this... can this please get a sticky/blue post??

Also a bump for a really nice thread.
Just wanted to peep in to here again (I have posted a few times before) and say something.

At first, I honestly suspected this thread to get more trolls than sympathetic responders. I really was. That was how low my faith in the current WoW Community had reached. Everytime I look left, something good happens. I look right and there are so many more things going wrong. It happens so often that I eventually just began losing more and more faith.

Forumers in this thread, I have renewed faith. I am beyond surprised at how many of you came in here sympathetically, sorry, and openly. Some of you have even responded by saying that you do this, and how sorry/bad/crappy you now feel as a result - having seen the kind of gravity your actions can have. All of you, really, have restored a majority of my faith in this deteriorating community.

With that being said, I wish to make a request.

Anybody that comes in to this thread, may you please spread the word to your Guild, friends, real-id, trade channel, etc. Please just post the link and ask that people read the original post. I think that this may go a long way in bringing back some of the actual community feeling back in to this wonderful MMO of MMOs.

Thank you.
02/07/2013 07:09 PMPosted by Ntaki
That hit me right in the feels.

This is inspirational to make me check my attitude when it comes to this game. I feel really horrible about this Warrior's plight just to better himself. I think we can all learn a thing or two from the Koreans...and maybe I need to look in the mirror. I wouldn't know what I know now if it wasn't for random people taking the time to "help" me be a better player with no reward to them other then strengthening there own community. Thank you for sharing :)
02/07/2013 08:23 PMPosted by Katarn
South Koreans needs to take it down a level and actually enjoy games for once and not go all hardcore on everything.

This story is meant to be applied to every server, everywhere. Not just in South Korea. All of us should read it and think about how we treat potentially unskilled players.

If anyone has ever leveled an alt EVER, then they know how frustrating lowbie LFG groups can be. But what works best: yelling at them and calling them noobs or saying "hey you need to get out of the fire" or "clothie please let the tank pull"? You know which one works better, and most of us are guilty of calling them noobs and yelling at them because of a bad day or general frustration with the game or whatever. I've done it before, it's never gotten me through a dungeon any faster, and I felt like a total jerk afterward. Maybe my advice (as opposed to tongue-lashing) could have helped them become a better player?

I'll never know, because that day, I decided to be a jerk.

It's been a while since I was so impatient, but reading this reminded me of what it was like to be that way AND of what it was like to be so fresh to the game.
With access to the officer chat in Vent and a server-wide chat channel that was exclusive to the officers of the top 3 guilds, I witnessed truly atrocious human behaviour. I witnessed myself turn into a maniac as I rejected guild applications on the basis of trivial details. I became part of a mechanism that actively sought to deny access to various aspects of the game to those not blessed by the notion of hardcore.

On the night we were posed to finally kill Nefarian a fight broke out amongst the officers. Many of them were ashamed that 2 guilds already killed Nefarian ahead of us. The blame game was in full effect. That night I sat and listened quietly as some of my friends broke down in tears in Vent when the blame hammer landed on them. We lost quite a few good raiders and friends that night, it made me feel genuinely sick. In an act of impulsiveness I declared, that night, my resignation. That night they killed Nefarian without me.

Japute, that is one eye-opening story. Thank you for sharing.
I was, as the folks across the big pond like to put it, gobsmacked reading this. If we ever needed an eye - opener as just how bad things can get, there it is. Wow....

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