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I hope you do this, and have success with it. Keep an open mind and be ready to put up with some dummies. Hopefully you will find some that really want help and improve because of it.
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This was my very first toon from the beginning. Originally I was a blood elf. I remember my first day playing (a few months after Wrath was released), being completely terrified of fighting the level 5 mobs along the Dead Scar (and getting my face ripped off by them).

My friends who introduced me to the game were never very helpful to me, but I got lucky one day around level 70 when a friend I had met running dungeons invited me to a Black Temple run. They used this crazy thing called Ventrilo that I had to download and install. Turns out the raid was run by the top guild on the server at the time. Being a girl did me a few favors, and I had a great time, even though my computer was running the raid around 1-3fps.

Some of the people I met in that raid "adopted" me and as soon as I hit 80, they carried me through 25 Nax and slowly taught me how to suck a little bit less.

I really hope people do become more encouraging to one another, instead of all the tearing down I see these days in randoms.
That doesnt look like something id want to copy and paste.
That doesnt look like something id want to copy and paste.


And as for the warrior, did he never look at any guides, even on the WoW forums?
After reading this I think North Korea is a better country.
I have it on good authority that Trolls have no feels.

Trolls have feels, they are just not the kind you want to have. Feel sorry for them.
I am old, House Bound, spent much of time in and out of the hospital due to health problems , missing out on a lot of gameplay and I was just trying to have fun playing WoW, because I found it made my days go by faster between Chemo treatments and other hospital stays. Time sinks do serve a purpose I suppose.

he was quite infamous in our server. DPS below tanks. "The Hole". He was well-known by raid leaders for his lack of skills which eventually break apart any raids.
I know this feeling very ,very well.

Hello, I am that 'outcast . I know that I wasted much of your time in many raids and dungeons, because I was bad . In all the raids I joined, my DPS was below any tank, and I would really like to apologize to all players who had to suffer because of my poor play.

I also apologize to all players , I just do not play this game as well as you.

And I feel so thankful to raid leaders and raiders who brought me onboard time to time... But then I was only a burden to them. I am truly sorry. Please do not hate me so much...

Which is why my few remaining toon's are in my private guild and I tend to avoid running any raids or even dungeons anymore. I love to play WoW, I just don't play it as well as many others.

Posted by ValericI personally don't care about Korea. American gaming mentality is just different from Korean.

I really think that remark is way off from fact. May I suggest you look a little closer as both country's have very similar game player styles.
I have played for a very long time. Some of my best experiences in game have been meeting random people to help me along the way. Back in Burning Crusade I had a guy that had purchased a quest information booklet before quest help was available in game, and before questing locations were available to be marked on your map. No matter how many times I asked him he always helped me, and I was terrible. I am glad I decided to read this thread and I will make it a point to help someone new asap!

There are still great things about this community, and I am glad to be reminded of that.
Wow! That story made my heart weep a bit. I have always been nice to people in-game except to a few people that were being absolute jerks. I remember starting the game in TBC and never getting invited to my old guilds runs or events. They would leave me on my own and offer zero help.. Yet they had the gall to insult me and call me names. They would purposely ignore my pleas in gchat too.
I remember having some random person on my server mentor me and help me up out of that rutt. I was so thankful to him for giving me all the info and references i needed to play my little druid. Then one day I get an invite to a Heroic..
It was a great day when I out dps our GM collected my loot and Gquit.

This thread made me remember how that all felt and how it was almost discouraging to log into wow at all. I certainly hope things turn up for that warrior. It's unfortunate that people are so petty and disgusting. I can only guess that a lot of the rotten people have plenty of personal issues/problems in their lives that or they are just immature angsty teens. Like some of my guildies act so stuck up but yet they aren't awesome raiders or top-notch pvp-ers.

I'm glad you posted this because we can sometimes forget that there is a human being behind the monitor. /sniffle
This story, while widespread in coverage at this point (though I just found out about it as of this post), unfortunately happens similarly in both South Korea, the United States, Canada, the various nations of Europe (Britain, France, Italy, and a bunch of others I can't recall at this point, 2:04 AM Pacific Standard while writing this, I should be sleeping, XD) and many other countries that have a sizable player population. Though there are a multitude of factors that probably led to the noticeable "backwards ticking of the evolutionary clock" in the online community and WoW community, from my perspective, a few more specific causes can be pinpointed as making rather large contributions in this "change".

For one thing, during the time which Vanilla WoW was released and played by many, a consistent and fast broadband connection wasn't nearly as widespread, accessible or affordable at that point (the year was 2004 upon U.S. release, which made up the bulk of the initial subscriber base), and most of the computer systems then were also not as equipped with built in security that blocks most threats that would have plagued users at that time, security that we sometimes take for granted today. As broadband continued to advance in accessibility, reasonable pricing, integration with hand-held devices, and the resulting shift of market tactics to advertise their products and services, there was an increasingly higher exposure of ever younger audiences to this "new world". And consequently, these young, impressionable people would have simple access to information and statements that would potentially influence the way they behaved, in real life and online.

I was lucky to have early broadband access, but my parents were smart enough to limit my access for those critical, vulnerable years of my life, I'm still glad they took those precautions today. And with huge droves of easily influenced young minds signing up for MMOs, forum memberships and whatnot abroad, it was only a matter of time before we veterans began to notice the shift in the usual "Trade Chat", and general purpose trolling.

The matter is only exaggerated when "angry, pubescent" children end up in our otherwise close-knit communities. And Blizzard, being the company they are, still have to listen to the "opinions" and "feedback" by these less developed individuals (no offence to those in that age group who don't act that way, just pointing out the ones who do), because exclusion based on age demographic would likely hurt their business model with some people of being "a company that listens to the players".

That's just my two cents there, I've only played since mid to late Burning Crusade, but I've been on quite consistently without extended breaks and a lot of free time in between dungeons and quests, so I've been able to observe the shift somewhat. As a final though, that story touched my heart, and made me remember "the good ol' days", good luck to that warrior! As a personal note of encouragement, one doesn't need natural talent or aptitude to succeed at something or have fun, one simply needs the will or ability to enjoy that which grants you good feelings. Some people have natural talent or skill in things they absolutely DESPISE, but are less rapid in learning a different skill that they otherwise enjoy greatly.

Sorry for a rambling post, just wanted to make it meaningful, though I may have went overboard, XD
Bump a lot of people don't even realize they're doing it.
I think it's sad that the situation is such that a lot of people think this is a big deal when helping a new player in this way should just be normal lol...
This is a touching post. But I'd be willing to bet a lot of people are going to think "yeah that's awful, good thing I'm not like that." And it doesn't hit them that they are perhaps shrouding their own hypocrisy. I'll share my take on it as well.

I give away stuff in front of the Org auction house all the time. They aren't high profile items. They're often something I just have a ridiculous surplus of- like 690 netherweave cloth- or some low level rare/epic item I found- Oathkeeper, etc. Nobody's really going to give up questing to see what I have to offer. But I got a whisper once: "dude you're not supposed to be nice like that". I've received many such whispers from others asking "why do you do this?" I would reply with "why not?" Some would list reasons such as money, ruining the economy (how?!), totally materialistic things.

We're talking about pixels here. In the end, who cares?

I make it a task to make someone's day, every day.
Yeah I think I might live in a bubble on my server where being too hardcore is almost laughable being #1 on a server like mine is like...blah blah blah faking to win Special Olympics and all that lol.... but I visit other servers sometimes where it seems like it's almost out of control and heartless. The only answer worthy of a human being upon recognizing this sort of situation is compassion.

Even the thought that there weren't any guilds good for this sort of player on his server is scary. I hope I'm never playing full time on a server where that's the case.

There are so many opportunities for being a good, caring person in wow when necessary it's actually easy to miss in the race to push buttons to move pixels around in ways you like...
excellent post it made my heart glad!
I started playing in November of 2006, a few months before Burning Crusade released. I was enamored with the game world and the lore behind the series, and I also had an "encouraging" push by Trey Parker and Matt Stone with their "Make Love, Not Warcraft" episode of South Park. I watched it, and thought to myself, "is this really what you can do on there? Sweet, I wanna get it!"

My parents initially had a problem with it, but they warmed up eventually. I was making good use of the subscription my dad was paying three months at a time for. I kept up with my school studies, but all during my free-time I played WoW. Obviously, I wasn't a very popular kid in High School. I was an outcast even in the marching band -- but whatever friends I had during the year I started playing WoW were other WoW players, and people I'd met online in the game.

This game inspired me to want to write. I'm currently writing a science fiction novel.

Now, I don't just play the game for the sake of playing it. The community(ies) I'm a part of have kept me interested. I lead a Tauren-only roleplaying guild -- the first and oldest on our server, in fact -- and I stay in the game only for the sake of roleplaying. Yeah, sure, I might dabble in PvE and PvP every once in a while, but I never stay focused on that. Hell, the only raids I've ever completed when they were still new were Naxxramas and Trial of the Crusader. Yet I've still enjoyed this game.

Despite its changes, I'm still proud to be a WoW player. I always will be. I can play whatever other game I want, and I very well may, but I'll always stick with WoW. The people I've met has made my experience worth the six and a half years of playing.

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