Monks need Super Saiyan

screw that i want a spirit bomb!

the cast time depends on the strength of the bomb.

1 second= does equal to the monks health (at full life)
2 seconds= damage equal to monks full life x2
5 seconds= damage equal to monks full life x5

give it range equal to chaosbolt and the longer you charge it,the bigger it gets.

if your gonna ask for something,swing for the fence guys.
I totally think this could be awesome, make it like a 4th spec like when they added boomkins for Druid's but have it be like a ranged DPS/spellcaster monk and you could do chi balls and all sorts of stuff, could totally work in super saiyan/this isn't even my final form :D and like flash step punches/kicks and stuff.
02/08/2013 10:24 AMPosted by Andissiel
I agree a minor glyph to give us a cool DBZ aura and spikey hair would be awesome

I was just thinking of this last night, have a glyph that makes you buffer with blonde spiky hair after you use 10 TEB...

I am totally going to macro in a /y KAOKEN X10! in with my TEB stacks, just like to find a way to set it up so it yells the number of stacks you use =D

your just jealous because girls cant be super saiyans

You do know they have two female SSJ's now in the show, right?

Also, Goku needs to die again. The show is far better when he is dead and gone.

Vegeta is king.

Also, you have a SSJ mode, its called Serenity, leave all other references of DBZ out of the Monk class.
I feel like I'm the outlier for liking most of Dragon Ball more than Z. I mean there were a lot of awesome moments in Z but zero actual Martial Arts moments, and I really like those. It all became lasers and flying instead.

Or the characters teleporting and punching each other so fast that all you see are flashes of light so the characters don't need to be animated.

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