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This inspires me to do more to reach out to others.

Most people seem to forget that not everyone learns by reading alone, I am a practical learner who does better with hands-on experience and talking through stuff than I do reading a mechanical guide that I can't ask stuff that I don't quite get.

For those who have given up on a DPS/Healer/Tank role due to stuff like this, I say attempt it again. someone mocks you? Turn the tables on them, and make them look bad by asking them what they suggest you could do to improve. Nothing gets a heckler better than asking them for tips, because they will either smarten up and help or the group will turn on them for not helping. Has worked for me in the past.
I was a top healer in a top raiding guild (on my server) in vanilla. I carried numerous other raiders until one day I was granted a prestigious role of officer in charge of overseeing my class and healing for the smaller raids (ZG and AQ).

With access to the officer chat in Vent and a server-wide chat channel that was exclusive to the officers of the top 3 guilds, I witnessed truly atrocious human behaviour. I witnessed myself turn into a maniac as I rejected guild applications on the basis of trivial details. I became part of a mechanism that actively sought to deny access to various aspects of the game to those not blessed by the notion of hardcore.

On the night we were posed to finally kill Nefarian a fight broke out amongst the officers. Many of them were ashamed that 2 guilds already killed Nefarian ahead of us. The blame game was in full effect. That night I sat and listened quietly as some of my friends broke down in tears in Vent when the blame hammer landed on them. We lost quite a few good raiders and friends that night, it made me feel genuinely sick. In an act of impulsiveness I declared, that night, my resignation. That night they killed Nefarian without me.

Since then, I have not been able to bring myself to join another hardcore raiding guild. Instead I pitter patter around the world with my army of alts quietly helping people anyway I can. I know I have what it takes to be a raider and I miss the rush and feeling of satisfaction when downing a tough boss. But if I have to choose between spending my time with the "haves" or the "have-nots" I choose the latter. At least the people who are unable to be a WoW rockstar can usually take pleasure in the small things and they more often than not have manners.

My heart goes out to that Korean warrior and everyone else like him. Wanting to do better but being denied access to that knowledge because of some jr. school clique mentality is awful, particularly in video game world which is little more than a grownup game of make believe.

The original post here is very grounding for me.
Reminds me of a Hunter that would always queue into the same dungeons with me when I was leveling my shaman during BC. I got him 4 times in one day once, and he drove me insane every time.

He'd melee, as hunter. At first I was sitting behind my computer screen going "WHAT IS EVEN DOING?! GAAAH RAGERAGERAGE." Other people in the group would pipe up in /p, yelling at him and calling him a noob, but nothing phased him and he'd keep DPSing with his axes.

Finally, after the 6th time I got somehow queued with him, I sent him a message asking if he knew he was supposed to shoot and NEVER melee. He responded with "Je ne comprends pas." I was stunned, no wonder he couldn't understand us trying to correct him, he could barely understand English! I felt horrible once I figured out, I'd been such an !@# to him. With my very limited french skills, and the help of Google Translator, I explained to him what he was doing wrong. He began shooting the mobs as soon as he understood, and started asking me more questions about his class and the game. (He also had a ton of other problems like wearing spirit gear.) Cross-server dungeons weren't around at this time, so after the dungeon I sat him down and went over everything I could think of with him, along with what pets he should get. He was very thankful and that's pretty much the last time I spoke with him.

However, months later when I finally got my shaman to 80 and began raiding, me and my guild were talking about the progression of the top raiding guild on the server and I decided to /who them. There was his name. He made it to the top raiding guild, that was far ahead of many at the time. I don't think I've been more proud of someone in my life.
wow, i actually teared up at this. what an amazing story.
I don't think we necessarily always appreciate how complex WoW is, and how many "mistakes" you can get away with prior to raiding. I understand that raiding is competitive and I don't think that needs to change one bit. Challenge is good. What I think maybe should change is the way we approach that challenge.

I think far too many of the so-called "good" players know a great deal about the game and don't acknowledge internally just how much of a gap they have opened up between themselves and genuine new players. And they certainly aren't willing to put the time and effort into helping them close that gap. For them, time is money, friend, so it's better to just screen out the underperformers, surround yourself with like-minded "good" players and move on. I'm not saying that this isn't effective or efficient. It certainly is, and it feels good when your group goes on and is capable of progression raiding. No one's taking away from that. The only thing being lost here is the new player, lost in the push to get purples as fast and as expeditiously as possible.

But I think more telling is the "outcast's" statement "I deserve to be bullied." This is the key here. What kind of abuse had to go on? What kind of environment had to be created in the mind of this player such that he would believe this sort of thing, let alone say it in his defense? How did so many people get to the point on his server of failing him in respect of empathy?

From my experience the "Outcast's" statement mirrors the Asian culture in general. If you're not good, you should be in their minds disciplined. At least that's from what I've seen with friend's families. But this is from the outside looking in.
that hits right in the soft spot, i know the feeling all to well as a hunter other bad hunters have given us as a class a bad rap since vanilla.
Oh... it must be raining in my office, how weird
Me too :(
I know how he feels though, I have been kicked for reasons like
"sucks ***"
"noob", etc...
I also DO NOT understand raiding, my fear of judgement and scrutiny have kept previous characters out of Raids and stuff. I want to have fun too, but there are elitists in everything and I understand that, for them, they don't want to waste time holding my hand along because I don't understand gear sets and other things. I only just learned how to DPS at all. Luckily, there are a lof of people that have been amazing in showing me the ropes. I always try to openly show appreciation and make sure they know I'm listening intently. It's so sad to see someone being outcast from a game that really relies on stranger cooperation.

Much like him, I feel like the WoW community, without being weird, are all my friends. Like a really kick-*** hangout that I'm lucky enough to be a part of. I'm glad I read this thread. While it's so unfortunate that it happened, it allows us to, I think, reflect on our in-game ettiqute and perhaps redefine what we expect from newer and less skilled players...and maybe, bring those who take this kind of thread seriously, a little closer to our community.
Sorry for the long response...

...For the Horde!
When I heard the topic I thought someone died again and then you hit me with this story. It was really touching and I wont forget it. Thank you for taking your time to translate what you did for us. If I knew enough about other classes I would host my own mentor raid but unfortunately I only know how to play a mage.
Damn noobs!
Warrior's fault, mainly.

Did he ask for help?, did he tried to read guides?

If not, was all he's fault.

I don't care about that "elitism", it was going to happen anyways.

People who try to do new things with no knowledge will will gain many bad things if they don't want help.

Ok, right, that idiots were unaware about the guy' fails and unwilling to help, but seriously, this happens all the time IRL.

Is a two front fault; the warrior who only was smashing the keyboard and didn't ask for help or try to found guides on Internet, and the server who didn't wanted to help the guy.

But, in the end, the "unawarrior" was the real cause of the problem, for not seeking help before unleashing all this commotion.

But crying, guiltiness? what is this, the most sad movie ever?

See ya.
He'd probably be considered a good player on US servers.

Koreans are hardcore.
So the next time you're looking behind mountains or the corners of big cities watch out. because the outcast of Zul'jin is gonna get you.

He's gonna GET YOU!!!!
I'd raid with the guy. That's what a good player would do. I would not mind teaching him during the raid. Heck, I would not mind pugging a group of first timers and "bad" players just to let them see the content as well as give them a chance to see the changes to their play style as they learn what they should do to maximize the abilities of their characters.

The game should be fun. The accomplishments should be based on the enjoyment of succeeding and failing with friends and learning from it. I don't mind wiping on a boss over and over again. So long as people are learning their class and understanding what they need to do, they will start to enjoy the game as they should.

Still, some people just take the game too seriously.
I usually don't feel for newbs but this one hit me pretty good, a kind respectful beginner who doesn't expect things just given to him. The only problem is what has happened since, can anyone read korean and tell us what's been going on with him? I have a feeling that the server, except for a select few, are still treating him like crap.
The feels. ouch.

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