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Just an update to the original story: It seems it was all made up (i.e. fake) and the original poster (in the korean server Zuljin) has apologized. Once again I reiterate--it was a conjured up lie fabricated to bring about empathy and populist sentiments on other users. Seems alot of people did end up falling for it...

The sentiments expressed are real, though. In many ways, it doesn't actually matter if it's a real story or not. This type of bullying and anti-social behavior happens in LFR every day.

Have you ever asked yourself, when you see that mage or hunter doing 30K on the meters:

"What if they only have one arm?"

"What if they have trouble with motor control?"

"What if they've just had a terrible day and aren't into it?"

Put yourself into other people's shoes sometimes.

Yes, there are lots of people out there, in LFR and elsewhere, who are trolling, being anti-social, and otherwise don't care enough about others and therefore don't perform.

What's sad is when most of us assume that someone underperforming is either under-geared (which is often the case, and no crime), or is being willfully ignorant.

That latter bit is the problem. Maybe poor performance is willful ignorance in some cases, or maybe they have other conditions and if you were in the same boat, you'd be doing the same (or worse, or not playing at all).

There is plenty of room in the game for everyone. There are places for elite performance (hardmode raids, challenge modes, competitive PvP), and there are places for everyone else in every category. People who gripe in LFR about performance are doing so in the wrong place.
Everyone is having trouble filling raids these days. I've had a story something like this, older man was dying of cancer, wife left and all the rest that follows. WOW made him forget all that while he played and once they say those few words you extend. Raids fall apart and people say this or that. Still feels good to talk when you have no one. A lot of the "bad players" I've come across have as much fun just talking as we doing looting stuff that becomes pointless in a patch.

It really is the moments that matter. The end goals are kinda hollow once you've won enough to see that end. Seems unconditional is going the way of chivalry and everyone grows more narcissistic everyday. Those you wish to reach could never understand the words, it wouldn't "benefit" them. Just know the numbers are out there on all sides and not everyone is as bad as we like to think they are.

1) If I can't judge the tone of a server by it's most common and vocal means of communication with other players, how can I?

2) It is strictly my opinion, as with all things, but I think my experiences in LFD are less indicative of my server in particular than a wide slice of the general attitude of players across many servers.

3) I'm sure they have little to anything in common. That is why I'm boggled at the purpose behind it in the first place. What is the purpose of a guild at all if not for the community it forms? Is it due to the guild perks that they are just considered essentially a new piece of gear?

I play with my roommate and best friend, and we formed our own little guild, in all honesty so we could have access to a guild bank for shuttling trade goods between alts.

My long-winded original post is less me bemoaning the way things seems to now be, and more an observation of someone who not only played WoW 'Back In The Day', but played more than a few MMOs previous to that. It's my reflection on how what used to be a social, communal experience appears to become the exact opposite.
Oh, I'm about to cry, so funny I was looking information about how to do a quest and I found this, I hope this never gets buried, I hope Blizzard put this as sticky so the community starts changing, I hope things change in Korea, in the America, in Europe, all the gaming communities, Blizzard's games communities have always been a little too elitist or competitive.

I remember when I started, my DPS was always the lowest, I remember getting kicked from a party because my DPS was lowest than HEALER'S DPS! Then when I got invited to do Dragon Soul (Yes, I started learning when I was level 85), I got rejected because my DPS wasn't high enough but my gear was, nobody wanted to help me so I found a good guide on the forums, I had to watch videos to learn how to do rotations and my DPS doubled, sometimes I'm first place when doing dungeons or second place when doing Raids (at least I was, since now everybody is 90).

Please, make this thread sticky, the community has to re-learn how to be a REAL community :)
Tears came to my eyes when I read this.

It makes me happy that people are realizing the errors of their ways and actually beginning to help other people again.. At least, I hope.

Thank you Coreanshammy for posting this (and translating it, if you were the one to do it).
People are people no matter where you're from. I'm also trying myself to be more cognisant of my behavior to newer players, even when they're frustrating me. Take the time out to help that poor little guy at the bottom of the meters. They might not even know they're doing something wrong!

Peace, Love, and DPS.

That was some mighty feels! And is probably the best story I've read on here.

07/11/2013 07:20 AMPosted by Gizban
I started playing way back in Beta (Ret Pally), and kept with it (even though after Release Ret Pally was the LAST thing you played) all the way up to about a month before BC released.

I played a ret pally from my beginning in BC all the way through Wrath, I wish I had leveled a mage instead.
Koreans like beautiful games, Lineage 2 is still VERY popular there and its a decade old. Wows player models though good and fit within the Warcraft theme, dont always translate well to their taste.
Your argument for why WoW is declining in Korea due to its unfriendly community falls on its face given the popularity of League of Legends there.

I don't think it does, that game attracts close masochists more than Dark Souls did.
Seriously, it's community is pretty !@#$ everywhere.
Don't they like... worship StarCraft?
There are plenty of games that are not just for the super-elite and hardcore.

They're not so successful because instead of denying success to all but the elite, they actually fulfill their purpose of stress relief, and people put them down, and go on with their lives.
i'm gonna cry
Not gonna lie, I teared up when reading this.

It reminds me of a dungeon run I was doing recently on an alt. A rogue in the group asked if anyone had a rogue and could help him. I happened to have one at max level so I offered him some help. Then he started asking all sorts of questions and I answered each one to the best of my ability. I told him about what specs did what, gave him some advice on addons that I use myself, and directed him to the rogue forums here on this site if he had any other knowledge he needed. He asked if I wanted to do another dungeon but I politely declined and went on my way. I hope he gained something out of my help.

A lot of times I get very frustrated with bad players in my PVP groups. Often times I try not to say anything, sometimes I can't help it and become aggressive. A lot of the time I try to reign myself in and direct team mates as best I can. This story has reminded me to be more patient with people. Even though I already try to do that (and fail a lot of times), this adds a bit more reinforcement to it.

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