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Well I read the thread about the "outcast warrior" and it really hit the heart strings, and lead me to bring up something I've been thinking about for a while now. Maybe it's a terrible Idea, maybe its a good one...

Anyway, here it goes.

I had a pretty terribad experience the other day doing LFR MSV. We're on will of emperors and you require 2 tanks, well one of the tanks was a new player. It wasn't that he didn't understand how to tank, but more or less he didn't understand the encounter but because he didn't pull Qin-Xi away from Jan-Xi he received this insane abuse during the boss fight.

"hey ***** you're a f*ing retard"
"hey ****** wtf are you doing, you should quit wow"
"Stupid ***** learn to play your class you *****"
"you should kill yourself"

And this is a tiny peice of what over 5 players started spewing at this player.

I actually got mad... I responded

"what gives you guys the right, to be such jerks to this guy, he's new and learning"

The response was "!@#$ and just dps"

I responded "it's attitude you guys are portraying that is ruining the wow community"

one player responds "you want community join neighborhood watch"

We of course, down the bosses, everyone gets there loot, and silence as everyone leaves the raid.

I watch as everyone zones out.... And there he is... standing there by himself, last one to leave.

He PM's me saying "thanks man, you didn't have to do that, I get it everytime I do LFR...I know I suck I'm trying to get better.

We didn't wipe on any bosses...This new guy steps up to be the offtank, and gets totally beaten down for what? for us taking down the bosses?


After that happened I realized blizzard needs make LFR better. If they can choose raids due to Ilvl, they can also make the LFR in different tiers of skill, and more importantly have an LFR which allows skilled players to choose to be a raid leader and get extra VP to run newer players or players which have not done the encounter before.

An LFR which would encourage learning for the newer players as well as provide smaller amounts of VP whether they down the bosses or not, or a different token that can be used towards lower ilvl gear that is still good enough for them to step up to a more challenging LFR when they feel confident.

An LFR which makes the new guy excited to try out and a skilled player the ability to give back other players and be rewarded for doing so. This option would give the new players an option to get rid of the raid leader if he's trying to coast for an easy reward or blizzard can make sure through the players raiding achieves he actually does have skill before he can select to be a "raid teacher"

They could even create a quest line which involves knowledge of all the classes to get the achievement of "raid teacher/master" which allows them the ability to take newer players on raids for a good reward in LFR

They could also implement a rating, which at the end of the LFR prompts the players to rate there "raid master" which in turn will provide more VP to that player..

I know myself and many others which would jump at this chance.

I personally feel LFR is a good tool for the casual players, players like myself who were hardcore during BC and SWP and got burned out from endgame farming...However I cannot handle sitting by watching the insane amount of abuse newer players or players in general get in LFR. There has to be a better way to report players.

I also believe the skilled players that do the boss research if provided a higher skilled LFR with better gear would be able to accomplish defeating bosses even if they are not in a guild...After all, if at 60 we can 40 man PUG MC...I think now we can pull off 25 man raids as well. If you can achieve success in LFR doing the same heroic a guild can do...(and believe me it will happen)..There's no reason LFR cannot give the same ilvl gear. More importantly, the elitists can go off to the high lvl LFR and the newer players can start at a lvl where they can actually learn with an experienced raid leader who is rewarded for being helpful.

Us seasoned players have grown a very thick skin to internet toughguys and keyboard wow warriors...what we brush off with a "u mad bro" can be pretty brutalto a new player and his subscription.

Blizzard has nothing to lose by making this an option. Maybe 10 clears of MSV and TOES allows you into the higher lvl LFR??? There are many options to make players acceptable for a high ranked LFR which actually makes it more then a dps event.

Maybe the game mechanics are too difficult to implement, but I feel it would be worth looking into...blizzard probably already is...

Granted maybe I'm just totally out to lunch and this has been brought up before...... I just keep thinking of that tank standing alone..... The best I can do is write what I just did.
Nice. If more people were like you I would actually level a tank and try it out.
My question is why didn't you stop dps and report every single one of them.
One thing that WoW lacks (and it's been mentioned in various places and ways) is any sort of tutorial for end-game content. This is really a gap that needs to be filled by the community.

In Vanilla, there were feeder guilds that took in new players and geared them for raiding. I wouldn't advocate returning to something like that because those guilds were in a constant state of turnover. They would gear and teach raiders, and then those raiders would eventually leave to a raid that didn't have to deal with teaching new players and could therefore progress faster. That's a frustrating place to be as a guild/raid.

But, I think the community needs to be a little more patient with new players and unskilled raiders. In turn, those new player and raiders need to come to the forums with something besides "QQ nerf plz". Come with specific problems that they or their raid group are having and listen to the advice.

Right now, we're in a state of: "This content is too hard. Nerf it please." "Lol, no it's not. L2P." Neither side of the conversation is being constructive and that's where things need to start changing.
02/08/2013 10:27 AMPosted by Arhagon
My question is why didn't you stop dps and report every single one of them.

I did.

By how I acted and tried to defend this guy, wouldn't you already assume I did that? Please post something constructive towards the suggestion or other great idea's for LFR then attempt to find something I may have forgotten to bring up in the story.
He PM's me saying "thanks man, you didn't have to do that, I get it everytime I do LFR...I know I suck I'm trying to get better..

First off, I will agree with you regarding the crux of your post - the majority of people that type in LFR chat are, by and large, total nitwits. That doesn't mean everyone in LFR are losers, but the good folk usually just don't say anything. It is usually the jerks that run their mouth.

That said - if he is getting told that "everytime" he tanks a LFR , than that means he is not doing what HE needs to do - on his own time - to get better. Like running more heroics, checking out websites for videos and explanations.

Tanking LFR, at least MSV, is NOT HARD AT ALL - not one bit. Most competent tanks can learn all 6 bosses in 1-2 lockouts. In fact, they SHOULD have all bosses down pat after 2 lockouts. If they don't, then sorry, I am not going to cut them any slack. You have 24 other people in there that most likely have run MSV dozens of times (between mains and alts) and they come to expect that the tanks will have their stuff together and know what they are doing.

LFR is NOT for "learning" how to tank - LFR (and raiding in general) is what you do AFTER you learn how to tank.

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