[A]10M 9/16H. 8-11:30pm PST. LF tank + dps

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Recruiting now closed.
Still looking.
Two new kills tonight. Need a tank and dps!
Still looking for a tank.
I am a 491 dps warrior who is 15/16N and 1/16H. I have been raid leading a group but we lost many of our best members over the break and have not recovered very well. I have logs from a month ago (lower ilvl) showing rankings on LFR (I know lfr rankings are not the best indication, but they give you an idea of what I can do when I am not calling out everything for new members as I raid lead (or defensive stance soaking on Garalon). They are located on wow-heroes

I would like to MS dps and OS tank. I have no problem filling in as tank as seen on the heroic dogs encounter posted on youtube, which I linked below (I am the one calling out stuff). I also linked a video of me as an amber construct and how I come prepared with timers and can interrupt the boss and myself reliably. Finally I also included a video of my interface and my dps on a raid dummy for 9 minutes with sustained dps between 75 and 80k (this is SMF so just remember my dps goes up 5-10k from executes alone, which I cannot simulate on dummies). Also, no food, flask, or raid buffs =)

DPS vid (No food, flask, or raid buffs =)

Heroic tanking

Construct vid

In-game mail Qake on Kilrogg if interested! Thank you for your time.

I am willing to transfer asap if a spot is available!
Still seeking a tank and/or DPS.
Still wanting another tank.
Need a tank so we don't have to carry Ephefy anymore.
Still needing a tank that will beat me.
You could be getting ready to raid with us right about now if you joined.
Still looking for a good dps and tank.
Yay for 2min wings!. Now we need a tank so I can go back to Ret.

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