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This story seriously, right in the feels...
I remember being in raids/dungeons with my very first toon ever, a hunter, and really not doing well at own guild even got upset with me and I would end up "disconnecting" and switching toons so i didn't have to go back to the raid with them...They werent really bullying but i knew i was bad and i knew i was hurting the raid so i would leave..

In fact to this day i refuse to dps...most of my toons are heals or just pvp. It kinda sucks but it scared me a little...Im glad someone reached out to this guy hopefully he will continue to learn and get better!
02/07/2013 06:56 PMPosted by Coreanshammy
And people have been saying about WoW: "A game for only maniacs and hardcores. Noobs not allowed. Nothing humane about it."

Sometimes it can feel that way. As the peons of Isengard say, THE WORK NEVER ENDS HERE!
I still think back to the day in vanilla when a player suggested a website to me instead of the typical "you're bad". Opened a whole new world for me that I didn't even realize existed.
02/08/2013 01:27 AMPosted by Grollog
I still think back to the day in vanilla when a player suggested a website to me instead of the typical "you're bad". Opened a whole new world for me that I didn't even realize existed.

If only everybody out there would just help those that need it then WoW would be a much better game. Community wise we would be much stronger as a whole. Instead, most of the players have it in their mind that because they are better at the game than somebody else that they have the undeniable right to belittle and bully another player. This is wrong.
Dang i just noticed I'm a elitest makes me remember when I was starting off. I was healing with a tank weapon and ret gear. I also remember when I raged at a healer in a LFG because he was healing with ret gear.
Great post. I am going to admit, there are times I have been impatient..and downright rude to ppl I considered newbs...then I saw my 11 year old son try and play. He was levelling a dk..he had a little bit of int gear, some agil...etc., and i would glance over his shoulder and watch some of the dissing he copped..and I felt ashamed. How many times had I been impatient with someone elses son or daughter. In a way, there are times when I have been no better than the school yard bullies.

i recall a time when I was healing Spine and the priest healer kept messing up..over and over again..he copped so much grief, people were laughing at him. He left the raid, turns out he was on a ventilator and wow was his stress relief....
This would have rarely happened back in 2005, but it seems now I could see this happening today even in the US, In fact, I do see it happening all the time. Back in vanilla, even the people that were playing for a while helped new players.
Nvm I read the whole thread. That hit me right in the feels. US WoW community will never change that way. Most people playing this game have an elitist attitude and are plain rude. Yesterday on A52 I asked in LFG chat if anyone would like to do some 2's with me for cap. Fortunately enough a full Malev spriest whispered me and decided to team up. I don't consider myself a noob in PvP, I have capped many times before with other players and they have told me I'm good. So I team up with this Spriest and we enter our first arena match together. We couldn't kill the opposite team so what the spriest does is leave in the middle of the match and put me in their ignore list. I felt like !@#$. It really affects your gameplay afterwards after being treated like that. He could've at least told me what I did wrong, maybe we can work it out together. And I really don't think it was my fault. I always cap with this other spriest and push a little rating for fun and he's a great guy. He encourages me and gives me tips. I think that's what most players need. Encouragement and a good Mentor.
02/07/2013 07:26 PMPosted by Divergent
That hit me right in the feels.

Great story, I almost choked up.
I hate it when people forget that the point of humanity isn't survival of the fittest, it's to be human, good people.

The story honestly touched me.

We should all be willing to help each other out, especially in games. We are there to have fun and if someone doesn't understand the game properly, they should be allowed help from fellow players without being ridiculed for it. If we go back to "survival of the fittest", we will be no better than the animals that fight each other outside our homes.

But really, a great story. When he understands his class and role better, he will dominate. :D
02/07/2013 07:09 PMPosted by Ntaki
That hit me right in the feels.

I have it on good authority that Trolls have no feels.
Good read but no feels. I guess I don't know what it's like to be a "noob" since I had friends forcefully stuffing information about the game down my throat when I first started playing back then (end of Vanilla, beginning of TBC). I was also a fast learner. But there were things that were still new to me like when I first took a step into world pvp. The glory days
Thanks for posting, I really enjoyed reading this. As someone who has sworn off dungeons and raids in this expac(and in Cata) due to the toxic community, I would LOVE to see mentor guilds pop up. I know I'm terrible at DPS; DK's have changed so much that it's a struggle for me to constantly relearn new rotations and which stats are most important these days.

I WANT to learn, but when I'm faced with pages and pages of websites or videos that I'm told I HAVE to read/watch, memorize and take notes, I give up because this isn't supposed to be a job. It's a game.

I love dungeon/group content (I raided ALL the time back in Classic/BC as a warlock, and I miss it), but I know I'm bad at DPS, so now I just avoid inflicting my terribleness on the people of LFD/LFR by never queuing up because I know they won't tolerate me. I never participate in guild raids, mostly cause my gear is subpar and I'm never invited anyway. I usually wait to run dungeons now until it's an expac or two old, so I can just solo my way through it. I wonder sometimes how much fun the encounters must've been like with more players, rather than just me blasting through them when they're old.

TLDR; I know I'm bad. So I've learned to content myself with this game of solo-craft. It gets boring pretty quick though, just doing dailies and pet battles.
When I see threads like this and the kind of people we can encounter in game who treat other so viciously for being 'bad' or a 'n00b' or any of the other various insults we see thrown around in game, I always go back to this:

We were and still are and will forever be nubs. Each and every one of us.
Wow...this made me realize how I interact with players when joining a dungeon and seeing low DPS I instantly jump on them...when heals is trying to keep the group up but I die I get upset, It's crazy how this can slowly change your demeanor without you even knowing it.

Kind of makes me wish there was a website/forum/subreddit that was like "Big Brother/Big Sister" only for WoW players of the same faction.
I don't think we necessarily always appreciate how complex WoW is, and how many "mistakes" you can get away with prior to raiding. I understand that raiding is competitive and I don't think that needs to change one bit. Challenge is good. What I think maybe should change is the way we approach that challenge.

I think far too many of the so-called "good" players know a great deal about the game and don't acknowledge internally just how much of a gap they have opened up between themselves and genuine new players. And they certainly aren't willing to put the time and effort into helping them close that gap. For them, time is money, friend, so it's better to just screen out the underperformers, surround yourself with like-minded "good" players and move on. I'm not saying that this isn't effective or efficient. It certainly is, and it feels good when your group goes on and is capable of progression raiding. No one's taking away from that. The only thing being lost here is the new player, lost in the push to get purples as fast and as expeditiously as possible.

But I think more telling is the "outcast's" statement "I deserve to be bullied." This is the key here. What kind of abuse had to go on? What kind of environment had to be created in the mind of this player such that he would believe this sort of thing, let alone say it in his defense? How did so many people get to the point on his server of failing him in respect of empathy?
Refreshing to see that people suck no matter where they live.
edit: I mean the attitude of people that play online, not the outcast warrior.
It's sad, that most people forget they once also didn't knew anything about the game and sucked in every aspect.
I've been a couple of times on groups where people try their best and still are below average, and the hate begins. I always try to whisper them some words of encouragement or tell them that if they want any help they whisp me later, few have ever done it though.
But I do it because I still remember what is like to know little about what you are supposed to do. I've also had my share of major screw ups, one even cost my gkick and the end of my semi-hardcore raiding times.
Some say that this is a just a game and people shouldn't take too seriously, and I agree but still, it should be a game that is enjoyable by everybody who plays it, bashing somebody because of their low dps meters or dying a lot, goes against this.
And I'm really sure that everybody who now thinks they're the best wow player ever sucked at some point, they've just blocked that memory with their huge ego.
02/07/2013 10:53 PMPosted by Corahn
I could sure go for some kimchi, bulgogi and a splash of soju right about now. Yummy,

I have some banchan at home. If you bring the kimchi, I can whip us up some mean bibimbap =D
(As long as you don't mind that the gochujang is mild (still packs a punch though). Kids don't like it too spicy!!)
In vanilla days, I once spammed trade with a level 23 2-handed green sword that was soulbound for 1g. Everyone in trade was like hey man you could get way more for that and 1g was a lot to me at that time. I got all excited and was like ok how much? Someone said 50g. At that point I was sweating and so excited and then everyone started loling. I was like 'wut'? Someone said I couldn't sell it since its BoP and I felt really dumb. Then I got a whisper from someone to meet them at top of the bank in org and they gave me 3g and said sorry. Kind of inspiring now that I think about it. I think we've all had noob moments.
02/07/2013 07:20 PMPosted by Greyelder
I personally don't care about Korea. American gaming mentality is just different from Korean.

Too bad. I've traveled through many countries in the world, met people from all over. People are basically the same throughout the world. Really.

Damn straight. We're all human, and we all share the same global values of companionship, want of stability, want of enjoyment. Humanity is beautiful.

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