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02/07/2013 08:18 PMPosted by Aerosia
How in hell is he itl 496 if he sucked?

i think i remember reading somewhere that all the gear on the korean servers have higher ilvl then normal...
02/07/2013 09:47 PMPosted by Bigscreen
How in hell is he itl 496 if he sucked?

i think i remember reading somewhere that all the gear on the korean servers have higher ilvl then normal...

It is. Their 10 mans and 25 mans have different ilvl gear.
I always read "Meanwhile..." headers in the Superfriends narrator voice in my head.
The wow community is the same people in the LOL community , its gamers not WOW players who have bad attitudes in the on-line game world,

Everyone i know who plays LOL either plays wow as well or used to play wow.

If you play on-line games your a member of the on-line gaming community and its all the same it doesn't matter what game you play wow doesn't make you an !@# anymore than playing eve makes you somehow a good person.

Its Games, on-line games that have the problems outlined in the posts from Korea
Its not a wow problem the same bad eggs in our community are playing Diablo and LOL and everything else just like you do too.

Wow gets the harsh end of the bad community talk because its been around for 8 years almost and all of us have some experience with it if you don't play you know someone who does its an easy target but the players are no different to players of any other game.
The community itself in LOL or WOW or EVE is the same group of people we are gamers and very few of us only belong to one part of the gamer community and play only one game.

To say lol or any other game has a better community is really saying its different people who play it, but i play both games where do i stand am i a good community member because i play lol or a bad community member due to my place in wow?
Fact is all my friends belong to both communities they play both games at least for me its the on-line gaming community i see not the wow or the LOL community they are just off-shoots of the one big family .
Great post.

Great post.

Would read again.
I could sure go for some kimchi, bulgogi and a splash of soju right about now. Yummy,
Why so competitive... pve is not even meant to be.
They're too busy destroying everyone else in Starcraft.
02/07/2013 07:09 PMPosted by Ntaki
That hit me right in the feels.


I'm a fairly new player compared to... probably a lot of you. My DPS is slowly rising. But I've still got a lot to learn, and a ways to go. I have encountered many "rude" players while learning, but not nearly as many as this man seems to have. As I have, also, encountered many people who helped me as best as they could. Directed me to guides, pulled me aside and showed me what to do, or even (in one case) gave me some better gear. I can't say I empathise with this man entirely, as I do not know what it's like to be treated as badly in game as he was. I do know what it's like to be the target of cyberbullying, but that's a different subject in its entirety.

The person who wrote the original post is amazing. It's awesome that he was willing to help the player when no one else would. I think this is a good reminder that we were all new players once and that ostracizing new players who may be "bad" rather than helping them isn't going to get us anywhere. I remember when I first started playing, my DPS in even low level dungeons was horrendous. I'm sure I made many elitists nerd rage. This post even got me thinking, and I'm still learning myself.
02/07/2013 06:56 PMPosted by Coreanshammy
TLDR: South Korea and North Korea are different. And sorry for making this too long!

No. This is one thread that I read every single letter right down to the end. Everything in that thread, if you have a soul at all, should be read. No MMORPG needs to be as bad, community-wise, as the community of WoW is becoming today. It is not just Koreans, mind you. It is Americans as well, and I cannot speak for Europeans, but I am certain some of them have changed over the years as well.

I have made it a point 2 times across these forums that the community of WoW has been declining over the past couple expansions. What was once a ripe and lively, friendly and helpful, loving and trusting community, became an isolated and distrustful, hateful and disgusting bunch of people. There are those out there that would honestly just do harm to others on this game if they got the chance, and I am glad I was able to find a Guild of good people who share a like mind such as mine.

Talking behind peoples backs. Not talking to new people. Not interacting with others.

These are things that have run rampant over WoW for years now, and it has tainted the playerbase as a whole. Pugging used to be one of the major forms of interaction for WoW, and because of things such as LFR, LFD, WGWT, level 25 Guilds and such, 'pugging' has nearly ceased to exist on 5 of the US realms I play on. It is utterly amazing how much this game has sunk over the years when you start to think about it.

I myself, and others I have befriended, like the way things used to be - and play as such to this day. We help others in need to the best of our ability. We start conversations in LFD/LFR. We chat with random people sometimes. We help the newbs on the server learn the things they need to know to succeed.

We forgive those that fail and try again and again, albeit frustrating at certain times, we don't just dump them on the side of the road. Benching somebody for one week (we bench good players too) or two is not the same as deserting them such as the 'outcast' mentioned in this thread. We bring each and every player we can - especially those that are logged in at the time and have not raided with the core teams in awhile. We actually have had core raid members back out and let immensely undergeared players raid with the core team. Although sometimes a major hindrance, we do not see it that way.

They are on the realm, they are a Guildmate - They are a friend. Hindrance or not we do not brush them aside.

I was literally just about brought to tears reading this thread... For such a thing to happen on the 'King of MMOs' of all things...
Really quite sad, and a jarring contrast from the hardcore guilds in the US and EU.

I usually find with some exceptions, that most of the top guilds are generally pleasant, willing to share strategies, and information and share theorycrafting...especially after the race to the top is over.

I've joined pugs with guilds like Dread, EJ, vodka, and Midwinter and they've been very nice people, they've offered me advice and things like that.

On pvp servers they are usually the last to gank someone doing dailies for the kicks. I mean every guild has their resident !@#$%^-...but that's a given.

However it is the the majority of us...the average joes that make it our prerogative to make these newer players lives harder.

We call them bad, and retarded
but rarely do we take someone aside and try and figure out their problems.

Those top guilds are supposed to be elitist...but compared to us?

We're the *!@#$%^s.
02/08/2013 12:21 AMPosted by Mirs
I only read the tl;dr and now I'm confused.

And that is the problem. Please, please read the entire post.
The strange thing about this post is that WoW is still doing great in South Korea... O.o
That poor guy :(

Next time I start getting frustrated with someone, Im going to remember this thread and the Korean guy, take a deep breath, and ask if they need some help.
Unfortunately I think the real tragedy here is that most raiders don't intend to be mean like that. It comes from a "been there, done that" mentality a lot of times.

The other thing is, in PuG raids, you have to assert some type of dominance to try and keep it under control. Too many times the only tool in the box is being a condescending jerk toward that end, or an arbitrary gear check.
Good story. The feels, I've got to say.

That said, South Korea hasn't actually been one of the big markets for WoW. It's the US, China, and Europe that are the big players. Koreans tend to lean to more competitive gaming (StarCraft and such).

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