Thinking of Transferring to Mal'Ganis?

02/14/2013 08:39 PMPosted by Acog
Bumping this thread. Mal'Ganis is now over 14k players.

It's over 9,000.
Bumping this again. Mal'ganis is nearing 15k players.
Hello how can I join malganis?
I haven't had a queue in ages.

I haven't had a queue in ages.

Lies. The queue on Mal'ganis is really bad.
I just waited 5 seconds to get onto Mal'ganis.

The horror.
This is the worst server, I'm looking to transfer off as I type this. Every guild is bad and the queues are just rediculous
15.1k players on Mal'Ganis now.
add one to the (que) hehe , back playing after a break and im on 24/7 :P
02/26/2013 10:36 AMPosted by Acog
15.1k players on Mal'Ganis now.

You're doing it wrong.
That's what she said....
I just made a character here. I like it. Any hookups with the 'drugs'? Maybe some of those black mushrooms I know those DKs mess with. I'll set someone up with an IRA if they can give me some arcane acid.
what the hell are you talking about OP?
I have 5 toons on this server and I've never had a queue time to log on once.. literally don't know what that is. Why the hell you do have a queue time? I play about 6 hours a day logging off an on multiple times.
Are you talking about dungeon and LFR queues? AS dps I wait 30 minutes for those but thats everywhere.
The queue sucks, and on top of that I can't even do daily's with all the Alliance.
I keep getting ganked while AFK at the shrine.

I don't know what to do!
There's no safe place!
I haven't had to que except for the stupid warlords fiasco
Yeah come to Mal'ganis if you plan on watching a couple long movies before you can actually log in and play.
who schedules raids on drop day anyhow...I agree with the queue time though, this is unacceptable...
yeah. and how about having a 110min wait time to log in so I pop a movie in and then come back and boom im "DC'd from server" and have to reque for another 100 mins.....

ps its probably cause I finally logged in and was AFK the 10 mins it takes to dc you from char screen. "fix that blizz?"

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