<Los Lobos Locos> IS BACK! and recruiting!

About Us:
We had a decent run as a guild on DS release going 5/8 heroic pre-nerf until we had attendance problems that were beyond manageable. Back with us now are a few of the core members of the group as well as some of our old raiding friends. The core group of us have been playing WoW and other games together since WotLK release. We want to get back in the groove of things and have some fun while preparing to go into the 5.2 T15 raids.

What we're looking for:
We are currently in need of two tanks, preferably Warrior and Death Knight but will obviously consider any class if we feel the fit is right for the group.

What we expect from you!:
All we ask is that you have fun! And some of the obvious... Don't stand in bad !@#$, don't consistently make the same mistakes over and over, etc...

What we don't expect from you!:
We aren't necessarily looking for the most experienced raiders in this current tier of raiding. Most of us have fell behind on progress this tier and are expecting and looking for people of the same progression. So if you only have LFR clears or some normal boss kills, this may be the perfect group for you!

Raiding Schedule:
We are going to be running a short 3 night schedule, only raiding 9 hours per week. So while we do strive to have fun first, we still want to get something accomplished in the time we spend together.
Tuesday 9:00pm - 12:00am Server Time
Wednesday 9:00pm - 12:00am Server Time
Thursday 9:00pm - 12:00am Server Time

If you're not up to date on progression, we don't care, as long as you have the desire to play and have fun. We need tanks and a few dps still. Raid leader (myself) has extensive raiding history across many many characters that have all at some point been considered my main.

Contact Info:
Real-ID: Noladrew320@gmail.com
Battle Tag: Nola#1580
Skype: Noladrew320
Need an OT now. Preferably Druid/Monk/DK that can dps as well!
Need a Hunter asap!
A hunter and a dps w/ OS heals -_-
Still in need of an Elemental Shaman that can offspec heal!
Looking for one dps that can OS heal. No priest plz =D

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