Giddy and Selling Rare Items!

Moon Guard
Decided to head over to Target today to pick up one of those Booster Mega-Value Packs.
To my surprise I was blessed with several rare loot cards I would consider selling for gold.

Those cards are....

Bloat the Bubble Fish -Battlepet
Sand Scarab x 3 - Battlepet
Nightsaber Cub - Battlepet
Corrupted Hippogryph - Trading Card Game Rare Mount

Can leave a response here in the thread, or send me a whisper/in-game mail to Takoni. Serious offers only please!
i got one of those nightsaber cubs once. gave it to my friend who loved kittens :3
If I was rich I'd gladly take that hippogryph off your fuzzy pandaren paws. I'd dearly want a green hippogryph for this sexy armor. On such a sexy person of course. *Flex.*
I'd rather have a corrupted hippo mount. much is that Hippogryph for?
02/09/2013 01:20 PMPosted by Melithiria much is that Hippogryph for?

$170 instant buy on that TCG loot website
I recently received an offer of 173,000G for the Corrupted Hippogryph mount. However, the potential buyer seems sketchy at best.

I'm willing to negotiate, but I'm looking for at least 130,000G for the mount.

Some of the pets are still up for sale.
02/09/2013 01:23 PMPosted by Zhouliang much is that Hippogryph for?

$170 instant buy on that TCG loot website

If only I had that much.

I don't think my roommate is willing to pay for that, even if I didn't have to go to the ER. ._.
Don't hijack my thread please Blitz.

Sold 2 of the 3 sand scarabs.

Corrupted Hippogrpyh Mount still up for sale.
Nice catch on the hippogryph :) i loaded up my arms at target for 5 of these for 183 dollars worth.

I got:
2x amani dragonhawks (i kept one and gave the other to a close friend)
Paintball loot card
Gregerious grell pet
Floating spellbook pet
Walmart has them too, I picked several packages up the other day when I was at work, but I was not lucky enough to get a loot card :(

Will pick up some more tonight when I go in

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