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Rate the transmog of the person above you

starting a fresh one :)
Hey I like my Felwood gear. Feels fresh.

Re: yours, it's ok. It's a path I follow on many of my warr's(Wrathful).


very nice i like. 8.5/10.

mine isnt complete missing legs and weapons that i like
I like it 8.9/10

If you never play smash brawl don't bother

9.5/10, ah screw it i'm gonna give you a 10 i mean.... c'mon... FALCON PUNCH!
Check mine out. ^^ I like it.. 8.5/10 because the weapons arnt really similiar (dont like the cracker one)
Deathtolle 8/10
a few pieces are a little off but i like it
Deathtolle 8/10
a few pieces are a little off but i like it

Ya looks like feet are off.. anything else?
8/10, I like the heroic looking tier better :O

I swear I'm prettier in game than in my armory :(
8/10. Although it doesn't match to well, the head matches the tabard and the belt sorta matches the armor.

However, I know that heads power. And I do agree that that is one of those sets that just looks amazing in game and fairly cruddy in stills.
9/10 creative
way too many of these threads..
Narcaine: 9/10. You are sexy, I'm a sucker for Vanilla transmogs
I give you a 8/10 on the set but the weapons man
7/10 - IDK not a big fan of that set for some reason. But it mostly matches. i think you need a better sword and belt mog.
6/10 I'm not a fan of old/ugly sets so i'm a bit bias, and I think you need a new helm and a set of weapons that match
Drakko 8/10.
Dont much care for the shoulders or the axe.

Notice mine, no replicas and no polished crap. Original set when you had to do all the leg work for it. Weapons suck I know
It says you're unavailable :(
EDIT FOR UNNESCESARY INFO: I see the person who created this forum in Goldshire all day -_-

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