Pet Battle from your android?

Pet Battles
I enjoy pet battles, I think the feature is a great addition to wow.

What if you could play from your smartphone?

I was wondering if there is any plans to make it possible to do pet battles from your android phone? I believe there will be many more players pet battling if they could it from their smartphone.

I would love to see a feature like this possible. :) Many people play games on their smartphones, why not be a wow pet battle game?(Using your in-game account to battle)
I think the addition of pvp battles on your phone would be a great addition, and a smart idea for blizzard. They could prob. get away with charging 1.99$ a month for it because chances are it would become very popular.
Thank you for your respond, I have been away out of town. But I would definitely use this feature, since I find myself on the go a lot. A quick battle or two on my mobile would be awesome.

I hope Blizzard is looking into this :)
I'd play!
100% was actually hoping that was going to be a launch feature of MoP.

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