[A] <Rapid Evolution> reformed&recruiting-10m

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
<Rapid Evolution> was an original Frostmourne pvp/pve guild which has been reformed by returning founding officers, we are looking for players in a similar situation either returning to WoW or recently new to lvl 90 who are active and keen to 10man raid. Gear is not a concern as we are in the stage of forming a core group and gearing up together.

We would consider ourselves casual and plan to only raiding 2 nights a week: Sunday & Wednesday from 8pm - 11:30pm server time.

Our recruitment priorities:

Tank: Warrior / DK / Druid (1 spot - OT)
DPS: Mage / DK / Shaman (multiple spots)

That said, regardless of the above - if you would like to apply or say hello if you remember us from the good ol' vanilla days feel free.

/w murt, primetime, hammerix or mooxxs ingame.

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