LF a few more for 25-mans

Guild Recruitment
Collateral Damage has relocated to Whisperwind from Vek'nilash and we are currently recruiting all classes and specs to move from 10 Man to our 25 Man roots, we especially are short on rogues and ret pallys but are open to any class. We need about 6 to 8 more raiders, so anyone with a small group of friends - we would be interested in talking. Our guild is made of a majority of adult working professionals with real lives outside of WoW, but we still raid seriously. Our goal each tier is to finish the normals and work on a few heroics, we are not trying to be US top 100 hardcore raiding group.

We currently run three raids a week:
Tuesday 9-11 PM CST (10-12 EST, 7-9 PST)
Thursday 9-11 PM CST (10-12 EST, 7-9 PST)
Sunday 8-11 PM CST (9-12 EST, 6-9 PST)

We are a mature no drama guild.

Check us out at www.cdvek.com
Looking for some more DPS, and a tank
still looking
running 2 10-mans, just need a few more to start 25s - looking for any class or spec.

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