MoP Enhancement shaman weapons?

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Im leveling my enhancement shaman right now and I wanted to craft him some weapons to start off on, but there isnt any to craft for him from a Blacksmith. So I then look into the MoP BoA gear that is found all over the new zone, NONE of those weapons are for enhancement shaman. Although I do find it interesting they must have 5 polearms and 3 different rogue weapons.

Where is the love for Enhancement? All im asking for is a 1h axe with some agil on it.. or even a mace, so other classes still could use them. I'd love a fist weapon as to a Monk could use it too. Why not put something like that into MoP BoA loot table?

I understand there is a Fist weapon through one of the dungeons, i've tried to get that on my shaman. 7 runs later at 28min que's and 2 Ninjas from healers, I still cant seem to get that fist weapon from the palace.

A shaman lover

PS: Please, and thank you.
Have you looked at all these options?;minle=372;maxle=500;ub=7;cr=21:166:36;crs=1:5:1;crv=0:0:2.0#0+2
The lack of craftables is disappointing. I had to switch to fist weapons because of the lack of ilevel 450-plus axes that didn't require dungeons/raids/other crap I don't enjoy doing.

My shaman has these.

They're world drops, so they pop up on the AH from time to time.
02/08/2013 08:53 AMPosted by Beastmaster
People still play Enh shammies?

You got a problem with Shamans? Lets take this outside.
once you get exhaulted with klaxxi you can get these that i am using, makes a nice sound when your hitting stuff too. good solid head knocking thud
Thanks for all the help >.>
02/08/2013 08:53 AMPosted by Beastmaster
People still play Enh shammies?

You are honestly surprised? Enh Shamans have been awesome since only forevur.
I'm just starting out with an enh shaman. I've only ever had one max level character before (level 85 Nelf Druid). I'm liking the enh shaman so far. Are you just trolling or is there a reason people don't like them?

Blizz tard techs. Still no blue post at all on this? WTF. Guess none of your guys care about shamans. I don't do pvp, yet from the list above, most of the weapons are for pvp. About 4 other weapon choices. Why the hell were there no blacksmith patterns released with this. All the other classes are represented with ease when it comes to weapon choices, hell even casters can get at least 476 weapons as soon as they hit 90. What were u thinking? Or am I just wasting pixels venting here.

Yes..I have no luck with this toon. Dual wielding, and one of them is STILL a 463. This toon hit 90 in the first month of the patch. Do the math, something is not right.
I am having the same problem with my Shaman. No weapons for them. Guess they don't want us to make Enhancement shamans or they would have provided the Blacksmith with a weapon for them??

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