497 Warlock looking for 25 Man raiding guild

Guild Recruitment
The Squirrel Mafia - Alliance - US Shadowmoon (PvP)

Tier 14 25 Man Progression: 11/16H
Tier 13 25 Man Progression: 8/8H Spine: 63 US
Tier 12 25 Man Progression: 7/7H 74 US
TBC Sunwell Progression: 6/6 56 US (pre-nerf M'uru)
Vanilla Naxx Progression: 15/15 ~50 US

Raid Times - 12 Hours - 3 Nights - Tues-Thurs

8-12 EST Tuesday
8-12 EST Wednesday
8-12 EST Thursday

Be able to show up 10-15 minutes prior to the raid. 100% attendance is a MUST, but we do not raid extra hours.

About TSM:

The Squirrel Mafia is a raiding guild that aims for top-flight progression while raiding a minimal schedule. We believe that while raiding demands commitment and responsibility, it does not need to demand it on a life-consuming level. We have been a 3 night guild since mid-WoTLK and have no plans to change our schedule anytime soon.

However, a casual schedule does not mean casual goals. Competitive progression is something that we take very seriously. TSM was formed the day WoW was first launched and has competitively cleared every boss in every expansion Blizzard has ever released. If you're looking for a strong tradition of PvE success, TSM can offer it and more.

Lastly, TSM is a group of real people where personality is welcome. This is not a faceless dragonslaying collective that just exists to kill bosses, acquire loot, and get bigger numbers on meters or smaller numbers on progression lists. We are people that enjoy the entire raiding process, the frustrations as well as the triumphs. If you genuinely want to raid, to see and work on content, I have absolutely no reservations recommending TSM to you.

Those were our founding principles, and ones that we have kept to for over 8 years.

Final Words:

You can find more information as well as file an application on our site at http://www.tsmguild.net.

If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to talk to you and answer them. Message me on Shadowmoon-US!

Thank you for your interest in TSM,

Sending out real id requests, check your pending!
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Baddies is a semi-hardcore guild with strong roots in some of the top guilds on this server. Our Guild Master has raid led, been an officer of, or been the GM of guilds that have been top tier on this server since early Wrath, with much more raiding history past that. Most recently, he served as the sole officer for many months in Cue the Credits, the #2 and top 200 US guild behind Out of Line during early Cataclysm progression. Our mission is a simple one, get as high on the progression rankings as possible while still maintaining a fun raiding environment.



Raid Times

Tuesday - 7:00 to 11:00 server (Central Time)
Wednesday - 7:00 to 11:00 server
Sunday - 7:00 to 11:00 server
Monday - 7:00 to 11:00 server


We are recruiting all skilled players on a permanent basis. We do not recruit for the bench. All our raid positions are based on your desirability as a raider. This includes your skill, attitude, and how prepared you are. As for raid times, you can expect a minimum of three nights a week for at least three hours. Raid times vary between groups. Currently we have a weekday group that raids

PST Mortalitas#1653
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Intent is Recruiting!

We are currently recruiting skilled and dedicated individuals who believe they have what it takes to be top 50 players. We as a guild understand that it takes all kinds of individuals to make a guild successful and thus we would like to encourage all players that feel they are ready for our raid to apply. Please do not be deterred by gear or experience when applying. We welcome not only polished and experienced individuals but also players that simply have not discovered their true potential.

current recruitment needs
Hunter - high
Disc priest - high
mage - high
warlock - High
Monk BM/MW/WW - High

We are also always looking for skilled players, regardless of exp/gear (logs required for evaluation)
Feel free to apply no matter what you play, if you are highly skilled you will have a raid spot.

Unique spots available for players who wish to have more than one Progression level toon. We encourage players who are willing to have "alts" or offspecs of a separate roll from their main in the core raid, this allows us to have a much smaller raid core.

When Does Intent Raid?

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday
7:00-11:00pm MST
6:30pm MST raid invites start

Since our main priority as a guild is progression and given that we do not raid 5-7 days a week like most top end raiding guilds we expect 95-100% attendance from our raiders. We as officers expect no less from ourselves and find it hard to be successful without all of the bodies we need available. We don't expect everyone to be perfect, sometimes things come up and you cannot avoid them. However, we do require that you give us ample notice of your absence so that we can quickly find a solution to continuing our raid quickly and smoothly.

How Do I Tell If I am a Good Candidate?

Successful applicants generally have extensive hard mode experience, a complex understanding of their class and specs, understand ways to maximize their characters performance in differing scenarios, a friendly and positive attitude, and are a dedicated team player.

We consider your logs the number one indicator of your potential. We can see if you are a team player, if you follow the rules, if your guild trusts you to do special jobs, if your dot uptimes and rotation are good, and if you are superb at surviving. We can tell a lot about you as a player regardless of gear and experience by your logs.

We also understand that no one is perfect and that there are flaws in everyone's performance. When you submit your application feel free to discuss your mistakes and show us that you have complex knowledge of how you can improve as a player. We don't care that you messed up but that you can recognize that you did mess up and how you plan on working on improving your weaknesses as a player.

Experience can also say a lot about a player. A player that has extensive hard mode experience, in this or previous tiers, understands the dedication required to progress in a competitive raid environment.

We understand that all applicants may not be at Intent's level of progression. We do expect that all applicant's have thoroughly researched the mechanics of this tiers encounters and how to best optimize your character for those encounters. When you are brought in for a trial we expect you to be able to stay alive and perform at your best.

How Do I Apply?

If you think you are a good fit for our guild, please see our applications. You can chose to apply publicly or privately. If you chose to apply privately only core raiders and our officer core will see your application, it cannot be seen by the general public or other applicants.

Please realize that we have high expectations of our recruits and this is your best chance to impress us. Your gear, spec, application and logs will be scrutinized and you can expect a number of questions and a Mumble interview before we decide to give you a trial.

(We are in the process of Re-building our website, should be finnished very soon) all potential applicatants are advised to Contact us Via battletag/real-ID or Send an email to Recruit.Intent@gmail.com to revieve an application to fill out and return
Guild Website: Www.intent-kt.com
Real-id Gorexar@gmail.com
Btag Gorexar#1913
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Thank for checking us out! Explicit is a 25 man raiding Horde guild on the PVE server Turalyon

We keep a great core of people as well as healthy over flow to allow people to gear up correctly.
We always maintain a healthy amount of raiders to allow us to never have attendance issues.
We are progressing very well so far with downing Heroic elegon our first week of 25 man attempts and just downed Heroic blade lord last night with less than 90 minutes of attempts.
We will continue to progress at a healthy rate and would love for you to be apart of it!

Raid times

We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8pm EST till 11pm EST

With a 9 hour raid schedule we still get plenty done.

Current Needs

At the moment we are looking for skilled..

* WW Monks
* Shadow Priests
* Rogue
* Disc Priest
* Dps DK
* Mage

Keep in mind we will look at ANY exceptional class/spec. So please still get a hold of me!


Loot is handled via Loot council and is always distributed fairly and beneficial for the raid.
The more you show up and perform well, the more gear your toon will see.

Current Progression

6/6N 5/6HM MSV
6/6N 3/6HM HOF

Please feel free to contact me Damienn#1942, on here, or in game to chat.
I look forward to hearing from you soon!

If im not available please feel free to message Sieara

Paid Transfers available for the needed classes if proven very exceptional.
Guild Name: Shining Force
Server: Mal'Ganis (PvP)
Recruit Contact: Ruwon (Ruwon#1911) or Eazycheeze (Eazycheeze#1810)
Website: http://www.shiningforce.net
Raid Times: Tues-Thurs 7:30 - 11cst

US#31 for Heroic DS 3day Guild
6/6 Heroic MSV
5/6 Heroic HoF
1/4 Heroic ToES

Disc / Shadow Priest [HIGH]
Warlock [HIGH]
Monk [HIGH]
Holy Paladin [MED]
Hunter [LOW]
All other exceptional DPS are encouraged to apply !

*Meets minimum gear requirements for current progression content.
*Researches and reviews personal performance and works to improve flaws in their game play
*Understands that attendance and commitment are two key factors to successful progression.
*Has the desire to raid consistently and progress through current content.
*Actively communicates when needed, knowing when to speak and when to not.
*Wants to raid and progress solely for the thrill of progression while understanding that loot is a mere bonus.

Established in 1998, with roots in gaming dating back even further, SF has made its mark on many games of various genres. Throughout our diverse history, a few defining traits have emerged which have since been held dear to the hearts of our leadership and members. As you'll read on our main splash page, we live by a code of loyalty and honor. However clichéd this may sound, these traits along with our higher than average guild age, have resulted in our always being amongst the small circle of the most respected guilds and clans in each game we play. We established our World of Warcraft chapter early during the beta and have been killing huge dragons and other nefarious creatures ever since. We strive to challenge ourselves as a guild by progressing through the newest tier of raid content. As a result, we are always in search of exceptional players who are looking for not just another WoW guild, but a multi-gaming guild with a rich and expansive history that they can be a part of and contribute to for several years to come.

Submit an application at http://www.shiningforce.net
If you have any questions, please send a tell or in-game mail Afterthought, Ragnoth, Ebolaa, Fenixember or Murphen
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Current Progression
9/16 H all done on 25, no 10 man kills(should be 10/16 this sunday or latest monday)

** Recruitment video!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vE9egkNkBPI
** Featured on WoW Insider!: http://wow.joystiq.com/2012/08/08/new-attitude-new-home-the-warm-fuzzy-tale-of-the-guild-realm

What we need from you:
- Be motivated to be the best. If you aren't, and do not care that much, you aren't going to do that well.
- Have 100% dedication to playing your character and class
- Be RELIABLE, we need you to attend almost every raid. In the events that you can't attend we need to know in advance.
- Have a microphone and not be afraid to use it. We do not type to communicate as it wastes time

You will receive criticism when you make mistakes, sometimes it will be harsh, but you must be able to take this and improve. If you are going to go and cry to your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/mom when someone tells you that you did something wrong, we are not the place for you.

What you can expect from us:
- A disciplined and hardcore raid environment, as a guild our focus will be on being #1 and anything else is falling short.
- A social environment, for most of our members that is one of the biggest draws of this game. So you will find people on at all times, many of us play different games as well. Our guild may be predicated around raiding but we want a family type atmosphere (although that of a dysfunctional one) and do want interaction and interests to go beyond raiding.

Bless the Martyr in the News

Standard raid schedule:
8:30-12:00 EST

High Need
Holy Paladin
Shadow Priest
Balance Druid

GM & RL: B_widner@hotmail.com
Recruitment lead: anonpferd@gmail.com

or email blessthemartyrguild@gmail.com
or a third option via txt 773-915-3643

If you prefer to speak with someone on the server, pst any officer in game:
Meows/Pathosìs, Worldboss/Blítzkrieg, or Cishir
Apply at
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<Gloryhogs> is a casual 25 man raiding guild that has been on Smolderthorn since 2005. We are the #1 guild on Smolderthorn and are currently recruiting the following classes:

- Frost/Unholy Death Knights
- Hunters
- Shadow Priests
- Resto Shamans
- Warlocks

Our raid schedule:
Tues/Thur: 9:00PM - 12:30AM EST

Raid Streaming at: http://www.twitch.tv/unghanda

Our progression:
- Mogu'shan Vaults = 5/6HM
- Heart of Fear = 1/6HM
- Terrace of Endless Spring = 4/4NM

Latest Accomplishments:
- Realm First Blade Lord Ta'yak
- Realm First Heroic Four Kings (US#193)
- Realm First Heroic Elegon (US#189)
- Realm First Heroic Madness of Deathwing (US #115)
- Realm First Heroic Ragnaros
- Realm First Heroic Sinestra
- Realm First Heroic Cho'gall
- Realm First Heroic Al'akir
- Realm First Heroic Nefarian

What we require:
- Appropriately geared for raiding content
- Able to meet our raid times
- Know your class
- Good Attitude
- Willing to be the right spec

If interested please apply at: http://www.gloryhogs-guild.com

or feel free to contact Unghanda#1664, or Rahge#1567.

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