Thinking of transferring, LF raiding guild

Hello there denizens of Hyjal!

Over the past week or so me and a buddy of mine decided to scout out your server with the idea of transferring to it. Our previous guild was having issues with people showing up (as well as people exploiting in WPvP, but that's a whole other story...) that drove us to search out a new server. Anyways, there would be 4 of us transferring, and we are all interested in joining a raiding guild (so no social or pvp guilds, please). We're looking for something that is not exactly "hardcore" but is downing content at a reasonable pace.

We'd want a guild that has atleast cleared MSV (2 members of the 4 have cleared it and know all the fights, I've cleared up to Elegon). We would be bringing a warrior tank, shaman dps, boomkin dps, and hunter dps. We also have alts we would be bringing as well to help fill out other spots if need be.

Our item levels average from around 470-490. We are very competent players and are willing to learn any strats that may be different from the ones we've used before.

Our times to raid are as follows. Please note that I am the only one with a real time discrepancy here, as I have college to deal with.

Warrior tank - Thurs-Sun, preferably starting the raids at 6:00 but not going any later than 10-11.

Shaman dps - Any day, preferably starting at 6 and ending at 10.

Moonkin - Same as above.

Hunter - Same as above.

The other 3 are fairly flexible in when they can raid, but I definitely can not do Mon-Wed. Don't let this deter your decision though. I am willing to take a backseat from raiding (I think we all are, actually) if it means that others will get a chance to do it. We're also interested in any guilds that may have a Group 2 set up that can use new people or people to replace others if they can't make it.

Thank you for your time and if we do transfer here (95% sure it's going to happen), I hope we can make something work here ^_^.
10 man progression: 16/16N, 2/16H
25 man progression: 6/6 MSV, 3/6 HoF

Current Needs:
Balance Druid (No offspec required)

Culture Shock encourages competitive raiding in the guild. You doing better than a current raider doing a similar role? You will be considered for that raid spot. Just bring me logs, recount, etc. Success through competition! As always, we recruit any and all specs/classes for potential raid spots.

Our scheduled raid days are Tuesday from 8-10 pm, Friday from 7:30-10 pm, and Saturday 5-10 pm. All times PST.

Tuesday night raids will be scaled back to a 10 man, with a rotating roster to get as many people in as we can each week.

Thanks for your interest, and can't wait to hear from you in game!

Diablerie has a raid group that goes Sunday/Monday until 1am but also has a second group that has taken to Tuesday 9pm. That second group has a little flexibility to start time or day, but I would love to have a chance to talk more. Look me up @ Krenaa#1950 or anyone currently online.
Thank you for the quick responses! Both guilds have somewhat got our interest but we're still trying to think this whole thing through!

We will more than likely be transferring early next week, so if we're interested in joining either guild we'll let you guys know ^_^
Minions Inc currently is recruiting multiple DPS spots for our 25m raid team. We raid Tues/Thurs from 6:00pm - 9:30pm PST with an optional 10m cleanup run on Sunday and sometimes Monday. Our guild mission is to progress through all content without having to sacrifice our lives to 5 day raiding schedules.

We are 15/16N 10m, 14/16N 25m, and 1/16H. We are currently getting our feet wet in 25m Heroic MSV, and finishing out the last couple of bosses in HoF/ToES.

As a bit of a background to us, we've been around since 2004, have had the same GM since the game started, maintained our core player base through a server x-fer from Khaz Modan, and landed in Hyjal in April 2012. We haven't looked back since we arrived here. Most of us officers have been in the guild for 3+ years, so you can be promised a low drama and stable atmosphere. We're very social, with a lot of all day chatter happening on our forums. When it comes to raid time though, we can and are srs bsns.

We base our raid selection off of performance & attitude. Show us you know your class and we'll give you a shot! We do try to rotate out our DPS on a weekly basis if we have an excess of sign ups and people show similar skill.

You can go to for more info or give me a shout out: Dismarum#1904 - hope to hear from ya.
Feel free to send me a battle.tag invite. I'd love to talk to you more in detail.


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