15/16 Late Night 10M raiding guild LFM

Digital Power is a late night 10M raiding guild on Kil'jaeden. Currently we're 15/16 and about to start pushing into MSV heroics.

We raid Monday-thurs 11:45pm-3am PST (server time).

We're currently recruiting a Solid Non-shaman Healer, and DPS w/ Strong Healing off-spec, or vice versa.

Current group comp:

Tanks: Deathknight (mt) & Druid (ot/dps)

Healers: Shaman

DPS: Hunter, Feral Druid, Arcane Mage, WW Monk, & Destro Warlock.

Mainly im looking for what could complete our current comp an add to the stability of the raid group in general. I would absolutely LOVE a Priest for either the Healer or Off-spec heal/dps slot. By no means is that a class restriction, im willing to look and tryout ALL expception players regardless of class. So if your someone who can adapt easily, thinks their superb at their class, love progressing and having a good time while clearing content please give me a shout.

Pm Kisshot if you have any questions.
Atm, we're trying out a holy/ret pally for our healer/dps position. but by no means is it definite, or for sure. please feel free to apply, or add me to realid for any questions.

Real ID: Oneil201@hotmail.com
Battle tag: Oneil201#1398

Still have an opening for a healer!
Still looking for a solid healer to join our group! but now also have an opening for a ranged DPS.

Preferably Mage/Shadow priest ranged. But all exceptional players will be accepted.

16/16 Now!

STILL recruiting a solid DPS preferably ranged (mage/spriest) and Healer(priest/druid) PST!
Advancing to Heroics this week!

Still looking for a Healer [ preferably priest ] for core spot, available immediately! PST

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