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This is one of the reasons i enjoy helping people get better when they make an effort.

I've made many good friends simply by having nice conversations with ppl i group with that werent playing at an optimal level.

Communities are reflections of ourselves as people.
Good story, its great to see the community gathering together to make an improvement. Because to be honest, this is a community issue. Blizzard cant make people be nice or work together well, but each person in the community, if they try, if they care, can make a huge difference.
This might sound bad but... at least it seems like Korea has a passionate/tightknit server community. I mean being infamous on a server, so quaint. I don't even recognize anyone outside my guild and 2 other people. I miss the olden days on US servers where friends > time spent in game.
Anyhow, I feel for that guy I have been the subject of a bit of bullying and one time everyone thought I was gay in RL, that was weird. Everything turned out okay in the end.

Depending on the server and what one does to become infamous...

it still exists.
02/08/2013 12:44 PMPosted by Santee
because koreans treat gaming as their jobs instead of having FUN

If you think elitists like those exist only in Korea you're mistaken. I see them everyday, everywhere and I don't speak a single word of korean.

Depending on the server and what one does to become infamous...

it still exists.

It can happen even in a high population realm. Even on my realm there's someone everyone knows and stigmatizes.

But yeah great post OP. Almost made me cry.
I kind of know what it's to feel like an outcast but this guy is just going through something worse.
And it's good to see so many people reconsidering their attitudes or mentioning that they help, that's really great. I do help people myself as much as I can but then I can help but think... only a minority of the game community checks the forums.
This thread could change someone's ways and stop them from mistreating people (if they have a heart) but sadly not everyone will see it.

The occidental wow community it's starting to turn into something like what's happening there and if people knows this shouldn't be happening... we should all try to tell people to check this thread.

I know I will try to pass the link for this thread as much as I can.
02/08/2013 01:42 AMPosted by Bretherezen
I still think back to the day in vanilla when a player suggested a website to me instead of the typical "you're bad". Opened a whole new world for me that I didn't even realize existed.

If only everybody out there would just help those that need it then WoW would be a much better game. Community wise we would be much stronger as a whole. Instead, most of the players have it in their mind that because they are better at the game than somebody else that they have the undeniable right to belittle and bully another player. This is wrong.

Most of those I see doing the bullying are not the good players in the first place. They just feel the need to bully and pretend access to skill and knowledge they don't actually have.

I do help when I can. I also remember how much being told about a couple of websites when I first started in BC helped change the game for me and so I enjoy doing the same for others.

My problem is I'm not a mindreader - I won't know a player needs help unless they say something or we happen to end up in a group together so I see how they perform. And I've been bitten many times when I've offered to help unasked. There are some players who simply don't want any help for whatever reason. It makes me leery of trying to offer to help since I don't know how it's going to be received.

And I know there are the players who get all the insults in the book tossed at them when they do ask for help. It makes them leery of asking for the help they'd like to have.

When both sides are now leery of each other, nothing gets accomplished and the bullies have won. I still keep an eye out for those who want help and do what I can for them, but there will always be those who are missed.

Asking everyone in the community to be a mentor to new players might be expecting a bit much. Not everyone makes a good teacher, or has the time. But it's really not that much to ask people at least respect that players have different skill levels and rude comments should be left out. If you can't be helpful then just refrain from saying anything at all.
Love this post. Actually found it on Reddit this morning and had to comment to show the love for taking the higher road and helping others as opposed to being an elitist dou$&e.
Every time I hear of good-spirited people on this game, it really makes me happy. Every day you see people who are either being a jerk or an elitist, but it's not every day you see someone with an honest heart.

Outcast, best of luck to you.
As someone who had to teach themselves the game which i started in 09 (And I still learn new things) I can understand being 'shafted' by the wow community as a whole. These days it's not often anymore, but because I know how it feels to be called 'bad' and 'crappy' and the like I do my best to never do that to others.

If I see someone in a lowbie dungeon, or even in heroics I always ask if they know what they are doing. its in whispers and always non-threatening. If they dont I do my best to help them out, or at least direct them to proper sites to research their class on. I've even gotten a few ingame mails thanking me months later for being so kind and understanding.

We all started as newbies once and I think we forget that as we progress. People really need to help one another.
Someone said that WoW is failing because of League of Legends and DOTA2? I should point out those games have terrible reputations for their players being elitist jackasses and as such the games are in decline except for the hardcore players, who are now getting banned by the devs because they want their games to be more friendly and open. After all open means more $$ than a small unfriendly community driving everyone away.

I started playing WoW in 2006, I went from guild to guild because i couldn't find a place for myself, i wanted to enjoy every facet of the game and even raid but was always excluded because i as 'bad', nobody back then would even tell me if there were web sites for rogues with info that could help me out.
Near the end of Burning Crusade i found my friend raiding guild doing Kara, after a month they kicked me out for being bad despite the fact i was asking for help they wouldn't give, wrath came out, i got to raid Nax, OS, but i was still going from guild to guild because nobody would help nor take interest in helping, i finally hit a guild that tolerated my low numbers, they had 2 other rogues in the 25 man group and told me to ask them for help, big mistake there, they closed ranks saying it would 'hurt their position in the guild', Eventually that guild booted me as well.

Near the end of WOTLK i finally found elitist jerks and Shadowpanther, after that my numbers topped DPS charts consistently, i have been through 3 or 4 guilds since for varying reasons but finally think i found a home myself and was even made officer.
The point being people on US/Oceanic servers can be just as unfriendly and elitist as these Koreans in the initial story.

We have a priest in the raid team whom everyone says is bad but a group of us said no to kicking her and are helping her to shine, and shine she is. Next time someones not doing well, dont be a jackass, help them to fix the problems and you will have someone more loyal than most the geared PUG's brought in to fill gaps.

Of course some bads are just trolling and should be locked on a server away from sociaty where they all can happy drive each other out of the game and the rest of us can get on with out WoW lives in peace.
poor fella, we should all pass this story along to anyone we know who plays. We have all started out from nothing and become virtual somethings. As in life, never forget where you came from!
I'm not trolling at all, this is how I feel.

You have to look at the other side of things, a lot of players when you try to help them will fight you tooth and nail and tell YOU that you are wrong.

That is a huge turnoff for those of us who actually want to help players.

Coming from a player since Vanilla's release and Hardcore raider From Vanilla through TBC.

That said, great story. I try to help whenever I can.

I also play DoTA :|
Damn this is depressing.
ya i hope this would be on all servers ppl deserve to learn how to play
oh god right in my feels
Most of the time I don't read posts this long but it just sucked me and i'm glad to say I read it 100% of the way. It really reminds when I started it was very hard for me (my first online game.) if it wasn't for the help of tens if not hundreds of players I would've ended up not being able to do even the most basic things in the game! I hope that guy got people to help him out and that he is no longer hated by his server! Thats a great thing happening in South Korea!
Mmmm feels. People need bigger hearts, and I'm happy to see that it actually worked on some of the Korean servers.
I am glad to see that this thread did not die over night. This is actually an issue that we, the community, the player base of WoW, need to work on as a whole.
I want friends too!
This was a really nice post. Def some feels. We all remember being the clueless noob at some point. Nobody, NOBODY goes into this game and knows precisely what they are doing from the get go. When I first started years ago, I was an absolutely horrid resto druid. I remember standing there in Karazhan my first raid, with my guild absolutely tearing me apart until I was near tears. But, it was that kick in the butt that made me read endlessly, gem and chant correctly, watch videos and learn my class: as I do for any class I'm going to raid on.


There are plenty of people who absolutely refuse help. We had a DK in my LK 25m guild that consistently was out DPS'd by tanks. He got invited because he was a friend of a friend thing. When other DKs in the guild very nicely tried to throw him pointers, he told them he didn't need "commentary from college kids" and just continued to suck and try to roll on healing necklaces (seriously). When he was told he wasn't welcome in the guild any longer, he threw a meltdown on par with a 4 year old in trade.

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