Pugs Not Drugs 8/16HM semi-casual LFM

Are you a heroic experienced, skilled player who wants to kill hardmode bosses at a competitive rate but don't have the time to join guilds with 3-4 day schedules?

Pugs Not Drugs could be what you're looking for. We are almost all vanilla players that have experience at top tier progression in the past. We are currently 8/16hm on a 8 hour schedule. We are a lively, mature, and laid back guild.

Raid times are wed/thur 6-10pm CST

Currently we are recruiting:

One Tank with dps OS (prefer warrior or guardian)
One dps (mage, rogue, monk)
One dps w/ OS heals (monk, druid, shaman)

Considering any exceptional players

Whisper or message nyxo in game or reply here
raid times?
Would you consider an 8/16H experienced disc priest as a bench healer?

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